Encased: Ability Books

Explore the locations in this epic guide, where the ability books are hidden.


Firework, Guys!
Encased has magazines and books in addition to pulp fiction, which add to abilities 20 and 15 glasses, respectively.
Magazines add points temporarily (600 moves, he is the real time hour), but books do it PERMANENTLY (that is, forever, shkolota)
A tom, where to find these books and talk.

  • Light Weapon

    The book “Bullets, cannons, perspectives” can be found directly in 2 locations. (probably, this is a bug, because the rest of the books are in a single copy)
    So 1st in the security room, which must be entered on the quest “The case of the skinny and nimble”, located on -2 Magellan's warehouse floor.

    And the 2nd copy is in the bedroom of the Zemeckis house in the Phalanx Camp. In the same safe, that selectron Jerome.

  • Heavy Weapon

    Methodical “Knock the Enemy” can be found in a white closet closer to the toilets inside the building at the Secret Proving Ground.

  • Hi-Tech Weapons

    Methodical “Scientifically Certain Murders” lies in a container in the basement of the laboratory floor on Magellan. You can go down there by 1 of 3 hatches.

  • Hand-to-hand combat

    Benefit “Get him to the floor!” gathering dust in a box on a stand in the Arena Chief's room. Room key can be stolen from Orange, guarding the door. The arena itself can be accessed through a hatch behind the counter in Bethany Mortensen's bar, what's in the suburbs.

  • Steel arms

    Methodical “Improvised Security Structures” buried in a hole. Whiplash camp to the right of the arena entrance. NPC Figa digs the ground on all fours. You need to pass an attention test.
    P.S. don't forget the shovel)

  • Devices

    Manual “Sabotage for dummies” pick up in boxes on the 2nd tier at the foot of the Observation Deck of Object C12 – “Nashville”. Not on the roof, where are the binoculars, namely the 2nd floor of the foot.

  • Psionics

    Book “A Brief Introduction to Psi-Field Theory” waiting for us in the safe of the project warehouse “Emulator” behind a locked door. Key, like, can be barbed from the pedantic guard, with whom we are familiar from the Commonwealth.

  • Piloting

    With guidance “Keep it up” can be found, I forgot my ego with Sklada Phalanx. 2 part of the room. And, that after 2 lifts.

  • Medicine

    Field Medicine Manual can be taken in the suitcase at the sign to the left of the entrance to the Radioactive Cemetery.

  • Technics

    Directory “CRONUS technique” hiding in an underground chapel. You can get it through the sewers of the City.. Container to the right of the pile of screens.

  • Science

    Yearbook “Wonders of Science” waiting for you in a container at the Carmine Heights pumping station.

  • Crime

    Encyclopedia “The most famous crimes of the 1960s” found in Ida Gray's wardrobe. Magellan's garrison. Before completing the quests, there is no one in this room..

  • Influence

    Methodical “How to Sell a Pen” hidden in a suitcase. To find it, you need to pass a mindfulness check.. Nakamura's office – Council building – City.

  • Survival

    Manual “Die or Die” can be picked up with a fight from cockroaches (on the quest of Audrey Melville “Parasites“) from a barrel in a fort, located in the anomalous swamps of the Neutral Zone “Picnic”.

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