all achievements 13/13 в LIMBO

detailed guide to getting all achievements in LIMBO in Russian 13/13


Wrong direction

It is not right
The first achievement will be waiting for you at the very beginning of the game
As soon as you wake up, you need not to go in the direction in which the main character is fused , but just the opposite , break the white egg and get the achievement

We need to aim high

Research not on the ground
IN 4 episode of the game you can get another egg , it is located at the very top of the trees , we take the box out of the small pond and place it on a rope

Further along the branches we climb higher and higher


Prepare to land
Finding the next egg will be a little more difficult , it is located on 19 episode of the game
It is in this episode that a worm will infect you and will partially control you
To turn around you need to come into the light , after which you will turn in the other direction
When you pass on the right side of the episode, you will accidentally step on a pipe that will burst and the water level will begin to rise sharply
We expose it to the light and then the character turns around , as soon as you start going to the right again, jump onto the outermost stairs(your character will stop moving)
We are waiting for the water level to push out the iron pipe , 6At first glance it may seem that the water level continues to rise , but at about the level of your feet it will stop rising

Pull the pipe to the left , so that at the same time we can jump onto the rope, but at the same time the egg does not drown but lands on the pipe itself
Pull the rope and the egg will fall out of one of the top pipes

City exploration

Involves lifting heavy objects
IN 24 episode in the industrial area you can find the following egg
It is located above the elevator , to get there you need a box
Let's lift it to the top , push the button “down” and as soon as we can jump onto the elevator itself, we press the button “top” and you must jump onto the rope after which another egg will fall out of the pipe , we go down, hooking onto the elevator and after that we run to the egg

Alone in the dark

Under the arthropod
The following glowing eggs you can find if in the episode 26 go down the stairs , we go into the cave and run on the right side , will have to run in the dark
If you heard that your character stopped(or saw) then we jump and run further , this egg will be fairly easy to spot

If you go further you can see a lot of candles , the candles symbolize just these glowing eggs , we'll be back here a little later

Cog Climb

Don't pull the lever just because, that you can do it
IN 27 episode another testicle lies on the back of the gear , solve the puzzle to get the box

We run to the gear and then try to jump onto the gear itself
Let's run a little further and pick up another achievement
IMPORTANT do not activate the lever, otherwise the gear will start spinning and simply destroy the Easter egg

Back to basics

Riding on a box
Episode 30
In order to get another glowing egg you need to go back to the presses
It is visible in contrast to all other eggs
Also what will catch your eye is a staircase that you can use to climb up there.

You need to jump on the box at such a moment , so that the parasitic worm is simply bitten off , let's do it all
Already in a normal state, we hold the box on the conveyor a little, climb onto it and then hook onto the press , as soon as he goes down we get up and run to the stairs
We climb there and break another egg.

Driven by sparks

Box – this is the key
In a dark rotating level 32 episode you can get another egg
The path to it will be indicated by sparks from electricity
First we need to overcome the level itself and here the lamp is a clue that the light will show us the way

Only rarely flickering sparks from electricity will show us the way to the egg itself, and then it is they who will illuminate the bank from which the box will fall and then you will climb along it and get the egg
To avoid getting electrocuted, you need to first climb onto the left ledge and only from there jump for the egg to the right one


Vertical passage
To get the next egg in 34 episode you need to go down the elevator chain


Don't let gravity hold you back
The next egg lies in a cache located on the ceiling in 38 episode
In order to get there you need to reverse gravity and while it is in effect you need to run to the left , grab onto the handles of the cache and pull to the right
As soon as gravity stops working, the egg will fall out on its own.


Running will take you nowhere
To get the next egg you need to open all the previous ones
We go down into the cave in 26 episode and run to the right
If you have unlocked all past achievements, a gate with a terribly difficult challenge will open.
We pass it and take the last egg
I can’t tell you how to pass this test because the key to success is to try again and again , I can only recommend that you watch the guide on YouTube

Time to pay off the loan

Perseverance is rewarded
Complete the entire game

There's no point in death

Complete the game in one go, dying no more than five times
This is the hardest achievement in the game
To get it you need to complete the game without dying no more than five times in one go. (without leaving the game or loading other levels
I myself tried to get it about 6 hours
Only memorizing the levels and extreme caution will help you, since the game itself says that only by dying you will find the correct solution to the riddles in the game itself

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