Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition: Achievement Guide (100%)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Achievements Detailed.



Before we start, I want to focus on one simple formula, which will help you miss the minimum achievements for the first playthrough: do everything. Every mission, add. the task, explore every planet, talk to each character and choose the maximum possible number of options in dialogues and kill all enemies.

This is necessary for the following reasons: Firstly, some achievements involve completing most of the content in the game, Secondly – with such a thorough and in-depth approach to the passage of the game, you will discover most of the achievements on your own. However, this does not apply to everything. Part can be skipped even during the plot, the other you may not find corny because of the choice of another class, “hero” or “retreat” and so on. Those achievements, which can be missed, marked with the symbol ” * “. So if you don't want to miss them right away, then use CTRL + F to navigate hand-woo, by entering this asterisk in the corresponding field.

Also consider, what for 100% passing the game, most likely you will have to go through the entire trilogy more than once. There are achievements, related to different classes, complexities, not all characters, available for the novel, unlock corresponding achievements, etc.. But in two passes, this can be dealt with without any problems..

Please note that there are a lot of spoilers in the manual. If you are a new player, then I recommend that you just enjoy the passage of the entire trilogy on “normal” difficulties, considering only my first advice from the very beginning. This game is worth it, to plunge into it headlong, and any spoiler can ruin your unique first playthrough.

Mass Effect LE

Although most of the achievements are related to the respective parts, eleven of them cover the entire trilogy. This means that to get them you will need to go through the entire trilogy from start to finish., including without changing the difficulty of the game.

Madness I
Complete Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3 at the level "Madness", without changing the complexity

Just complete any part on the highest difficulty.

Madness II
Complete two Mass Effect Legendary games on Madness., without changing the complexity

Same, as the past, only you have to complete two games already.

Madness III
Complete all three Mass Effect Legendary games on Madness., without changing the complexity

Complete the entire trilogy. (or three parts) at the highest difficulty.

There are two ways to do it. First, you can choose the difficulty in the first playthrough of the game “madness” from the very beginning. Keep in mind, that the game will become really very hard. Better put this complexity, if you've played the game before, and / or people, who don't want to play all three games twice.

Secondly, in any case, the game will have to be played at least twice. Therefore, it is better to start with easier difficulty., to get used to the game and unlock most achievements, and then pass a second time to “madness”. Considering that you would have unlocked most of the achievements the first time, you can focus in the second playthrough only on that, what is left for you to get.

Lifetime Service Medal
Complete Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 the same character

Play the trilogy with the same character, importing it from the previous part when starting the next one.

Romantic lines.

When Mass Effect starts 2 make sure to import your character from the first part instead of creating a new one. Do the same when starting Mass Effect 3.

Romance lines are an important part of Mass Effect games. In each game you can choose a partner for communication, which will ultimately lead to more intimate communication, towards the end of the game (for one / two missions before the final).

Unlocking this scene is pretty easy, just be sure to speak after each mission so, who you want to chat with to check for new dialogue options available. During the mentioned conversation, choose the blue dialogue option (“heroic”), if available, since it is he who makes you say something nice.

If you are chasing multiple characters at the same time, they will end up asking you to make the final choice. Also required to complete their missions of loyalty (which you will still have to complete for other achievements).

Object of Adoration I
Begin a romantic relationship in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3

Characters available for the novel:

  • Husband. Shepard can romance Ashley.
  • Fem. Shepard can romance Kaiden.
  • Liara is available for both options.

During one of the last missions in the first part, you will be faced with a choice: or help Ashley, or Kaidan, as soon as Saren attacks. Consider this when choosing and be sure to help that character, whom are you going to romance. This choice will affect the appearance of the surviving character in the team in the second part of the game..

Object of Adoration II
Establish or rekindle romance in two games from Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect 2 has six characters for the novel, eligible to unlock achievements.

  • Fem. Shepard can romance Garrus, Jacob and Thane.
  • Husband. Shepard can romance Jack, Miranda and Tali.

If you import your save from Mass Effect 1, in which you romanced Liara, you can continue this relationship. However, in the original Mass Effect 2 this option does not unlock this achievement, it is unknown if this was fixed for the legendary edition.

The same restriction applies to the other three characters. – Kelly Chambers, Morinta and Samara.

