Graveyard Keeper: 100% Achievements (DLC Better Save Soul)

Better Save Soul Achievements Guide and Tips (spoilers).


The beginning of the storyline

For, to start the chain, you need to build a hatch to the morgue, put carrots in a box and wait, when the donkey brings two corpses at the same time.

After finding “An unusual corpse”, the task will appear – find the key.
To get hold of the key, need one pint of beer (bronze) and river sand (1 PC.)

New room, resources and stuff

Applying new resources

Gratitude of souls:

1. Activating perks in a new branch “Spiritualism”.
2. Manipulation with remote control of the workbench(becomes available as you progress through the DLC storyline)
How it works? We build an admission room in those places, where is it available (Sweet home, yard, garden, vineyard, morgue, basement, church, shower room),

Next, go to the map menu, click on the desired area and perform the required action.

3. Allows you to get more faith, when using the Prayer for the Peace of Souls. This and two other prayers of this DLC can only be crafted at the workbench, shower in the room.

Shards of Sin:

1. Building containers of souls
2. Writing stories
3. Fertilizer creation
4. Crafting prayers
5. Body part modification.

Modified body parts are analogous to conventional, with that exception, what can be added to them from 1 to 3 white and red skulls. Even such parts, how fat and blood can be significantly improved, despite, that their base stat is always the same.

Answers to popular questions:

– Wagner is out of the tavern, where to find him?
– The quest is marked with the royal mail icon, hence – he needs to send a letter. You will need ink with a pen and 50 silver.

– Where to find the sauce?
– Crafted in the church workshop after talking to Clotho. Requires a bottle of seed oil to craft, egg, salt

– How to complete the cleaning quest in front of Dead Nag?
– Beyond the obvious broken glass, two broken barrels still need to be removed, located immediately in front of the entrance to the warehouse.

Didn't write about it, but personally I am having difficulty finding a broken clothesline. I was looking for her for half an hour. I ran around the whole village…
At the time of the quest's activity, her location here. This is the site, to the right of the house of the potter Adam


In this add-on, all the achievements are storyline, can not be missed. However, one thing may not be obtained., if you do not reach the end and do not communicate with the half-spirit.

Unusual delivery

Credited, when we find Eirich

A locked ghost from the past

Credited, when we rescue the half-spirit of Lybzik

Living room

We make a renovation in Eirich's room and get the achievement.

Lost stained glass

As a reward for repairs, we get a decoration for the church and an achievement.

Long-awaited recognition

Received after reading the ode to greatness to the bishop. We read about possible difficulties with the search for Wagner in the section above..

First session of medical therapy

Received during the continuation of the previous quest.

Scheduled fire

We carry the ashes of the witch, during the quest, Inquisitor. Nothing tricky.

Successful offering
We give the made sauce to the Merchant, receiving as a reward “Thank you very much”, without any material reward and achievement. Crafting sauce is described in the previous section..

Second session of medical therapy

Return to Eirich with three shards and watch the cutscene.

Endless longing

We approach the astrologer, during the quest, and just talk to him.

The birth of passion

We bring Erich to Charmel, during the plot.

Vulnerability to authority

Obtained after passing the note to the Snake.

Third session of treatment therapy

The procedure is standard – bring the shards to Eirich and watch the cutscene.

Dissatisfied village

After completing Eirich's treatment, go to bed. Waking up, watching a cutscene.

Satisfied (seems to be) village

Eliminating the consequences of a rowdy pogrom.
Possible difficulties are described in the section above..

Back to the roots

After that, how help will be provided to the villagers, run the shower room and chat with Lybzik.

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