You will open the quest: You will open the quest (You will open the quest)

In this guide📢 quests with a double ending will be described🔀, in other words with double choice↗↘↙↖, due to which it is possible to change the plot in the future, or additional quests are possible.
Hope someone will find this tutorial helpful., and you will make the right choice.


Issues Gold (Altan) [Savannah – Northern part]

You will receive this task after completing [Horse thief escape].
Gold agree to resume trade with Baya, if you find a spring of drinking water. This man will open the gates of the city for you, thanks to which you can talk to the townspeople and find out some details. Reaching the goal, clean the area from varnov, who have already begun to rummage there.

Decision 1
Talk with Baasan (Baasan) entomologist and you will find out, what termites can help in finding drinking water. He will offer you his book (25 gold), thanks to which you will learn, where to find a termite nest

Decision 2
Talk with Baasan entomologist and Purev (Purew) (answer to the question, of course, "Termites"). You will receive some information from each of them.. Apparently, water can be found near termite nests .

Decision 3
Search Baasan entomologist's horse, to find some information about termites, and then talk to him yourself or Purev (Purew) . You will learn, where to look for a den of termites

Come back to Altanu and tell him about the spring you found. Unfortunately, this person cannot continue to trade with Baya, because not only he leads this. You will be sent to the lighthouse , where should you talk to a mysterious person. At the top of the lighthouse you will meet Selenium (Selene).

The ending 1
Agree to help Selene displace Alimu. Return to Bayu and speak with Ledo (Ice) [Baia] . In return you will receive a pass.

This choice is one of the solutions [Gateway to the desert].

The ending 2
Kill Selenium and return to Altanu , to notify him, that you got rid of the woman. Trade will be resumed - return to Alime [Baia], where you will receive your reward - you can choose one of three things (for a warrior, mage and archer).

This decision will have implications for [sweet revenge].

💬”Sweet revenge”

Received from ANDSidore Jules III (Isidor Jules III) [Desert]

You will only receive this quest if you have killed Selenium in the quest [Drought].
In the tavern you will meet Isidore Jules III, whose employer is looking for people like you. Head to the basement [Desert] , on your way you will meet the camp varnov. Coming inside, you will meet again Isidora, who will escort you to a mysterious employer. They will be killed Selena , and meeting – trap. After a short conversation, both characters will turn into flying monsters. They are vulnerable to fire and poison - kill the monsters, to complete the mission.

“Professor Rodeus”
Issued by a doctor Anna (Annaya) [New Ashos]

Professor Rodeus (Rhodeus) you also need to look at the University, in his office (M23:6). Go to the second wing, turn left into the hallway and open the door at the end.

The ending 1
You can listen Professor Rodeus - you will learn, what a doctor Anna recruits girls for the Black Rose agency – go to the woman, to check these conversions. Leaving Rodeus's office, you will meet again stranger.

You will open [Doctor or madam?].

The ending 2
Tell the professor about your dissertation on "How I Kick Rodeus Out of Univer". Order him to get out of the campus., give him a kick (weapons should not be used), he will get scared and obey. Go back to the doctor's office Annai and please her with the news. Leaving the office Rodeusa, you will meet a stranger again. Unfortunately, you don't learn much. You will be paid in gold and sent back to David (David).

You will open [David and the Doctor].

💬”Doctor or madam?”

Gives the professor Rodeus [New Ashos] (M23:6)

You will receive this task only after listening to Rodeusa during [Professor Rodeus].
Return to Dr. Annai's office and check the agency details.

The ending 1
listen to the doctor Anna. You will learn, that she really has an agency, but not all of what Rodeus said – truth: Angie (Angie) can tell more.

You will open [Most Monstrous Memory].

The ending 2
Force Anna (Annaya) talk - they will immediately send you to the doctor Lavarius (Dr. Lavarius), who may have information about the experiment, delivered 20 years ago.

You will open [Dr. Lavarius].

💬”Most Monstrous Memory”

Issued by a doctor Anna (Annaya) [New Ashos] (M23:6)

Student Angie (Angie) can be found in the dorm (M23:12). She will tell you, what Rodeus forced her to have sex with her in exchange for a good mark on an exam.

The ending 1
If you believe Angie, she will send you to her dorm (M23:7) – open the door and locker with the lockpick and you will find Rodeus' journal. Read it and return to the doctor Anna (M23:6). Give her evidence against Rodeusa. Then go to the professor himself and tell him to get out of the University. When he tries to resist, knock him (unarmed). Leaving the office, you will meet stranger. The news Anna last time, and she will send you to Lavarius – he should know more about the old experiment.

You will open [Dr. Lavarius].

The ending 2
You may not believe what is said Angie. Return to the doctor Anna (M23:6) – right in front of her office you will meet David, who will tell you, what Angie committed suicide. Go to Rodeus - the professor will thank you for that, what Anna kicked out of university, however will not give you any worthwhile information. David is your last hope, you will find it in front of the University (M23:8 ).

You will open [David and the Doctor].

💬”David and the Doctor”

Issued by a doctor Anna [New Ashos] (M23:6)

You will get this mission, if you make Rodeusa leave the university on a quest [Professor Rodeus] or don't believe it Angie in [Most Monstrous Memory].
David (David) can be found right in front of the University (M23:8 ). You will ask him for new contacts, since the past turned out to be not very useful. The guy has some useful information., but you will have to do him a favor - pay his debt to one professor. Head towards Lavarius (Lavarius) (M23:9) - Unfortunately, the amount is much more than those mentioned by David 1000 gold. You have no other options, except to pay (2000 gold) full amount for information.

