Opening Locations in Breeders of the Nephelym: Alpha (updated to 0.736)

there is 3 (So,to tell) chair: Man,Chick and Futa
Heifer of course ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ,but there is a LITTLE minus is not the ability to catch wild females
Straight Man,here is a futanari for special sensations.

ACT I «A, how to open?»

And so, wandering around the location, we note that you will not advance further from,beyond the gates that lead to other locations and for this you need STONES-KEYS just one centaur heifer has (Cybele).
We talk to her and in the end she will shoot you hard.
Next, choose a dialogue that parodies the ♂Gachi♂ scene and become boss of this gym♂
We need a STONE KEY,but for this you need to complete her quest: Find a healthy wolf (Vulwarg:Lykos) with the skill of strength what would he become “rocking boss”.

After completion, we do not spend the key on the gate that stands next to her, and we run to the Luga

We find a butterfly that will be at the entrance to the location (on the left, two columns lie there), as soon as you see the 2nd column, jump down and walk a little forward.
Bazaar, agree to copulation, we require a key stone, we get a quest to catch the wolf with the runner skill. The description says he is needed to run a hog for nectar)
Next we find Autumn, which is located a little further than the center of the field and sits in a tree
We turn the same thing and give a quest to find a bee (Thriae:Bee).
We go to the Lands of the Swarm, find a bee and along the way talk to the Queen of Bees (HER QUEST WILL PERFORM A LITTLE LATER)
After completion, we move to the trail. Gates

ICT II “Hearing, makes a gate »

We find a snake that is stuck thanks to its fifth point, and mol: if you complete the quest I will get out of the cave. Find a titanium (Titan:Colossus) WITH LEVEL 25
Go ahead
We get to the beach along the way we meet Medusa (missing quest,just a dialogue) and heading to the village to the orcs.
Can take a pearl in the ocean of the Yasmine clam. In general, go to the pier, dive into the water, find the column and turn left, and swim to the shell.
Take a pearl and go to town, walk up to the builder cat-girl, she will fix the lever on the 2nd floor (where is the mermaid) activate go down and immediately find mucus, and change the pearl to the key stone.
Find the main orc, interested in the broken gate on, what does she explain:need a HYBRID COW (Akabeko ).

Let's go to fulfill
After completion, open the gate where Kybele stands (centaur heifer)
Then we go to the dragon who fell asleep on the pass, we give him milk, we take the key and go up to the titans. After finding and pumping Nemfilim, we go to the snake.

ACT III "Cave of Wonders"

We go to the cave and take the key.

We open and immediately go downstairs we find a spider

and we complete the quest

Go ahead and open the next gate (if you took the key from the slime)
Find the Cavo you need and open the last gate

ACT IV "Dungeon master and unfinished business"

This is the edge of the map with demons, but that's not all.
Remember the Queen Bee? Well, whatever you do fuck (wanted a solution) go to Autumn the one who sits in the tree.
Talking about the Queen Bee problem and collecting S-e-m-e-n-s dragons
Opening the gates to the Sultry Plateau

ACT V "Become God"

Collecting Neko Girls (and not only girls) ; ]
2-is a fork:
One leads to the top of Pawsmaati from which poses can be purchased

Another to the pyramid to the serpents, but if we go down even lower we can meet the rabbit Petra
You know what to do and we take the key

Opening the last door to the desert biome
And then do what you want because, that everything is open

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