Barotrauma: The art of ruinering

2021-07-14 RUSgameAH 0

Playing on many servers, noticed that many ruiners became mediocre, it's time to treat this disease.   Introduction. In this guide, I will describe the methods of ruinering that are almost […]

Barotrauma: Hammers or Hammers

2021-06-23 RUSgameAH 0

Full description of hammerheads, their abilities, characteristics and so on.   Who are the hammers? Hammers – rare creature, inhabiting the cool oceans of Barotrauma. – equivalent of our […]

Barotrauma: Mini events

2021-05-29 RUSgameAH 0

This guide will tell you about Mini / Station Events. (This manual is being written and updated , numerous spelling errors or inconsistencies are possible) Any help is also accepted. […]