Stormworks Build and Rescue: Basics for Dummies [Gameplay]

If you went to this section, then most likely you do not understand some aspects of the game (which for some reason are not explained in any way in training, not in the game as a whole). I want to remind you right away, that the title of the manual mentions the word “Gameplay” , what , obviously, talks about, that the guide will NOT present a guide to the workbench and construction in general. The guide was written ONLY in order to help the new player figure out what and where is located and how to contact with it. Also, questions from players from the forum in the off-discord of the game and other resources will be taken as a basis..



When starting the game, the user is presented with the main menu of the game.
Here, like any other game, the following main functions are presented at startup:

  • Continuation of the last saved game
  • A new game
  • Load the game
  • Multiplayer
  • Settings
  • Output

Also in the upper right corner you can see the secondary buttons:

  • Bag report
  • To suggest an idea
  • Link to of discord channel
  • Link to razab in incentive
  • Video tutorials on the game

In more detail, I would like to parse the tab “A new game”, as the choice of the game causes a stupor in some newbies.

The map in the game is represented by two large islands in the highlands, and two large islands in glaciers. Many small islands live around them.. Large islands are static and in one position, and only small islands and bases can change their position, depending on the seed of the world. That is, every time, with a new side, islands will be generated in random locations on the map.

The game has several modes – career, classic career and custom mode.
Career – is a game, in which you will have a random shallow port to start and the usual simple missions. Gameplay settings (to change the world) unavailable. Phased development. At the beginning you will be given a standard boat, from it you can start dancing in construction.
Classic career – the name sounds very strange, but in fact, the only difference from career is the non-linear progress of tasks. To put it bluntly, then tasks will be given to you regardless of whether, how much progress have you made and how many tasks have you completed (and did you complete successfully).
Custom mode – a kind of sandbox, where you can completely customize the world and score for money. Just have fun and complete assignments.

Accordingly, at the beginning of the game, you can choose any base you like as a starting base. All bases are different and have their own pros and cons, but more on that later.

On the Enabled Addon tab, you can enable various mods in the world (including from the steam workshop). These mods are included as here, and during the game .

The character

At the start of each new game, you are given the opportunity to customize your character. It really won't work here, but, what is, i.e.
You are given a choice of customization of skin color, hair, beards, mustache, clothes on the torso, pants and shoes. Here I will not be verbose, because I see no reason to paint in detail – everything is very simple.

I would like to mention, that in addition to choosing an appearance before starting the game, you have the ability to change the appearance of the Persian during the game by interacting with the lockers. but, Unfortunately, they are far from all bases.

Besides, the character has several accessories (bulletproof vest, gas mask, life jacket, etc.) of your choice. The choice of clothing does not affect the characteristics of the character in any way.

Game mechanics

The main idea of ​​the game – rescue and help victims in various incidents in their own vehicle (land transport, water, air, rail). Your task – build your own transport and complete the mission on it as successfully as possible.

Hands and pouches
The character has no inventory in the game. He has 5 slots for improvised means and 1 slot for clothes.

First slot (specially brought out separately on the left) – designed to carry items, requiring both hands. For example a fire extinguisher or ropes.
Four subsequent slots – small items for one hand. For example, a first aid kit or walkie-talkie.
Last slot – clothes, which the character can wear. For example, a winter down jacket or a chemical protection suit.
When you start each new session, you are always automatically given a standard flashlight and binoculars. If a player is revived after death, there is no automatic accrual of items. All items are attached to pouches to the character's belt, thus keeping everything you need with you.

Our character has two hands (wow).
Right – e button
Left – q button
With both hands we can contact the world – open doors, push buttons, switches and everything that we can press and open. You can interact as one, and with two hands with different objects. If you hold down the button with your hand and move more than 2 meters, action will cease (hands are not rubber). Same, we have the ability to take any things from the game world (for example boxes, boxes and basketballs).

Workbenches or workbenches
Your best friend is here. It is in it that you will spend hours playing, trying to line up something, that will somehow work.

There are four types of workbenches:

  • Aircraft workbench – installed in aircraft hangars
  • Shipbuilding workbench – installed at the shipyard in the port (or any other place, where is the water)
  • Workbench for car building – installed in the railway depot
  • Workbench for static objects – the devil is installed, understand where

All these workbenches functionally do not differ from each other in any way and their only difference will be only the place of installation and the maximum dimensions of the working area for your creativity.. They are all visually similar., however, the workbench for static objects is slightly different.

Its only difference – color and shape. The functionality is the same.