You will open [Blood for stone].

💬”Dr. Lavarius”

Gives the doctor Anna [New Ashos] (M23:6)

You will receive this assignment, if you force the doctor Anna speak in [Doctor or madam?] or if you don't believe Angie in [Most Monstrous Memory].
Go to Lavarius (Lavarius) (M23:9). This person will be happy to help you., however his memory is locked after the experiment. To find out more, you will have to help the professor regain memory.

You will open [Blood for stone].

💬”Blood for stone”

Gives the doctor Lavarius [New Ashos] (M23:9)

You will learn, what experiment, which you are asking about, blocked the doctor's memory. There is a ritual, who can bring her back, however it is very risky. You don't have many options there - you have to help him. You'll get Potion of Lavarius - drink it. Then head to the beach, to perform the second part of the ritual (M23:10).

Decision 1

On your way you will meet again stranger (M23:11), who will offer you information in exchange for Lavarius stone. You will learn, who would be very close to the ritual - another professor named Keynes (Kaineth), which can be found in the "Lion" casino.

You will open [Into the mouth of a lion].

Decision 2

Choose not to sell cobblestone. You will meet three vagrants near the fire - ignore them. Stand near the nearest pile of rocks and use the stone Lavarius. Your health level will plummet, and the tramp will come to you one more time.

Apologize to him, listen to a few insults and the guy will leave you alone. Come back to Lavarius (Lavarius) (M23:9), To make sure, that the ritual was successful. You will learn, who would be very close to the ritual - another professor named Keynes (Kaineth), which can be found in the "Lion" casino.

You will open [Into the mouth of a lion].

Feel free to meet three tramps, just be on the lookout: after the ritual, you have little health and you can easily die. Come back to Lavarius (Lavarius) (M23:9), To make sure, that the ritual was successful. You will learn, who would be very close to the ritual - another professor named Keynes (Kaineth), which can be found in the "Lion" casino.

You will open [Into the mouth of a lion].

💬”Into the mouth of a lion”

Gives the doctor Lavarius (Doctor Lavarius) [New Ashos] (M23:9) or stranger (M23:11)

Entering "Lion" (M23:13), you will notice a guard near the door - George (George). You won't pass him by without a membership card. You can bribe him or fight him. Whatever you choose, will appear anyway. Lexington (Lexington). Tell him, what you want to chat and follow to his office. The queue for a membership card is long, but you can speed things up, completing the task for the director. You must teach a lesson to one of your competitors - a man named Sammy Bull (Sammy the Bull). He lives in a house near the casino (M23:14).

You will open [Sammy Bull].

“Unique Book”
Received from Timothy (Timothy) [New Ashos]

Timothy sitting on the stairs The university.
A student will ask you to find a book, without which he cannot prepare for exams. The book is called "Ancient artifacts". You don't have to search long, since this book is in the library (east wing of the university) Upstairs. Pick it up on the shelf and bring it to a student, to get the promised 100 gold.

💬”History because of the book”

Received from David (David) [New Ashos]

David can be found in front of entering the University after completing [Unique book].
You will learn, that the library was inadvertently robbed, bringing Timothy (Timothy) the book. Now suspect David, and he will be expelled from the University, if he does not return the book within 20 minutes.

Execute [Cunning Timmy].

Depending on whether, how did you deal with Timothy, will you return the book or not. If you did the job, You'll get 100 gold. If not, David expelled from the university.

💬”Cunning Timmy”

Received from David [New Ashos]

You will receive this quest along with [History because of the book] after execution [Unique book].
Timothy not at the university, but he is still in town, sitting on a bench . Go there and talk to him. Depending on the selected phrases in the dialogue, the task can end in two ways.

The ending 1
If you require, so that he immediately return the book ("Bring her back"), Timmy use a pocket teleport and disappear. You can't return the book - go back to David and tell him the bad news.

The ending 2

If you think, what Timmy lies (tell him not to move a finger), you will learn, that the book is hidden under the rocks at the edge of town. You won't have to search for a long time, but here you will be met by a hospitable group of panthers and two necrises. Take the book and take her David

“Georges problem”
Received from George (George) [New Ashos]

You can only accept this quest after completing [Into the mouth of a lion]. Georges will leave the casino and stand at the entrance.
The guy will tell you, that his niece was severely beaten and wanted to poison herself. Georges wants revenge and kill of the Earl of Leicester (Lester).

Decision 1
You decide to help him kill Leicester - he will give you poison.
You'll get [Vintage wine].

Decision 2

You decide not to help him - George go kill the bastard on your own.

Decision 2 - The ending 1
You can follow him for a picnic. Once George will start to beat the guards, you can help him kill them, and then himself Leicester.
You will receive a reward 990 gold.

Decision 2 - The ending 2

You don't have to follow George on a picnic, but you can arrive there later or follow him and not help him in battle with the guards.
When Georges dies, attack Leicester and security.

you will unlock the quest [Avenger].


You will receive this assignment, If you refused He has a switch George in [You will open the quest],
You will open the quest, You will open the quest.
You will open the quest, who gave George die, You will open the quest, killing two security guards, and then himself Leicester.
You will open the quest.

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