Object of Adoration III
Establish or renew romantic relationships in three games from Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Establish or rekindle romance across all three games in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect 3 has ten romantic characters, eligible for this achievement.

  • Fem. Shepard may have an affair with Samantha. Romance with Garrus can only be revived with Mass Effect. 2.
  • Husband. Shepard may have an affair with Ashley and Steve. Novels with Jack, Miranda and Tali can only be revived with Mass Effect 2.
  • Both options can have an affair with Kaidan and Liara.. Kelly's romance can only be revived with Mass Effect 2.

Five more characters can be in a relationship with the hero, although they did not unlock the achievement in the original Mass Effect 3. This is James and Javik for the fems. Shepard. Thane is also only available if, if there was a relationship with them in Mass Effect 2. Diana and Samara should also be in a relationship with the heroes from the second part. Unknown, is this fixed in the legendary edition.

Achievements, related to the number of murders.

Kill 250 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3

Kill 1000 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3

Kill 2000 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3

I personally wouldn't worry too much about, to try to get them, since all three games should have enough enemies in total. Just go through all the missions and tasks in the game.

Kill 100 melee enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3

In the process of passing, we kill 100 enemies with a melee attack.

However, if you play max. difficulty class, ranged oriented, you may have some difficulties. However, in Mass Effect 3 combat simulator was introduced in Citadel DLC, allowing the player to fight enemies on normal difficulty (even on “madness”) in artificial space.

Mass Effect 1

ME1: Complete most of the game.

To get this achievement, need to go 50 missions / tasks from all 76 available in the game. Just try to complete every mission, do not miss assignments, and you open get it no problem.
Main tasks[] | Additional tasks[]

– Story achievements

Achievements from this list are obtained as you progress through the story, that is, at the end of the game, you will receive them all.

Distinguished Service Medal
ME1: Complete all Eden Prime Missions

Rookie Spectrum
ME1: Become a Spectrum

Search tasks
ME1: Find Dr. T'Soni in the Tau Cluster of Artemis

Medal of Valor
ME1: Complete all quests on Feros

Corporate Achievement Award
ME1: Complete all missions on Noveria

Order of the Valiant Legion
ME1: Complete all missions in Vermire

Distinguished Service Medal
ME1: Complete all missions on Ila

Medal of honor
ME1: Beat the game on any difficulty

– Detachment

Achievements are listed as new squad members get. In principle, you will get them all if you play the game completely..

Ally Guardian
ME1: Complete 5 tasks with the guardian of the Alliance in the squad

To obtain this achievement, you must complete 5 missions with Kaiden Alenko. He will be the first member of the squad, which will become available for selection during disembarkation.

Ally soldier
ME1: Complete 5 tasks with an Alliance soldier in the squad

By the way, which is the achievement, however, with Ashley Williams, available after the first mission on Go Prime. To get two achievements at once, you can just take them together as partners.

Turian ally
ME1: Complete 5 tasks with a turian in the squad

Krogan Ally
ME1: Complete 5 tasks with a krogan in the squad

Quarian ally
ME1: Complete 5 tasks with a quarian in the squad

Achievements listed refer to Garrus Vakarian., Urdnot Rex and Tali'Zorah Nar Rye respectively. You will unlock everyone on your first visit to the Citadel after completing several quests.

Azari ally
ME1: Complete 5 Asari missions in the squad

Achievement with Liara T'Soni. You will unlock her as a squad member after, how to complete a mission on planet Terum. I would advise to fulfill her mission “Find Liara T'Soni” As soon as possible. First, she is the most powerful biotic, well, and secondly, it is needed to unlock other achievements, which will be discussed further.

– Talents *

For the next following achievements, there are two possible ways to obtain. Information will be updated a little later.

1) nothing has changed since the original game, and you, to the player, will have to use each of these skills 25 time, since the use of team members does not count. In this case, you will have to choose either “adept”, or “engineer” for your first playthrough, and the other remaining on the next playthrough.

2) every time, when you order your team members to use talent, it is counted in the total. In this case, you can choose any starting class and just use certain squad members to get them. For achievements, biotic-related, Liara will be the best choice, as she has access to all six required talents. For those, who is related to technology, Tali would be the best option, as she has access to all four required talents. As for the latest talent, “nervous shock” , Kaidan is the only member of the squad., having access to it.

