Planet Centauri: Farm shower

In this guide, I will talk about, how to create an AFK soul farm based on Magitech mechanisms.


To build the simplest farm, you need:

  • Magitech craft table (Further – bench) – one is enough.
  • Soul harvester (Further – generator) – at least 6 pieces.
  • Crystallized souls (Further – crystal) – as many, how many generators.
  • Soul crystalizer (Further – crystallizer) – 1 thing.
  • Soul container (Further – tank) – least 7 pieces.
  • Soul pipe (Further – trumpet) – a lot.
  • Soul dispenser (Further – dispenser) – 1 thing.
  • Soul thief (Further – collector) – 1 thing.

Glass is required to create movement components (sand + bake), but to create a generator and a tank, you also need 1 amethyst; to create a collector you need 1 copper ingot and 1 glass block.

First of all, you need to get a workbench.: go to the desert, find the structure, in which there will be an entrance to the dungeon. In this structure, we go down to the penultimate floor and dig out the rubble on the right side. There will always be a Magitech mechanism with a crystal behind it 3 level, workbench and chest, in which lie 10 glass blocks and 4 pipes. You cannot break blocks in this place., but you can pick up the crystal. Hover your mouse over the generator and press R, crystal “will attach” to the arrow. To insert a crystal into the mechanism, need again “attach” him to the arrow, move the cursor over the mechanism element and press R. Take the crystal and the contents of the chest, on a workbench from 6 glass blocks create a workbench, spend the remaining glass on pipes. Connect both parts of the mechanism with a pipe and take the souls on the right side, which at the entrance to this mechanism are selected from you by collectors. After installing the pipe, you can also click on the switch near the workbench, now souls will be thrown out near the entrance to the room with the mechanism. After that, how did you take your souls, the pipes you installed can be broken.

Sand blockage, which needs to be cleared

Magitech-mechanism with crystal 3 level

We create at least another 5 worlds“donors”, go to the desert again and do the same procedure. Next, use bombs to extract sand, we go down into the caves and get amethysts and ore. If you're lucky – underground you will find buildings made of obsidian bricks with Magitech mechanisms, which can be disassembled. From them you will receive pipes, tanks, assemblers and some other details. Having obtained everything you need, you can return to the main world.
Put a workbench remind: namely Magitech workbench!, create the previously mentioned details. There are multiple tabs in the workbench, the components you need are in the first tab on the left.

One of the Magitech mechanisms found underground – teleport.

Another mechanism – simple store of souls on 6 tanks.

The simplest shower farm
How the farm works

Crystal inserted into the generator creates souls, and if the generator is connected to the tank, then souls will fill the tank. One tank capacity – to 20 000 shower. Important: marked with a red arrow “entrance” tank (lead the pipe from the generator to it), blue – “output”. By connecting the outlet of the tank to the dispenser, you will be able to pick up souls from the tank. If you want to load your souls into tanks – connect the collector to the pipe near the generator, stand next to him and wait, until he unloads your souls into the mechanism. Crystallizer is used to create new or improve existing crystals – of course, he does it at the expense of souls.

Setting up a farm

First you need to create a foundation – mechanism box. There must be background walls, otherwise you will not be able to install the parts of the mechanism! Put 6 generators, draw pipes around them, set to the right 7 tanks By column and connect each with a pipe of generators, put the crystallizer to the right of the tanks. At the outlet, connect all tanks to one “overall” trumpet, lead an additional pipe from it to two crystallizer inlets. Now insert one of the crystals into the mold 3 level, remaining crystals – in generators.

This is how your farm should look like..

To turn off the crystallizer – break it down or take the pipes away from it “inputs” On the sides. To take all the souls, install the dispenser on “overall” pipe, which outlets of all tanks are connected. After collecting souls, be sure to remove the dispenser, otherwise he will continue to throw away souls.

A little about crystals

There are 7 types of crystals, the higher the level of the crystal – the faster it produces souls. Crystal 6 level produces immediately 2 souls, crystal 7 level – 3 souls. Below is a table, which indicates, how many souls and tanks you need to create a crystal of any level, as well as the total number of souls, spent on this crystal.

Crystal level
Number of tanks
Number of souls to upgrade from the previous lvl
Total souls spent
10 000
12 500
50 000
62 500
140 000
202 500
~630 000
~832 500

Unfortunately, I have not been able to calculate yet, exactly how many souls it takes to improve the crystal with 6 to 7 level – I can only guess, what is involved about 31.5 tank, and this 630 000 shower.

All kinds of crystals.

Improved Soul Farm
Farm on 7 tanks are more suitable for beginners, who do not have many resources. As soon as you have more resources – it is worth demolishing it and building an improved version of the farm.
Now you need to create 2 additional element – 1 Magitech transistor (Further – transistor) and 1 Magitech detector (Further – sensor). For the sensor you will need 1 tin ingot and glass, transistor enough 1 glass block. To make a transistor, you need to switch to the penultimate workbench tab (second from right), the sensor is located in the first tab on the left. Transistors have 2 variations, in the screenshot I will show, which one is needed.
This is what the transistor you need looks like..

The improved version will use 18 generators, crystals 6 level and at least 32 tank. This mechanism is ideal for AFK farming souls and upgrading crystals to 7 level. The farm will be located on two floors, on each 9 generators and 3 a number of tanks. Connect the outlet of one tank to the inlet of the next tank. Important: tanks must be connected to each other not only by inputs and outputs, but also with an additional pipe! The outlets of the last tanks and additional pipes must be connected to a common pipe. We connect common pipes from both floors to each other, to get one common pipe.

Please note that, how tanks are connected. If you do not pass an additional pipe, limiting ourselves to the input-output connection, crystallizer “will see” only one tank from the whole row!

The mold will also be located on the right side of the upper floor of the truss., and distributor. Place the mold closer to the floor (don't forget to connect it to the common pipe), and near the top row there will be a dispenser.
Install the platform, jump on it and turn the transistor (press W and D) So, so that one of its entrances is below, and the second entrance – left. Connect the left inlet with a common pipe, connect one pipe block and a sensor to the bottom inlet, and from the output of the blue arrow of the transistor, draw a small pipe and connect the distributor to it. Everything, shower dispenser ready. If the player stands near the sensor, the pipe is unlocked, and the dispenser will start throwing souls from the tanks. As soon as the player moves away from the sensor – the pipe will be blocked, the dispenser will turn off.

Finished farm. I used 48 tanks, you can limit yourself and 32.

Sure, could make a switch for the crystallizer, but when i tried to make it with transistors and soul inputs, the mechanism began to fail in every possible way, so I had to abandon this idea and use the old shutdown method. In addition, I never turn off the mold, that's why I don't need a full-fledged switch. And pipes could be saved in some places (one additional pipe can connect two rows of tanks), I didn't notice it right away.

And finally…

If suddenly you don't know, what is AFK-farm, I will tell, how to farm souls:

1) Play more often in the world, where did you build the farm. As long as you play, mechanism works, tanks are filling. If you go to another world – the mechanism will not produce souls, until you return to the world with the farm. Of course, pause the game too.

2) Leave the character in a safe place and minimize the game. It is also advisable to disable all sounds in the settings. The game does not load the PC too much, so another game can be started, surf the internet or watch YouTube videos. Or you can just leave the computer on overnight..

You can use the received souls to create and improve crystals., opening chests and character skills, weapon and armor upgrades, as fuel for other Magitech mechanisms and to open portals to bosses in some dungeons.
I tried to make the guide as simple and straightforward as possible for beginners., if suddenly you have any questions – write in the comments.

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