Back 4 Blood: PvP tools

2021-11-09 RUSgameAH 0

PvP Tool Spawn Locations(ROY) mode.   Introduction — Hyde is in the process of filling! — Tools allow you to open a case with maps. The case contains […]

Back 4 Blood: For weak PCs

2021-10-23 RUSgameAH 0

If the game slows down or gives out a little FPS, this guide will help.   Beginning Before you start it is worth understanding – that the game is written on Unreal Engine […]

PVP cards in Back 4 Blood

2021-10-09 RUSgameAH 0

Cards, which can be used when playing in the "ROY" mode.   Attack. One is not enough. You can place the primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot. -25% from speed […]