Rapid development in The Wandering Village at the beginning of the game

Brief description of initial development, basic mechanics and behavior.


Milestones of development.

Here I will give a subjective procedure for calm development after loading the map.

  1. Do not rush to build something right away, first send all the inhabitants to harvest wood and stone, there is no point in building buildings, since they have a higher priority and after that you will have to select individual resources pointwise and prioritize them.
  2. Break the map into approximate departments and visually highlight them, residential department, farms, etc..
  3. Build tents, immediately increase efficiency.
  4. It's better to start with picking berries, find a good place and place the building there, you can not even immediately send workers there, at first you will have enough food.
  5. After it is better to build “Post workers” for more efficient work, then immediately “House of Research”, better by 2 pieces at once.
  6. After, farm, 2 wells, water collector, several, don't forget the roads

  7. Now you can start researching, you can build several at once, for
    speed up the process, because. research needs to be done quickly.

  8. kitchen -> Scout Hut -> village doctor -> Corn plantation -> Horn Tower -> Onbu-Kitchen -> Trebuchet feeder -> Item Onbu Veterinarian -> manure collector -> bile extractor -> Purifier -> Wheat harvest -> Mill
  9. All studies can be situational, but it always makes sense to go out to fast bread
  10. Then you will have developed enough to, to learn everything else
  11. Try to put it right away “scout hut”, at the initial stage, you can loot a lot of necessary resources from it.
  12. Can be built 2 food processing kitchens to improve worker efficiency.
  13. Next you need to build “Home of the lawn” and “village doctor”, to be able to heal early in the game.
  14. Next, we need buildings for feeding and treating Onbu, also need a horn.
  15. Later “bile extractor” and “Purifier”, to clean up pollution
  16. Then you can go to the bread, that will help to put the issue of food on the back burner, it grows so well.
  17. After all this, you can safely develop for that moment, until you get bored, there should be no problems, the main thing is to succeed in managing residents, good luck.

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