Workbench working areas (1 block = 0.25m (25cm x 25cm x 25cm)):
Medium dock in the port – 56.75×21.75×19.75 m. (Creative Base, Harbour Base, Mainland Dock, Arctic Island Base, Custom Base Large Boat and Custom Base Submarine)
Medium aircraft hangar – 34.25×35.75×9.25 m. (Creative Base, Military Base, Mainland Airstrip and Arctic Island Base)
A small dock in the port – 14.25×6.75×6.75 m. (Starter Base and Custom Base Small Boat)
Small aircraft hangar – 17.75×15.75×5.25 m. (Helicopter Base and Airstrip Base)
Wagon depot – 24.25×4.25×5.25 m. (Mainland Dock, Keys Dock and Arctic Island Stations)

Geographic map of the world

In the game to help you navigate the world, a map comes to you. In modes Career and Classic career location not available. You can only see your marker in Custom mode.
There are also several types of cards available in the upper left corner.

In order:

  • Regular card
  • Temperature map
  • Precipitation Map
  • Fog and Cloud Map
  • Wind Map

In Custom mode, fast movement between bases through the map is also available. The game world is large and is a square 256x256 km.

Custom Menu

Menu for changing game parameters. Only available in Custom mode. There is no need to explain anything here., you just adjust the world to your requirements and play on the desired gameplay settings.

The plot of the game

On loru (which there is not even a faint hint here), your character – the only lifeguard in the area. Your task – rescue the victims and help the islanders transport them, their property or vehicles. You get paid for every task you complete (most likely charged by the state). To be more precise, then for each rescued / transported NPC, for each transported cargo, for extinguishing fires and so on, you are paid a fixed amount. If the task fails (loss of cargo, death of npc) no accrual.
Besides, money can be made, finding brown crates with the Stormworks logo in the sea or on land. The plot in the game is not painted from the word “no way”. And it's a pity, because the developers could come up with something, but, what is, i.e.

Game world

The game world is presented in the form of a large number of islands, scattered over a large area in the center of the map (remind, that the map is 256x256 km and land is in the center of this square). Most likely, the developers took the territory of Iceland as a basis., and the glacial continent in the north of the map – possibly Svalbard.

In temperate climates there is a system of rivers inside the large islands, lakes, there are forests and mountains. There are two volcanoes and several beaches. It often rains here, moderate wind, strong waves, but normal weather is not uncommon.
A road system has been created on the large islands. In places, due to rocky terrain, tunnels laid. Bridges are built across rivers (which can be raised for the passage of large vessels). Rivers now run through the plains, then through the steep fjords. Trunk bridges (including railway to the north) connect distant islands, what * apparently * was needed, to make gameplay easier for the player.

In the north in the glaciers negative temperature. Mandatory equipment is a down jacket, which will not allow the character to freeze. It almost always snows and strong winds blow, however sometimes you can see good weather. There are also roads here, although their mileage is somewhat more modest. A feature of this region can be called a large number of glaciers, causing problems for shipping.

Badges on cards

Since all the icons on the map are small, I will try to explain with emoji. Not all icons in the game match emoji, but I think, what will you understand.

🚢 – Sea port
✈ – Aerodrome
⛽ – Fuel station (green – sale, the black – purchase)
🏥 – Hospital
✖ – Interesting place (video)
⚓ – Shipwreck site
🏭 – Factory
🗼 – Lighthouse
⬜ – Volcano
Atom icon – scientific station in the northern region.

Quests and missions

There are basic rescue missions in the game, as well as side missions for the transportation of passengers and goods, including in hard-to-reach places.
Rescue missions drop out randomly during the game day. Missions are divided into:
Rescue – which are divided into extra-urgent and urgent
Transport – are divided into passenger, freight and combined

Extra-urgent rescue – missions, in which you have very little time to save people and eliminate the consequences of an emergency (mostly situations, when even before arriving at the scene, NPC has already received critical damage and has a lethal timer).
Rescue urgent – any missions, victim rescue. Logically, since you will have to rush to the scene of an incident or incident in any case, because although you are told the nature of the emergency (what happened, where and how many victims), the degree of danger to the life of the victims and their condition you can understand only after arriving there. So in this game you will have to rush everywhere and always.

Transport passenger – everything is clear here. You simply transport people from point A to point B as safely as possible for their life and health. Different missions can come across here, such as transporting a lighthouse keeper to an island or transporting a group of engineers to a nuclear power plant.
Transport cargo – pretty clear too, you are simply asked to transport some boxes, boxes and other junk. But sometimes you can come across really interesting and oversized cargo)
Combined transport – it was hard to understand, but this
double transport (pax + cargo). Everything described above, only together.

