Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator – Strong Potions Recipes (guide to third level potions)

[ATTENTION! the manual is currently being written]
This guide contains recipes for powerful potions (third level potions)


important preface

Greetings, alchemy lovers! in this guide I want to share my recipes for strong potions. I showed the recipes in the form of step-by-step screenshots.

a few explanatory points:
if written:”made from [a plant]”, this means there is no need to pound it in a mortar
if written:”made from crushed [a plant]”, this means it needs to be completely pounded in a mortar
conduct, lead = stir, In this guide, I will show the easiest animatronic sets for passing on

this screenshot means, what needs to be added to the base?

Health Potion

Made from: 2 crushed life leaves


fire potion

made from: 1 crushed flame salt, 1 crushed sulfur shelf

рецепт: просто остановитесь в нужный момент
recipe: just stop at the right moment

Potion of Poison (poison)

Made from: 2 crushed smelly mushroom


frost potion
Made from: 2 crushed water flowers, 1 not completely crushed waterflower


mana potion

made from: 1 crushed dream beets,1 crushed enchantment flower


potion of speed

made from: 2 crushed feather flowers, 1 crushed fog umbrella

strength potion

made from: 2 crushed terraria, 1 dryad saddles

recipe: (1) add 2 crushed terraria, start leading (2) use the portal to move (3) add 1 dryad saddle

explosion potion

made from: 1 crushed windflower, 1 crushed fire bell, 1 mad mushroom, 1 half crushed fire bell, 1 half crushed windflower

recipe: (1,2) add ingredients in the same order, what is written above

Potion of Wild Growth

Made from: 2 chopped Druid rosemary, 1 crushed chilli leaf


poison protection potion

Made from: 2 chopped Druid rosemary, 1 crushed waterflower, 1 crushed mud mushroom, 1 terraria

recipe: (1) add everything, except terraria, carry out, (2) add terraria, we don't complete it, (3) add the base

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