NARUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM: Desperate Successive Battles Hardest Mission

Couldn't get through the hardest mission? This guide is for you. Nothing new, just you will be ready in advance to press certain buttons.

Many players have difficulty with the task Desperate Successive Battles, since the process of pressing a large number of buttons in a short time seems incredibly difficult. YouTube has, sure, video (for PS controllers), in which this mission is completed and all buttons are pressed (there is one difference from the Steam version during the fight with Manda). but, in text version, and even close by, в Steam, this information is missing. Much easier to find this tutorial and not rewind the video, do not seize the moment, when the buttons to click appear.


Status: 50% HP

  • A ← A → A (dodging a blow)
  • Y X B X B X A (dodging a blow)
  • B – invocation (attack by clones)
  • ↑ R1 AND L1 ↓ (“Liquid Bullets” Gamabunts)
Status: 50% HP

  • Y X A → (dodging a blow)
  • ← ← A (running to hand)
  • B – invocation (tossing)
  • ↑ Y → X ← B (hand running)
  • Y – invocation (jump to Gaara)
  • B – single press (hit)

Status: 10% HP

  • X A X A Y Y B ↓ (Gamabunta's call)
  • Y Y → X B (“Liquid Bullets” Gamabunts)
  • ↓ R1 ↑ R1 (Gamabunta's punch)
  • → A A (jump from Gamabunta)
  • Y – invocation (sand ball release)
  • B – invocation (overcoming air flow)
Status: 10% HP

  • ↑ Y ↓ A → X ← B (Katsu's attack)
  • ↑ Y ↓ A L1 R1 Y B (“Toad Fire Bombs” Jirai)
  • L1 R1 L1 R1 Y A (evading Tsunada)
  • A – invocation (running in Mánda)
  • ← A → → B (final blow)

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