Garfield Kart Furious Racing: 100% Achievements and Game Help

Hello everyone! This is my first guide, and it is dedicated to the game Garfield Kart – Furios Racing. Since I have not found a Russian achievement guide for this game, i decided to write my own. Here I will tell you how to collect everything 14 game achievements. Also here you will find tips and help for the game.. Go!


Basics of the game
Game modes:
In Game 3 game modes: Single ride, Grand Prix and Race against the clock.

Game mode selection screen
1. Single ride
In a single race, you choose a character, car, cap and spoiler, and then any card. After that, you play a standard race with 7 rivals. On the road, you may come across candy, selecting which, you get one of the many random bonuses. You can use them either forward, either back. I will explain with an example. There is a bonus “Spring”, if you click “X” then throw this bonus forward, and immediately you will run into it yourself, from which jump high in the air, this can help you fly over a difficult area or climb into a secret area. If you press “FROM”, then activate the bonus back, and a spring will be placed on the road behind. Now if one of the rivals runs over her, then it will be thrown up and slowed down. Also works with other bonuses (for more details see the section “Bonuses”). Your aim: drive through 3 circle and come first. If you finish at 1 location, then get the hat.

2. Grand Prix
Same, as a single race, only now you are not playing alone, and four cards in a row. Total for the Grand Prix is 4 cup: Lasagne Cup, Pizza Cup, Hamburger Cup and Ice Cream Cup. The Grand Prix winner is determined by the results of all 4 races. The higher was your place in every race, the more points you get in total. At the end, these points add up, and the one who scored the most and gets the first place.

3. Check in on time
There are no rivals and bonuses here anymore. The only thing, what will remain on the map, these are accelerating platforms. Your goal is to drive 3 circle as fast as possible. From time, which you will spend on the race in the end, depends on the medal, which you get.


Difficulty selection is at the top, switch it with the keys “X” and “C”
The game has 3 difficulty level. In the game, they are called rather strange, so let's call them “Easy”,”Middle” and “Maximum”. Opponents depend on difficulty, the higher it is, the better they race and use bonuses.

In total in the game I counted 9 bonuses. You can pick them up in sweets, which are found in large quantities on any route. When choosing such a candy, you get a random bonus.

Sweets with random bonuses on the road

Below I will tell you in more detail about each of the bonuses..
1. Pie
One of the most frequent bonuses. Using it forward, you throw the pie, which, when hitting an opponent, will slow him down for a while. When throwing back, the cake will turn into a kind of mine. If one of the rivals runs over him, it will slip for a few seconds.

2. Rocket Pie
Most annoying bonus. The same pie, but with automatic guidance. When throwing forward, begins to chase ahead of a riding opponent, when hit, it slows down for a couple of seconds. The throw back effect is the same, like a regular pie. It becomes a kind of mine and slows down an opponent who ran into it.. If the enemy launches such a thing at you, that is, there are two ways to get rid of it. The first way is pretty tricky, you need to maneuver a lot, for this, you can try to fly high or sharply turn a corner, but this method rarely helps. A lighter option, this is to throw the pie, rocket or spring pie, when the enemy rocket pie flies very close, with some chance it will help bring it down. You will spend your bonus, but you will remain unharmed.

3. Lasagna
Works like acceleration platforms. Never mind, forward or backward you will want to use this bonus, the effect will be the same: you will get an acceleration of about 2-3 seconds.

4. Diamond bell
I have no idea what the bell has to do with it,if the bonus looks more like a gem, but in the game it is called that way. Explodes when thrown forward, slowing down opponents in the radius of destruction (works like a grenade, but explodes on touch). Becomes a portable mine when thrown backwards. If the enemy runs into her, she attaches to him. Explode in a few seconds, unless you push another card, thus passing the mine to another player. If no one picks it up, then it will automatically explode after a while.

5. UFO
Unpleasant bonus, which the, according to my observation, does not fall on easy difficulty. Rather, it does not come across to you, opponents can use it. Having picked it up, it doesn't matter backward or forward you use it. When activated, three UFOs fly into the sky, who quickly fly forward overtaking the leader in the race, and then blocking the road. From UFO comes 3 ray, which constantly change color from red to green, and vice versa. If you drive through the green beam, then nothing will happen, kart will just go further, and if you drive through red, then the UFO will pick you up in the air and hold you for a few seconds.

UFO on the road

6. Spring
Frequent bonus, and then, probably, the most useful. When activated forward, you will jump high up, which will allow you to jump over a difficult section or climb into a secret area. Throwing her back, the spring will be placed on the road and thrown up (and it will also slow down) the opponent who passed it.

7. Pillow
Rare bonus. Activation in either direction will give the same effect.: all your rivals will fall asleep for a few seconds and lose control of their cars.

