Black Book: Blessings deck

2021-09-01 RUSgameAH 2

Black Book Deck with blessings Main mechanics The deck itself is designed for the GG buff with the subsequent destruction of evil spirits. Basic deck mechanics – Blessing, as is clear […]

Black Book: Achievement Guide

2021-08-17 RUSgameAH 0

Introduction “Hidden” achievements, their name, description and methods of obtaining are not removed under the spoiler! Estimated time to get all achievements: 50-60 hours Minimum number of passes: 2 Level […]

Black Book: Puzzle in the Dog's Spring

2021-08-15 RUSgameAH 0

This guide is designed to make it easier for you to make difficult witchcraft amateur performance in the Perm province..   Introduction This small guide will help a young sorcerer solve the first game puzzle., […]