All Sex with the Devil achievements

How to complete the game on 100%


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At the moment there is 4 achievements, 2 of which require different styles of play, but you can restart the game in the chapter 3, to replay it again.
You can also restart the game at the desired chapter to try everything “desires”.

What is required of us.

Unfortunately both hands

After that, how will you meet the devil, you will be thrown into a maze. In this maze you need to find the blue key. It will hang on a circular platform somewhere in the maze. (every time in a different place.)
It can be seen by its blue aura.

When you walk through the maze, you can see the doors, by going into them you can start explicit scenes.
Not required for full playthrough !!!

Once you find the blue key, just bring it to the gate with the key symbol and go to the portal.
That's the whole gameplay…

1. I saw the devil! – Open Prologue.

1. I saw the devil! – Open Prologue.

The achievement is given immediately after you get to the Devil on the carpet.

2. Apple of knowledge! – Open the appropriate ending.

2. Apple of knowledge! – Open matching ending.

After every maze, talking to the devil. Instead of, to have sex with any demon, who is next to him , you should just ask questions. Keep asking questions, until you are sent to the next maze.
If you missed this achievement, just load the game from the chapter 3.

3. Dead End! – Open the appropriate ending.

3. Dead end! – Open matching ending.

For this achievement, you must have all the demons that sit next to the devil after each maze during the question phase. / desires. Once you get to the end, instead of, to have sex with the devil, decide to ask more questions.

4. Sharp blade! – Open the appropriate ending.

4. sharp blade! – Open matching ending.

For this achievement, when you get to the end of the game, press desire “I want to be a woman…”. After the sex scene, ask a few questions before the final video.

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