ARK Survival Evolved: New live from a new card. (Fjordur)

This guide will help those, who wants to quickly become familiar with those dinos, which were added along with the new Fjordur free add-on.


Andrewsarch (Andrewsarchus)

1. basic information:
Name: Andrewsarch / Andrew
Temperament: Aggressive
Diet: Omnivorous
2. Habitat :
22.7, 66.3
16.2, 68.5
38.7, 81.2
46.7, 90.2
60.6, 25.6
55.8, 29.5
37.0, 19.9 (Asgard)
49.3, 22.7 (Asgard)
24.3, 36.7 (Asgrad)
3. Taming:

Before taming, I recommend that you kill all the extraneous dinos in the area, as they can spoil all raspberries.

To start taming, you need to find the giant bee honey and put it in the hot slot. (Note) Next, you need to carefully approach the boar of your choice and throw the honey through the hotbar. (Just press the button on which it is exposed.) When he comes and starts to eat it, you will need to quickly run up and saddle him. After that, the taming itself will begin..

Basically, you only need one thing. – time to click on the arrows that will appear on different sides of the screen. Lit left – press left, right – right. It's simple. But there is one thing. If while driving you crash into anything and stand still for ~5 seconds, Andrew will throw off and start beating you. Roughly speaking – Clear the area where taming will take place from dinos and extra structures. He breaks natural stones and trees on the run..

4. Abilities:
1. Doesn't require a saddle to ride.
2. Like a rhinoceros, increases running speed over time.
3. On the run breaks stones and trees.
4. With a sharp turn of the camera in the opposite direction, it will turn around very quickly with almost no loss of speed.
5. Pressing C will speed it up. there is 3 charge. They recharge over time.
6. With a saddle, pressing CTRL can enter turret mode. Sitting on it you are in the tower, in which the minigun is located. If you have improved ammo, you can shoot.

Desmod (Desmodus)
1. basic information:
Name: Desmodus / Desmod
Temperament: Aggressive
Diet: Predator
2. Habitat :
Found in most caves maps.
37.7 / 74.9 – Cave under the waterfall where only Desmodes live.
3. Taming:
You need Blood Packets to tame. When you have found the right mouse, you just have to let it grab you. If you have bags in your inventory, she will start drinking them and taming them, instead of hurting you.
4. Abilities:
1. When bitten by any creature, it receives blood sachets in its inventory, from which in the same inventory you can make a blood elixir(Only if the saddle is on). When used on a small or tameable spawn, it will give it 30% affection or taming. Only works ONCE per creature.
2. Can fly to everything 4 directions.
3. Can cling to walls. To space.
4. Can become invisible at night or in caves. Holding RMB.
5. In the radial menu, you can turn on night vision.
6. Can drag small creatures. Right click.
7. Can use echolocation. At night, creatures marked by her, receive increased damage. Holding, and then releasing LMB.
8. When parsing corpses, gets rotten meat.
9. Can dive.

Fenrir (Fenrir)
1. basic information:
Name: Fenrir / Fenya
Temperament: –
Diet: Predator
2. Habitat :

3. Taming:
After killing the main boss on the Fjordur map, you will automatically receive a Fenrir Cryopod 255 level.
4. Abilities:
1. Doesn't require a saddle to ride.
2. Has natural armor.
3. On RMB, can perform an ice bite, which deals increased damage and applies a debuff to the target.
4. On C, can cover himself with frost armor, while freezing everyone around him. Armor gives extra. resists and reflect damage back to the attacker.

Hawk (Fjordhawk)
1. basic information:
Name: Fjord Hawk / Fjordhavk
Temperament: passive-shy.
Diet: Predator
2. Habitat :
Found near mountains. Especially a lot of them in the yellow autumn forest.
3. Taming:
Tamed by corpses. Take the corpse of a dinosaur, bring it to the hawk and he will start to eat it, slowly taming. Taming speed depends on the level and size of the feed.
4. Abilities:
1. Shoulder Livery
2. While on the shoulder – Shows the health of creatures, if it falls below 50%
3. While on the shoulder – After your death, he will instantly take your loot and fly away. When you are reborn, he will arrive, and give it to you. Weight is not important things are not important.
4. While on the shoulder – Sometimes bites enemies.

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