In addition, the game makes it clear (that is, it does not directly offer, but very aggressively hints at markings on the map), that you can take on side missions, which do not have a time limit and are not given to you at random. For example such as:

Cargo transportation – transportation of containers / other cargo from one port to another
Exploration of the deep sea – mysterious reefs, sunken ships and of course all sorts of goodies in them
Explore the map – some “interesting” places on the map are marked with crosses and have their own name, what was done for a reason and it makes sense to visit such places) .


The game features a wide variety of AI bots (in appearance), but they have the same function. To suffer.
From your actions, of course, and buildings.
Bots are divided into contacting and not in contact.Contact bots – usually those NPCs from missions. That is, those, who should you save, transport, forward, etc..
Not in contact – bots generated by the world. For example bots in helicopters, airplanes, ships (until, until something happens to them and the system gives you his rescue as a task), as well as bots at hospitals.

Contact bots can follow you, you can use first aid kits and defibrillators on them. Can be carried by the NPC on the back, but only one. Bots are not lost, if you tell them to follow and run fast. They also know how to avoid obstacles., jump, run fast and find a way up to you.

Game settings

The settings section is represented by a very large range of customizable parameters. (not).

Honestly, if you even have a little doubt about, that your boyar bakery will take out heavy buildings, better lower your graphics settings right away. The game is quite demanding on the processor and video card, for mathematical calculations and drawing objects. I advise you to leave only anti-aliasing and quality of monitors from video cameras. The rest does not affect the gameplay in any way and does not cut the picture.

Let's go a little through the sections:

  • Graphics settings
  • Audio settings
  • Management
  • basic settings
  • Languages

For the convenience of using the manual, I will translate all the names here and give their descriptions..

Graphics settings

  • Screen mode – windowed or fullscreen
  • Resolution
  • Smoothing
  • Vertical sync
  • Distance to draw objects in the game world

  • Blur effect
  • Bloom blur glow
  • Shadow quality
  • Shadow Resolution
  • Volumetric rays
  • SSAO technology (associated with shadows)

  • wildlife
  • Creation of foam from vehicles
  • Ocean foam
  • Ocean surface quality
  • The quality of the processing of trees
  • The quality of the monitors

This shows the first person camera angle settings., first person in a vehicle and third person. Standard value – 70 degrees.

Audio settings

  • Overall volume
  • Ambient Sounds
  • Sounds from objects
  • Music
  • Voice chat


  • Invert the mouse along the X axis
  • Invert the mouse along the Y axis
  • Mouse sensitivity (standard value 10)
  • Mouse acceleration (standard value 1.00)
  • Mouse smoothing
  • Camera type when driving a vehicle

I see no point in describing the meaning of the buttons in detail, everything is extremely simple there.

basic settings

  • Show clock in the game interface
  • Player nicknames and NPC names
  • New chat messages (it will turn on, when a new message arrives)
  • Using hotkeys
  • Item Information

  • Color palette
  • Detailing physics


Main language of the game – English. However, the developers have provided the ability to install localizations of different languages ​​from users. The crack for the game can be found in the Steam Workshop.


Multiplayer in the game is represented by servers and co-op. There is nothing special to tell about him., because like in any other game – you go to a coop with friends, exit and the session disappears. The server has existed until then, until you delete it.
Minimum number of players – 2, the maximum – 32.
Sometimes in a co-op or on a server, characters and buildings can be buggy, physics can be unstable, lags may be present. I'll just leave a link to the video, which shows the work of multiplayer and a guide to creating your own server:

Steam Workshop

There is a huge amount of work in the workshop (at the end of May 2021 this is more than 110k works).
Players create everything – transport, addons, missions, devices and mechanisms and many other things. In general, we can say, that the game is based on the workshop – because everyone wants to show their building and do better. Thanks to other buildings, the gameplay becomes more varied – besides the main idea of ​​the game “Build and Rescue” players create submarines, warships, civil aircraft, a huge variety of ground vehicles. You really have a lot to roam. Workshop buildings also work in multiplayer..
Installation is the same, just like any other workshop steam game – just subscribe to the user's work and it is automatically installed in the game repository. Installed buildings can be seen in the workbench, when loading created buildings in the tab Workshop.

If you want to install missions or addons in the game session before starting it, in the tab Enabled Addons when selecting a tab Workshop you can check the boxes for the desired modifications.

