Partisans 1941: Achievement Guide

This manual briefly states, how to get all achievements, including those, which have no description. A little patience and everything will work out!


Story campaign.

With achievements, which will be discussed further, there should be no difficulties. but, so that no one has any questions, I will quickly go over them.

After the assignment “Oblava”, you will go to camp – Achievement received!

Mosquito bite.
In the assignment “Trial sortie” destroy the tank.

Spicy seasoning.
In the assignment “Secret ingredient” poison food.

Everyone is here.
Complete the task “At any cost”.

Big Bertha.
Complete the task “Slim Bertha.”

Game Over.
Complete the task “Decisive battle”.

Achievements with difficulties.

Kill 3 enemies with one grenade. I advise you to use Fetisov, for he has a skill “Grenader”, which can be pumped from the first mission.

War never changes.
Kill 100 enemies. This achievement can be obtained as you progress through the story and you do not have to cut out all the enemies in each location..

Heroes don't die!
Rescue a dying comrade during any mission.

Agent 47.
Kill three enemies with one encirclement (truck, logs, etc.)

Kill three enemies with one mine.

Death to the dictator!
Kill Birmeer with a knife in the back. You can lure him and the woman, in his office, to the wall with the whistle of Morozov (they don't leave the building) and throw a knife at “Potato Fuhrer”.

You are not ready, boy.
Take Sanka five times on a mission. Observe, that according to the plot he will go on four missions, regardless of your desires.

Your move and Reckoning hour.
Belozerova's skill “Fan fire” kill two first, and then four enemies. There may be a bug (or feature?), in which if you kill four enemies at once, “Your move” will not open.

Trofim's skill “Card shot” kill three enemies at a time.

Come out one by one.
Fetisov's skill “A long queue” kill three enemies at a time.

Leave no witnesses.
In the assignment “Execution” destroy all enemies. I advise you to use stealth and shoot only in extreme cases..

Make a barrel!
Use the Belozerova skill “Rift” 10 time.

Complete the quest “Slender bertha”, without raising the alarm. note, that the alarm is considered raised only then, when exclamation marks above opponents' heads turn red.
The difficulty is, that when the airstrike is triggered, all opponents at the top of the map start looking for you, so cut them out beforehand. Plus to this, you should place two mines on the ground, where opponents appear after calling an airstrike.

Solid serpent.
Complete the "Punishers" quest, without raising the alarm. Here you have to abandon the secondary task., focusing on the main. There should be no serious problems with the hospital, with a checkpoint you will have to try – use bottles and Sanka skill “Slingshot II”.

Complete the "Potato Fuehrer" quest, without raising the alarm. Situation, similar to achievement “Solid serpent” – have to forget about extra. the task. Stock up on bags of tobacco, so that the dogs do not notice you.

DLC – Back to battle!

Now the fun part. Expansion achievements have no description, therefore, many had difficulties with their implementation. But break all the information on the topic, I found the conditions for fulfilling these achievements.)

Unbreakable wall, Defense steel.
For the first achievement, it is enough to participate in the mode “Heroic Defense”. To get the second – reflect 20(!) waves of opponents in the same mode.

Cultural enlightenment.
Complete the quest “House of culture” in sortie mode with all modifiers.

Complete the quest “Communication node” in sortie mode with all modifiers.

We weren't here.
Complete the quest “Defense line” in sortie mode with all modifiers. I advise you to play Sankom because of his skill “Disguise”.

The auditor.
Complete the quest “Trophy warehouse” in sortie mode with all modifiers.

Strategist, Experienced strategist and god of war.
1) Complete any mission in mode “Sorties”.
2) Complete any mission in mode “Sorties” with at least one enabled modifier.
3) Alas, achivka “god of War” zabagovana. Actually, to get it, you need to complete all missions from the DLC with all modifiers, but I'm not sure, that this achievement has been fixed.
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  1. Hi. I did all missions (including DLCs) with all modifiers. Got every achievement excluding “god of War”. It didn’t pop up 🙁 Any idea how to get it? Publisher didn’t respond to email.

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