Lobotomy Corporation: Bird of the Apocalypse – easy passage without loss

In this guide I will describe the easiest ( according to my experience and approach ) method of passing the Bird of the Apocalypse anomaly without loss of personnel ( clerks are not taken into account ) or to rank S. Enjoy reading!


Short description

For, to begin suppressing the Bird of the Apocalypse anomaly, need some theory ( this section is required reading, but if you are too lazy to read it, then you can skip it ).
Bird of the Apocalypse – this is an anomaly 5 class, which cannot be contained. For it to appear, certain conditions must be met:
– There must be an anomaly O in your complex-02-56 ( it will be easier to understand the topics, who hasn't found these anomalies yet? )
– There must be an anomaly O in your complex-02-40
– There must be an anomaly O in your complex-02-62
– Your progress should be higher 21 of the day ( you won't be able to summon her on this day, since it's save day )
– You must have 4 or more epic 5 class.
Also anomaly O-02-63 ( further, the Bird of the Apocalypse will be called that way for simplicity ) has some abilities, which you also need to know:
– ABOUT-02-63 invulnerable to direct attacks, but takes damage when the egg is destroyed ( all of them 3 )
– ABOUT-02-63 deals red damage when struck with paws
– ABOUT-02-63 deals gray damage to the entire complex when the bell sounds
– ABOUT-02-63 deals black damage with a ranged attack
– ABOUT-02-63 teleports through the halls of departments in the complex
– ABOUT-02-63 blocks time stop
– ABOUT-02-63 imposes Qliphoth overheating on containment chambers of other anomalies ( even if the core of the sephira was suppressed )
– ABOUT-02-63 turns off the lights in the entire complex ( it becomes impossible to go to the menu )
– ABOUT-02-63 hypnotizes employees
These are all the abilities and features, you need to know, Now you can prepare for suppression.

Preparing for suppression

Since O-02-63 not easy to suppress, you need to carefully prepare for this moment. This anomaly is vulnerable to white damage, so it will be preferable for us and the main one in suppression.
What you need to prepare before the call:
– Collecting more anomalies, which cause less damage or do not escape ( it is important! )
– We are preparing employees. We raise them to 4 or 5 level ( best with characteristics 90 – 100 for all )
– Collecting an epic with an emphasis on white damage
– We wait 22 day and collect the birds

The appeal

When all conditions are met, you can start calling. I suppressed the anomaly with 6 employees and none of them died during the suppression.
To start the day, we remove all employees from departments, leaving only the most pumped one ( we don't need ballast, who will die ) and equip them in the best epic. which you own, but I’ll write an epic recommended for completion.
Epos, which I recommend taking to suppress anomaly O-02-63:
Recommended for white damage and good resistance
Recommended for white damage and good resistance
Recommended for white damage and good resistance
Recommended for white damage and good resistance
Recommended for white damage and good resistance ( I chose this epic for the simple reason of its better characteristics compared to other epics I had. You can replace, if you need, but I recommend leaving it )

Recommended for excellent resistance ( you can take any weapon, but with priority on white damage )
Next, we distribute employees by departments ( I was suppressing 22 day. it 5 departments for 6 employees. We place each employee in a department, and the latter can be installed in any, doesn't matter. )
As soon as we start the game, forget about all the other anomalies and go work with the Big Bird anomaly ( We perform work with a low indicator and wait for it to escape ), The punishing bird will run away automatically and you must prevent it from meeting your employees ( she will beat them and return to the cell ). After the escape 2 birds, 3 will run away on its own and the story of O will begin-02-63. All birds will follow into the portal, which will appear in a random department ( no need to destroy it, we suppress Oh-02-63 got together 🙂

( This is a portal, to which all the escaped birds go )
After the birds escape, we group all employees in any corridor or elevator.
As soon as the last bird enters the portal, the Bird of the Apocalypse will be summoned.


After calling anomaly O-02-63, the lights in the complex will turn off and it will be impossible to access the menu. Time management will also be unavailable. Now it's all up to you.
The first thing to remember is, that the bird is invulnerable and it would be pointless to attack it, just kill your employees.
To deal damage O-02-63 eggs need to be destroyed, which will appear in random departments. The first thing you need to do is destroy the gray egg., since it is the most dangerous of all and requires more time to destroy

Next you need to destroy the black egg ( for easier suppression, I advise you to reduce the health of this egg to a critical value, so as not to delay suppression )

And lastly we destroy the red egg. In terms of suppression, it is the easiest.

it's also important to remember, that each egg is immune to its own type of damage and is healed, but they are all vulnerable to white damage. After destroying any egg O-02-63 begins to actively use the abilities of the remaining eggs, but also loses the abilities of the dead egg.
And don't try to suppress anomalies while suppressing O-02-63! This will only complicate your situation. ABOUT-02-63 imposes overheating and the previously suppressed anomaly will escape again, better suppress the escaped anomalies after suppressing the Apocalypse Bird.
Once the last egg is defeated, ABOUT-02-63 will die and give every employee, who suppressed her, in ( he is very good and necessary. You can even suppress it several times to get it ). You'll also get a pretty great epic ( its characteristics for equipment, sure, high, but his bonuses will cover it headlong ). Then we just end the day like any other.

This might be an option, that it will be possible to suppress the anomaly not the first time at rank S. But to save the equipment, you'll have to try.

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