8. Perfume
Another rare bonus. When activated in any direction, your car is shrouded in purple smoke, you speed up a little and turn into a kind of berserker. Enemy cars you will shoot down and slow down, and going off the road will not slow down your car. After a couple of seconds, the effect will stop..

9. Magic wand
Cool bonus, if you know how to use it. When activated in any direction, a yellow magic ball is flying out of you, if he hits any opponent in front, then you swap places with him. In other words, you will be in front of him, and he's in your place in the back.

1. Cat’s good with me
Easiest achievement, to get it, you need to complete any race in any mode.

2. Cat got your tongue
With this achievement, as with the past, no problems should arise. Playing Singles and Grand Prix, you will notice, that on every track are hidden 3 piece of puzzles. You need to collect 1 any such piece. The easiest way to do this is on the first track. “Cats in the city”.

3. Jumpin’ cat flash
For this achievement, you need to collect everything 3 a piece of the puzzle on any map.

4. Artist cat
One of the longest and most difficult achievements. To get it, you need to collect everything 48 puzzles (by 3 puzzle on each of 16 kart). Some are well hidden, so to help you, I will attach a video (the author of the video is not me).

5. Feline it
To get this achievement, you need to collect the perfect combo and go to the race. Now I will explain what it is and how to assemble it..
As we know, the game has customization. We can choose a car, character, cap and spoiler. maybe, you noticed a small race car icon during this very customization.

Marked the icon with a red arrow
When you select an item, you may notice that the color of different parts of the icon changes. for example, choosing Garfield, the character on the icon will light up orange, other characters – other colors. The same applies to hats., spoilers, and cars. Choosing a hat for sleeping, you will also notice that the cap on the badge has turned orange. Now also match the spoiler and the car in the same color. If you don't understand anything, I'll put it easier. Change customization elements, until the whole icon is the same color, as in the screenshot above. On it I put together a full combo for Garfield.. After you have assembled a complete set, run any race and your achievement.

6. Combination sensation
We also do, as in the previous achievement. Only now you need to play a race with all such combos. To do this, you will have to open all the caps and spoilers..

7. Cat out of hell
For this achievement we need to get 1 any hat. We play a single race on any map and take the first place there. Everything, your hat.

8. The cat’s meow
If I don't confuse anything, then to get this achievement, you need to get 1 any gold hat. To do this, you need to complete any Single Race card at maximum difficulty and take first place.

9. Cat-hatter
To take this achievement, you need to collect everything 16 hats. To do this, play a Single Race and take 1 place on each of 16 kart. For every first place we get a hat.

10. Great Cat-hatter
One of the hardest achievements. You need to get everything 16 gold caps. Explain: there is a medal near each hat, she is bronze, silver, and gold. As you remember, hats are given for 1 place on the cards in a Single Race. You need to do like this, so that they all have gold medals. To do this, select the highest difficulty. (if you don't know, how to do it, then I wrote about this in the section “Basics of the game”) and start playing Single races. You now need to take first place on each Single Race map. After that, you will have all the gold hats and you will take this achievement to your collection.
Got a gold cap for 1 place on one of the cards of the Single Race at maximum difficulty.

11. Purrrfect Spoiler
Easy enough achievement. We need to open 1 any spoiler. To do this, we go to the Grand Prix. Now we need to win everything 4 racing on 1 location. It is necessary. Once you do this, you will be given immediately 2 spoiler.

12. Spoiler-flower
To get this achievement, we need to collect everything 8 spoilers. For this we need to win everything 4 Grand Prix taking 1 place on each map. For each Grand Prix won in this way, you will receive two spoilers..

13. Super Mechano Cat
Real hardcore! As for me, this is the most difficult achievement of the game. You need to get all golden spoilers. This also works, as with hats. That is, you need to complete all four Grand Prix at maximum difficulty., taking first place on each map.

Getting a golden spoiler after completing all maps in the first place in the Grand Prix on maximum difficulty

14. Geroni-cat!!!
Easy achievement, even though I was stupid with him for a long time. I got it by accident, and did not immediately understand how and why. After reading a little game guide and experimenting, I figured out how to get it. so: you need at the start of the race (when the countdown goes) wait, when the countdown will be somewhere on 2 seconds and at this moment press and hold the forward key (and the key, which you gas on the typewriter). If you did everything right, then the car will accelerate well from the start and you will receive this achievement. It may not work the first time, so try every race and over time you will get.

Hopefully, that my guide helped you get all the achievements, and learn something new about this wonderful game. If it is true, then do not be lazy to support my guide at least like, I will be very pleased) If you really want to thank me, you can send a community reward for points or buy me some game, I will be SO GREAT and will secure you forever and ever in this guide in the section “Special thanks to”. You can also write your opinion or supplement me in the comments. Thanks a lot for that, what have come, bye everyone! 🙂

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