Home Sweet Home Survive: How to play as Jane

Serious leadership, which is based on the analysis of the games of many Jane, including the rule of using the perk as efficiently as possible “Second chance”.


Basics of mechanics

so, for, to play well for Jane, let's figure out the basics of management!

  • Hold W, so that go.
  • Hold Shift, so that run away.
  • Press C or Left Ctrl, so that sit down.

Memorizing these three mechanics helps not to die during the first two minutes of gameplay.

It is especially useful to hold W.

How to play as Jane

Step 1: Take a close look at Jane's health and stamina indicators.

  • Health – this is the number of hitboxes, that you can stand from the spectrum, and damage from falling from a height.
  • Stamina – endurance indicator, which helps to increase the distance with the spectrum.
  • Expertise – the speed of prayer in the Hitokiri language.

Step 2: Learn Jane's Unique Ability.

“Second chance” – once per game, you can resurrect on your own through 90 seconds after death with half health or full health, if resurrected by an ally.

Step 3: Load into the game and use the knowledge from the first section.

Congratulations! You have lived 2 minutes!

Step 4: Run into the face of the spectrum and die a gruesome death.

Unfortunately, you have not mastered anything, except for the three main mechanics from the first section and hoped for Jane's maximum stamina. The doors couldn't save you, since you closed each of them behind you during the first two minutes of the chase.

Step 5: Watch the spectrum stand on your soul.

Condemn your allies, who almost died, but could not resurrect you. Use Y, to write to the spectrum, that he is a camper.

Step 6: Take offense.

When the perk is activated “Second chance” don't use it, but just die and leave the game, because only fools play with half health, and you are smart.

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