Barrier Master
ME1: Use Barrier 25 time

Throw Master
ME1: Use Throw 25 time

Warp Wizard
ME1: Use Warp 25 time

Electronics Specialist
ME1: Use Shield Overload 25 time

Sabotage Specialist
ME1: Use Sabotage 25 time

Singularity Master
ME1: Use Singularity 25 time

These are the six biotic talents, available “etiquette”. Liara has access to all of them.

Achievements, related to hacking, etc..

AI Hacking Specialist
ME1: Use Hacking AI 25 time

Absorption Field Specialist
ME1: Use Absorption Field 25 time

Electronics Specialist
ME1: Use Shield Overload 25 time

Nervous Shock Specialist
ME1: Use Nervous Shock 25 time

Sabotage Specialist
ME1: Use Sabotage 25 time

These are five technical talents, available to the class “engineer”. Tali has access to all of them, Besides “nervous shock”. The latter needs Kaiden.


First Aid Specialist
ME1: Use the gel 50 time

You can use the gel to heal yourself or your allies. If you play on difficulty “madness”, you will get this achievement anyway. At lower difficulties, you will most likely have to use it to get the achievement separately.

– miscellanea

ME1: Find fragments of the Council Race Code, races, outside the Council, and extinct races

There are several ways to obtain each of the codex entries., but one of them will be listed below. Advice: “talk to each NPC, selecting all dialogue options” relevant not to miss this achievement.

They are sorted roughly chronologically within their subcategories.. In theory, you can get them even before, how to leave the Citadel after your visit to Go Prime.

Consular Races:

  • Azari: unlocks automatically after you first meet the Council.
  • Salarians: unlocks automatically after you first meet the Council.
  • Turians: unlocks automatically after you first meet the Council.

Extinct races:

  • Proteane: during the conversation between Specter Nihilus and Captain Anderson at the very beginning of the game before landing on Eden Prime
  • Rahni: on the Citadel go to the guide Avina (hologram) next to the Krogan statue next to Emporium Shopping Center.

Other races:

  • Getae: during a conversation with Ashley after you meet her for the first time (“Investigate”, “Geth”).
  • Keepers: on the citadel, access the Avina terminal located next to a Keeper.
  • Elcor and Volus: on the Citadel, find their embassy located next to the Human one. In the room, talk to ambassador Calyn (the big one (“Investigate”, “Elcor”)) and ambassador Din Korlack (the small one (“Investigate”, “Volus”).
  • Honor: at the Citadel in Emporium Shopping Center talk to Khanar
  • Batteries: after becoming a Spectrum, talk to Anderson
  • Krogan – unlocked automatically when recruiting Rex
  • Quarians – unlocked automatically when recruiting Tali

ME1: Dial 75% Hero or Renegade points

In the game, during various dialogues, you will encounter blue (top left) and red (bottom left) dialogue options, related to scores “apostate” or “hero”.

“Hero” (blue choice) will lead you to that, that you will become more kind and compassionate.
“Apostate” (red choice) will lead you to that, that you will become more ruthless. You will also get scars on your face. (from the second part when transferring a character).

Decide in advance, who do you want to be, and you will get this achievement as quickly as possible. With that said, there are enough opportunities in the game to increase these statistics, so you can sometimes choose the preferred opposite choice of the answer.

Unlimited charisma
ME1: Use Charisma or Intimidation to resolve a desperate situation

“Charm” and “intimidation” these are talents, used for, to get people to do that, what are they, possibly, initially did not want to do. Although they correspond “hero” and “apostate” respectively, they are not exclusive to them. It means, that you can use them regardless of your playing style.
Keep in mind, what you need to more or less master the skill (“charms” and “intimidation”), to make them work, so try to focus on them beforehand.

However, there are only two options in the whole game to unlock this achievement, and both are key.

1) during a mission to Vermire;

Rex is angry, that everyone wants to destroy the cure for the genophage. As soon as he's gone, talk to Ashley and say, so that she does not interfere, before you go talk to Rex. During the second conversation with him, you will need to use the options “charms” / “intimidation”, to defuse the situation (if you complete “Rex: Family armor” before, how to go to Virmir, you don't need “charm” / “intimidation”, but you will still get the achievement).

