all EroPhone RUS Achievements

I am writing this guide on getting all achievements for EroPhone, after all, I have not met any other similar manual in Russian🙏 I hope I wasted my time and it will be useful❤️



Play free mode once (the entry into the plot of the corresponding character is counted as 1 time)

Why don’t you ask… the Magic Conch?

You must use the hint once in story mode

Story Mode Cleanup Wizard
You just need to go through the first story

First time memory

Commit 1 screenshot in free mode


Take a snapshot once in story mode


Make 20 shots in scene mode

the great sage

52 Photo, made in story mode

Pied Piper of Hamelin
Complete the game in Story Mode.
Actually complete the second chan in the plot

Borders are not aligned when shooting in story mode
Precisely I will not say anything here.


I'm not sure about this, it seems, this is the first accurate photo in story mode. Anyway, it is a process achievement, there should be no problems.

King of Moe
Complete the slime in story mode.
I think everything is clear here.

Master’s order

Complete the Cyber ​​Girl in Story Mode

Naughty Kitty

Complete White Fox in Story Mode.

Demon Slayer

Complete the ghost in story mode

Well, a friend of mine…

Complete Lilith on Story Mode

Freaky Kinky
All story modes
Nothing is known

An Angel Flew Down to Me
Purge the Fallen Angel in Story Mode
the regular

Play free mode 10 time

hamster player

20 screenshots in free mode

love is in the air

Make 50 screenshots in free mode

Carpe diem

Play in free mode 50 time

The World You Only Knows
Automatically issued after receiving all previous achievements
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