Entropy Zero 2: Achievement Guide

Achievements Discovered. Code: discover, confirm, carry out.


Citizen, base ready, although there is more to add.

Achievements sorted as you progress through the story (Almost), and to search for the desired achievement by name, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl F.

Never had it anyway.
Relive the past.

Complete Chapter Zero

Cell Division
Get to the extraction point with four soldiers.

You just need to get to the shower. Easy difficulty is the easiest to do..
And be careful with the transitions to the next level. Soldiers will disappear after loading, if they are far away!

New body. New Boots.
Fight to the extraction point at Nova Prospekt

Complete the Ashes chapter

Get a first aid kit from a surrendered medic.

For the medic to surrender, you need to first knock out his weapon from his hands. The leg of an elite soldier of the alliance is excellent for this.! Ahaha.
Then you need to press once for the interaction and after a while again. If you press twice fast enough, then the medic will just lie on the floor. Well, stay close to him all the time.

By the way, not only a doctor is suitable for achievement.
For example, this guy from the third cache also knows how to heal.

Science Team
Reach the secret laboratory within Arbeit 1 with five soldiers.

To achieve this, you need to play from the beginning of the chapter Contact Aberration.
Your aim – enter the gateway with four regular soldiers, plus Scar Zero (that one, who still needs a gun). The achievement is not hard to do even on the hardest difficulty., you just need to hide somewhere brothers during the shootings, and the most important thing, be sure to lead the squad forward in those places, where to start loading the next map. If you hurry, then after downloading someone will disappear.

Party Trick
Kill “jumping” rebel, while it's in the air.

Gotta kill the rebel, with springs and tau gun, when he's in the air, and the light on the armor is blue, not orange.

Then came the Combine
Lead an invasion of Arbeit's communications.

Get the achievement when you complete the first half of the Contact Abberation chapter., while passing through the gateway.

My Evil Twin
Get to know… imposter

Friends in low places
Meet Wilson.

Defective turret from Aperture

Kill it with a GUN
Kill the Giant Man-Eating Monster (gnome).

Escape the test chambers under Arbeit 1.

Complete the second half of the Contact Abberation chapter. Achievement get in the elevator, that will bring to the surface.

Radio Recon
Find 19 audio recordings in Arbeit 1.

[1-5] map ez2_c2_3
1. Right in front of the lock

2. After the sniper, on the first floor, on the left in the corner.

3. On the second floor. That room, where they throw a grenade through the ventilation into a room with a bunch of barrels and mines. The room is opened by throwing a grenade into the ventilation or after activating the button on the third floor.

4. On the third floor.

5.Ground floor, in the corridor.

[6-9] map ez2_c3_1
6. Right outside the gate

7. Right after the previous radio, turn left, and then look to the right.

8. Almost at the start of the chase, turn right side

9. Right after the previous radio, after the abyss, right opposite

[10-12] map ez2_c3_2
10. In ventilation, in the test chamber “meat bait”.

11. After the zombie maze.

12. Here, but behind the first door. To open the door, put Wilson in the right place.

[13-18] map ez2_c3_3
13. After another chase. Well it's hard to miss

14. Upstairs

15. Here, but already down on the table

16. Just before returning to the same room

17. After killing the gonom, immediately at the exit from the test chamber to the left.

18. Right after the hallway with zombies.

[19] map ez2_c4_1
19. Right after a small skirmish with the rebels

Worth the Weight
Absorb objects on 10 tons with zen grenades.

Drift King
Flip your btr.

Just speed up and go to the side.
Hmm, but how to turn it back without having a gravity gun?

Ghost Hunt
Enter the Project Sphere of Influence on the way to Arbeit 2.

In other words, look at Boreas, after turning on three electrical panels.

Far Distant Eyes
Witness a secret time overlay at a monitoring station.

After activating three shields and sticking to Borealis, go to the car, and then return to the same room.
Achievement description provided by Fabler.

Now there are two of them!
Kill both gonoms in the Zentarium.

Save them energy balls from AR2

On a Road
Drive to Arbeit 2.

Dirty Harry
Kill 18 rebels, using 357.

Rebar Huntsman
Kill 25 alien creatures with a crossbow.

No Chance of Escape
Neutralize the Mossman helicopter at the Arbayt-3 helipad.