2) at the very end of the game during the battle with the final boss;

Even before, how will the fight start, there will be a dialogue with Saren. Select options with “charm” or s “intimidation”, when they appear to the left.


There are more than enough planets in the game, which you can land and ride a Mako. You will get them anyway by performing additional. missions and tasks.

Research Medal I
ME1: Land on an unexplored planet

Research Medal II
ME1: Land on an unexplored planet

Research Medal III
ME1: Land on an unexplored planet

When exploring the galactic map, you will sometimes come across planets with the possibility of landing on them. For the first achievement, it will be enough to land once, for the next four and eight times, respectively.

Savior of the colonies
ME1: Complete Death From Above

This refers to the only mission from the DLC, present in the game. Land on Asteroid X57, located in the Asgard system in the Exodus cluster, and complete the mission there.

Mass Effect 2

Missions can be completed in a not quite strict order. However, it doesn't matter there is a great risk of missing something.

Also keep in mind that loyalty missions team members best done as early as possible. In addition, all tasks must be completed before visiting the location. “Omega-4”, or rather before that, how do you get the task to visit her.

It is best to immediately determine which character you will play: “hero” or “apostate”. This can save you potential problems later..

As soon as you complete all additional. assignments and missions for loyalty, you can start endgame, in the manual, this stage of the game is given special attention. In order not to screw up the perfect walkthrough of the entire trilogy, you will have to resort to the description of the passage of the last missions, especially “Suicide mission”.

– Subject

Very ghostly
ME2: Return to performance of direct duties.

Missing person
ME2: Repulse the attack of superior enemy forces and save the team.

ME2: Persuade the Archangel to join the squad

ME2: Win the loyalty of the Biotic Criminal

ME2: Persuade the krogan to join the squad

ME2: Persuade the professor to join the squad

Colony defense
ME2: Reflect an attack on a human colony.

ME2: Persuade the killer to join the squad

ME2: Persuade the Justicar to join the squad

ME2: Persuade a quarian to join the squad

Ghost ship
ME2: Conduct a full survey of an abandoned alien ship


From this moment, the last stage of the game begins., to which you must complete all loyalty missions (next section in the manual), ship upgrade, all secondary tasks and everything else. If you have not completed something and do not go directly to the Omega-4 repeater, as soon as you get this task, you will no longer be able to perfectly complete the last mission and with each delay in the form of passing a previously not completed task, you will lose crew members in the upcoming final mission.

Friend or foe
ME2: Uncover Geth Technology

During the mission "Friend-Foe" you will meet a new crew member. However, in order for him to become one, leave it with you and activate. Don't give it to Cerberus under any circumstances.!

Suicide mission
ME2: Use the Omega repeater 4

In spite of everything
ME2: Survive a suicidal mission

In spite of everything
ME2: Survive a suicidal mission.

There are only three ship upgrades, that affect the survival of the squad members:

  • Heavy ablative ship armor (given out by Jacob)

If not install, then Jack will die.

  • Multi-core shields (gives out to Tali)

If not install, then one of the characters on the following priority list will die (first on the list – the weakest):

  1. Kasumi
  2. Legion
  3. Tali
  4. Thein
  5. Garrus
  6. Zaid
  7. Grant
  8. Jack
  9. Samara / Morint.

If you, someone was not hired to the team or someone has already died, then the list is respectively “moves”.

  • Cannon "Taniks" (gives out Garrus)

If not install, then one of the characters on the following priority list will die (first on the list – the weakest):

  1. Thein,
  2. Garrus
  3. Zaid
  4. Grant
  5. Jack
  6. Samara / Morint

Main base of Collectors

Stage 1 – Trumpet

  • Specialist. Suitable for his role, if loyal, Tali, Legion or Kasumi.
  • Shooters Squad Leader. If loyal, fit Jacob, Miranda or Garrus.

Any other combination will result in the death of the Specialist.[/olist]

Stage 2 – Under the biotic shield

  1. Specialist. Samara is suitable, Morint or Jack, only if loyal.
    In any other case, one of the characters taken with him on the priority list will die, regardless of loyalty.