During the game, you can also enable the necessary add-ons and missions. To do this, you can go to the menu Addon Editor:

I warn you right away, what to disable addons, which were included before the start of the session, you will have to re-create the world, since the Addon Editor does not see these mods and considers them as static objects of the world. The worlds you saved are also not editable in the main menu..

Here you can set, change and delete the missions and addons you need. Everything is very simple. To set up the addon / mission on the location you selected, click Edit Objects, to play with addon / mission, press Test Location. Sometimes there is a transport in the Steam Workshop, which simply does not fit into the working areas of the largest workbenches in the game. For this you can use Addon Editor, to install this vehicle in any place convenient for you and play with it, bypassing workbenches and work areas. Quite simple.

Developer and updates

Game developer (and her publisher) Geometa company. Stormworks is their only game, however in the summer 2021 they promised the release of their new brainchild like SW, only with a military theme.

Every Thursday-Friday, the developer releases hot-fix bugs, various patches, updates and stuff. All update descriptions can be seen in the game's community center. Since the game is in Early Access, developer informed, that will not provide discounts on the game, even during massive Steam discount promotions.

Besides, here I will leave links to contacts with the developer and the gaming community:

Developer site –
Steam News Center –
Steam game discussions –
Official Discord Channel –
Russian-speaking community –

Cons of the game

This section is optional and is beyond the scope of this guide.. Here are only the thoughts of the author, which do not carry any character. Everything you read below remains on your conscience.

There are people like that, which before buying the game, in addition to reviews on Steam and YouTube, they look through guides in the hope of understanding the game better and making a choice – spend money on it or not. This section is for you. After all, the developer requires 500 rubles per game in early access, and the latter means, that you have to mess around with bugs and game errors.

And that, the way it is. SW suffers from bugs and poor optimization. Due to constant patches, previously created buildings are constantly changing their physical properties, it happens that it is imperceptible, and it happens that pivots (turning blocks) start spinning on their own, pistons do not hold blocks, ropes and cables buckle and overturn large ships. But nonetheless, updates keep the game in good shape, although the shoals the mountain is a mountain. You can ignore it, if after “breakdowns” your transport with the next patch, you will change it to new standards.

In addition to bugs and optimization, there are a lot of flaws in the game.. Developers have implemented an interesting idea, but left the world empty, and the tasks are monotonous. Gameplay can “accidentally” get bored through 30-50 hours of play.
Among other disadvantages, it is possible to designate:

  • Lack of official localization. Developers launched on “not” this question, leaving the players such an opportunity. Sensation, that they just didn't want to do it and threw it on the shoulders of the players. From here we get clumsy and incorrect translations..
  • The interface could have been changed for a long time and brought to a more understandable and pleasant look. Beyond the game interface, almost meaningless, there are no weather indications on the map (Direction of the wind, speed, type of precipitation, etc.). Color schemes only. Such a device for determining weather data can be created by yourself, but is there really no weather station on the Irish Islands? This is a cant.
  • Poorly designed road system and almost complete absence of missions for road transport, as well as car workbenches. There are no roads in SW, these are just painted stripes of gray on the relief, which are angular and go with great slopes. Car tunnels just cut into the rocks, it is seen, that they did not work on them. The bridges across the rivers are the same clumsy.
  • Lack of helipads (helipads) for normal use of helicopter transport. Every time you have to spawn helicopters in the hangar.
  • Lack of realistic vehicle fueling terminals. Keg with numbers is not that level, for refueling a rescue ship or helicopter.
  • Huge bridges to other islands and the railway path across the bridge to the Arctic. I refuse to comment on this at all, since this is just a sick nonsense of developers.
  • Workbench working areas do not allow building large objects. I don't know what this limitation is for – you can easily expand a hangar or port. Of course, this limitation is bypassed through the Addon Editor, but still unpleasant.
  • Relief in the game world requires reskin. Angular relief and solid colors are not a game 2018 Year of release.
  • Airfields are not equipped with taxiway lighting, sufficient lighting and other devices for takeoff and landing. It all falls back on the players and the Steam Workshop again.. NPCs do not land on airfields.
  • Repetitive and repetitive missions, lack of interesting emergencies and incidents.
  • Very narrow choice of character customization. Its drawing (и NPC) generally leave much to be desired.
  • Small ports and the inability to hook the ship with a cable to the curbstone (that would not float away).
  • Lack of water pumping stations (for firefighting aircraft, helicopters, machines, trains)
  • Very primitive railway depots, paths and arrows. I repeat, it doesn't look like a game 2018 of the year.
  • Character animation – run, climbing stairs and jumping. I just keep quiet about the latter, the feeling that the character is jumping in space.

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