Throw a Zen Grenade at him. Just keep in mind, that the guard of antlions will come to the place of the helicopter =)

Closet Clearer
Find and open all caches with the help of Wilson.

[1-2] map ez2_c4_1
1. First stop.

2. Second stop.

[3] map ez2_c4_2b
3. Take Wilson to the Energy Ball Test Chamber. Room behind glass, opposite the entrance to the test chamber.
Fabler found this place.

[4] map ez2_c4_3
4. in the tunnel. As soon as you can move on, come back.

[5] map ez2_c4_4
5. In the basement of the house, under the stairs.

[6] map ez2_c4_5b
6. After supplying energy on the way, don't forget about this stash

[7] map ez2_c5_1
7. It's only real to miss if you forget Wilson

[8] map ez2_c5_2
8After the turret rooms.

[9] map ez2_c5_2a
9, Where the rebels burn the evidence

[10-11] map ez2_c5_3
10. After reaching the surface.

11. Leave Wilson here, and forget about it for a while.

Then the shifts, many shootouts. Dofigiska dead rebels, vorts, all sorts of rubbish from zen…
Shorter, when you run away with Judith, then you get the achievement, when you walk down this corridor again.
Take Wilson anyway, it will still be needed.

Temporal Troubles
Find and kill all four temporal (head)crabs

First | map ez2_c4_3

Second | map ez2_c5_2a
In a supply crate

The third | map ez2_c5_3
In a supply crate

Fourth | ???

Please Knock
Kick open 60 doors.

60 different doors

Custody Assistant
Capture Judith Mossman.

Scar Zero
Reunite with Scar Zero at the Entropy Control Center.

You will meet him after the Entropy Control Center.. And prepare your defense…

Bring Wilson to the loading station at the end of the game.

Always wear it when moving to the next level, otherwise it will disappear.
When traveling on an armored personnel carrier, it can be attached to the back, on the roof.
In the zentarium, he must be put in the back of the second car and immediately sit in a chair, otherwise he might jump, and you leave without him.

Closer to the end, when it's already damaged, Wilson passes out after another hallucinogenic trip, but this is not the end, because upon arrival, just around the corner is an AI loading station.

The Project
And so is he.

Supposed Brothers
Decide not to pull the trigger.

Just don't kill the branch.

And by the way, save here. You will need it not only for the "Problem Soul" achievement, but also for "There will be pain", «Overwatch says “Stop kicking it”» and/or «There will be darkness»

Problem Soul
Stop your predecessor.

Finish off the bastard during a conversation.
And I hope you survived before this? Well, to do the alternative achievement "Supposed Brothers", etc.?

Overwatch says “Stop kicking it”
Counselor Stumps!

This action automatically starts a battle with an advisor.
Alyx reference my respect.

There will be pain
Kill an alliance advisor.

At the first stage, it is enough just to run, and in the second, use the holes in the floor as cover.
Achievement will be given after the credits. (Although it is possible to give it immediately, but in that case, if Wilson was not uploaded to AI upload stations)

There will be darkness
Do away with the past

Accept the advisor's reward and do not harm him.
Achievement drops before the credits.

Beat Cop
Complete the game on normal difficulty or higher.

This refers to the complexity of Combine Soldier

Bad Cop
Complete the game on hard difficulty.

This refers to the complexity of Combine Elite

Still Alive
He's in the system.

Load Wilson into the AI ​​loading station and kill the advisor.
After the credits there will be another small level.

Visitor Pass
Earn Bronze medals on all challenge maps.

Bootstrap Program
Earn silver medals on all challenge maps.

Mirage Clearance
Earn Gold Medals on all Challenge Maps.

8 cards and each 5 types of tests. Total, gotta go 40 trials!

I immediately feel, what pain will pass c6_2, taking as little damage as possible. On the rest of the maps, where you need to get through with almost no damage, you can use allied bots and / or shoot enemies from an extremely long distance.

Testing, where you need to spend as few bullets as possible, go through bots, explosives and physics (hit by a car for example)

In time trials, you pretend to be a speedrunner…

Of murders… well there's nothing to say. Although… throw zen grenades at objects.

But there really is nothing to say about tests with zen grenades.

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