    • Thein
    • Jack
    • Garrus
    • Legion
    • Grant
    • Samara
    • Jacob
    • Mordin
    • Tali
    • Kasumi
    • Zaid
    • Morint

    Approx.: Tali and the Legion, going beyond the shield, do not take damage.

  2. Shooters Squad Leader. Only loyal Jacob or Garrus will survive, and also Miranda (will survive, even if not loyal)
  3. Escort the rescued team of Normandy (if any):
    • send with rescued team members a loyal character – all will survive;
    • send not loyal – everyone will die, except Chakwas;
    • do not send anyone – everyone will die, and Chakwas too.

    Approx.: and then you can't get rid of Miranda, because. there is no option to send her with the rescued.

Stage 3 – Final boss (protozhnets)

  1. Battle with the protester. She will be outlived, only loyal party members, that is, both may die!
  2. Team, covering Shepard (Covering the rear)

First, I will explain, that each of the squad has a value from 0 to 4, depending on loyalty (cm. rating lists below).

We estimate the chances of survival of the remnants of our squad. How many party members are left to cover us and with what loyalty, sum the values ​​and divide by the number of remaining. The average will determine, how much more can we lose party members:
if the mean is 2,0 or more – all remaining will survive:

  • less 2,0 – will die 1 fellow party member;
  • less 1,5 – die 2 party member;
  • less 0,5 – die 3 party member;
  • 0,0 – die 4 party member.

Priority list of deaths for Shepard's rear team:

  • Mordin
  • Tali
  • Kasumi
  • Jack
  • Miranda
  • Jacob
  • Garrus
  • Samara / Morint
  • Legion
  • Tein
  • Zaid
  • Grant

Quest completed
ME2: Save humanity throughout the galaxy from total destruction.

Receive after you finish the game.

– Loyalty missions

There will be only two major conflicts between satellites throughout the storyline of the game.. You cannot avoid them, but it is quite possible to settle. First conflict suddenly breaks out between Miranda and Jack, second - Tali'Zorah and Legion. The essence of the conflict between Miranda and Jack is that, what jack, Subject Zero, will find in the Cerberus database information about experiments carried out on her in childhood, and later in the secret complex on Pragia everything will be confirmed. The biotic girl will try to take out the accumulated anger on Miranda. Conflict between Tali'Zorah and Legion will happen due to, that the Legion will try to send secret information to its synthetic brethren, obtained by hacking Tali's instrument, about the plans of the quarians in the near future to start a war against the Geth in the hope of reclaiming their homeland, planet Rannoch.

In both cases, the conflict will flare up only after completing missions for the loyalty of all four companions. Both conflicts can be resolved in two ways - immediately or a little later., having high heroic or apostate reputation scores. If the reputation is not enough to resolve the conflict the first time, then a second chance will appear during a personal conversation with the offended party. Again, reputation level and in this case everything is. For reconciliation of the parties and problem-free resolution of conflicts enough to have 75%-80% reputation as a hero or apostate. It is advisable to postpone the completion of tasks to gain loyalty until the later stages of the game., to be able to accumulate reputation points. The outcome of the conflict between the Legion and Tali influences the plot of Mass Effect 3, and affects the reconciliation of Geth and Quarians.

Together we are strong
ME2: Hacking the Geth Collective Mind

This applies to the Legion (“Legion: Divided house”). It was already mentioned above, but just in case, at the end of the mission “Friend-Alien”, decide to talk to him, to keep it. The first, what will you do right after that, – this talk to him again on your ship, to access his mission of loyalty.

ME2: Win the loyalty of the krogan

After that, how the krogan arrives on your ship, you will receive an electronic notification about Spender, whom Nakmor would like to find. Complete this quest.

High stakes player
ME2: Defeat the thresher

The battle with the Thresher will take place on Tuchanka, homeworld of the krogan, during Grunt's personal assignment (previous achievement).

You have to hold out with the thresher for five minutes, ideally kill him. We shoot at it with armor-piercing and tungsten cartridges, dodging poisonous spits.

Thieves' life
ME2: Enlist the help of a thief

ME2: Win the loyalty of the Biotic Criminal

Cat cradle
ME2: Win the loyalty of an assassin

ME2: Win the Justicar's loyalty

Father's ghost
ME2: Win the Cerberus Operative's Loyalty

ME2: Win the mercenary's loyalty

ME2: Persuade the professor to join the squad

Prodigal daughter
ME2: Win the loyalty of a Cerberus officer

ME2: Win the quarian's loyalty

– The battle
Head hunter
ME2: Kill 30 humanoids with a headshot from any weapon

You must finish off 30 opponents headshot. Anything that looks like a human belongs to humanoids., including robots, bipedal.

For the following achievements, it is recommended to disable “using squad power”.

Without mercy
ME2: Make 20 enemies scream from being burned or falling

Just use incendiary ammo. After a short period of using them, you will receive this achievement..

Arson specialist
ME2: Set fire to the armor on 25 enemies

You or your squad member must have the ability “ignition”. As soon as you face armored enemies, lower their armor first, especially the complexity “madness”, and then use “ignition”. A member of your squad must be ordered to use this skill, automatic use will not count.

ME2: Smite 20 different targets with several biotic skills, to combine them into a bunch

Use a skill with any of the characters “Attraction” (Jacob possesses it, for example), and another character's skill “Throw” (Samara has, Theina). For better effect, you can add more “Deafening shot” (Garrus, Zaid, Grant). Repeat 20 time.

Transshipment specialist
ME2: Reload shields 25 enemies

Dispel the shields 25 opponents so, so that after using the skill “Overload” (Garrus has, Miranda, as well as some Shepard classes) not a trace of the shields remained and they disappeared, then you will be credited with one dispersal. Repeat until you get the trophy.

You don't need to have the overload skill yourself, the skills and actions of the whole squad are counted.

Deformation Specialist
ME2: Deform barriers 25 enemies

Skill “Deformation” Possessed by Miranda, Thane and Liara. Take one of them as partners on tasks to recruit Thane and Samara, either on a mission in the horizon, where there are enough enemies with barriers. Need ability “Deformation” completely remove the enemy's barrier. You can weaken it before that “handles” half. You can also find a group of enemies, remove a couple of barriers from them, and then load the checkpoint. Everything will go to trophies.

Easiest to do on a mission “Horizon”, when we first meet a managed collector. There will be, about 15 enemies, letting ourselves be killed and replaying from the checkpoint.

– Miscellanea*

ME2: Perform the task, discovered thanks to the exploration of a new planet

When scanning planets in search of resources, some of them will be marked as anomalies. Scan them, to find the right place to launch the probe. Once this is done, land on the planet and complete the mission.

ME2: Open and execute 5 assignments, exploring new planets

Same as past achievement, only now you need to complete 5 assignments.

Galaxy explorer
ME2: Visit all planets in an unexplored cluster

When you are in a specific cluster, the research percentage will be displayed in the upper left corner. Just keep exploring everything, until the indicator reaches 100%, and then be sure “visit” every planet and location.

The scribe
ME2: Open 15 New Mass Effect Code Entries 2

It will happen naturally, when will you play the game. Be sure to talk to everyone, normally.

Scientific research
ME2: Complete any research project in the Normandy Lab

Go to the laboratory on Normandy, select update and investigate it.

At full capacity
ME2: Develop any skill

Boost any skill to the maximum. This requires ten skill points..

Weapons specialist
ME2: Fully upgrade weapons

Complete all quests as you progress through the game, if you want to get this trophy during the first playthrough. Completing side quests is sometimes rewarded with improvements. Explore the levels, terminals, locked doors, weapon upgrades are in various places. For all types of weapons there is 5-6 improvement levels, + collateral, which will open on their own. Find the right amount and research them using the terminal in the laboratory of Normandy and the achievement will be yours.

Digital caster
ME2: Successfully neutralize the hostile VI of the "Lord" project

The achievement will be unlocked at the end of the DLC “Overlord” after the boss fight. To start it, must complete go to the planet Zion in the Elista system in Ismar Reach and start scanning it. Check the terminal before doing this, there will be a message from the Ghost with a tip.

heart of Darkness
ME2: Fight the Gray Broker

The achievement will be yours after you fight the Gray Mediator from the corresponding DLC. The mission is available after meeting Liara on Illium., where you can get only in the second half of the game, after completing the story mission “Horizon”.

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