Squad: Territory Control Game Mode (TC)

Most underrated game mode with huge “dancing”. I will try to tell everything that I know in the most accessible way, for podpivkovichi like me.


1. Introduction

Hello, my little fans of tactical shooters. I will tell you about the most distinctive and, in my opinion the most underestimated mode of this wonderful game.

In this mode, there are no familiar points for everyone. (if it's more convenient – flags), and the playing field is divided into hexagonal zones – “hexes” (HEX). The room for maneuver and interaction is enormous., and control of the map itself turns into a strategy for the commanders of the side, and for simple hard workers and squad in a fun and dynamic hack.

Classic “sit-perj” on Papanov, building a super-fob with a machine gun will not work here anymore, and the unsuccessful first attack of the flag (as on inveizhene) does not lead to total and irrevocable failure.

The introduction is over, go to the first section – description of hexes and battle map.

2. Hexes (HEX) and tactical map

About all kinds of hexagons (HEX) on the tactical map.


This is the main hex. (blue for your side, red for enemy). He has key value for the team, because. allows you to continue to seize new territories.
Can be captured by the enemy (is the highest priority), which will lead to sad consequences and, Consequently, to inability to capture other hexes.

Situation FOOBAR looks something like this:

Your anchor is captured by enemies, EVERYTHING your territories become available for capture by enemies, regardless of the presence of troops, new territories cannot be captured by you, before regaining control over “anchor” hexome.

Allied hex:

This is the most common hex, which belongs to your team. In a simplified description, the more such hexes your team has, the closer you are to victory. Bright blue hexes represent controlled areas, which end “front” with enemy or neutral hexes (cm. picture).

IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW: The territory is considered relevant until, until connected by a chain of the same hexes with anchor. The enemy can launch an attack and recapture only bright blue hexes, pale blue hexes cannot be lost.

Neutral hexes (white and gray):

White hexes – this is the nearest territory, graspable by your side. While capturing a hex, a capture status bar appears on it (blue status bar). Same, on the screen you can see a line of capture of the adjacent territory by the enemy (red status bar).

IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Information about the capture by the enemy will be displayed only on “frontline” territory (separated by a blue border), which will be written in the next section.

Gray hexes – territory, information about which there is no. They can be hostile or neutral.. Information about them will appear only then, when the adjacent hex becomes allied (blue).

Cut off hexes (striped):

Blue striped hexes – this is nominally your territories, which are cut off from your “anchors”. Regardless of the presence of your troops in this hex, the enemy will be able to re-capture him (with a minimum number of people).

Red striped hexes – reverse situation, showing cut off “anchors” enemy territories, which he will not be able to protect from capture.

Protected hexes:

Hub hex: this hex cannot be whitened until then, while it has a HAB (with the ability to spawn). To seize the territory, it is enough to dig up the cover or completely destroy the hub.
IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW: the hub icon appears only in the controlled area. If you place the hub on neutral or enemy territory, no one will see the icon.
IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW: the hub icon on the hex is displayed only in the border area. Rear (light blue / light red) territory not displayed (cm. picture).

The enemy will not see such a hub until then, until it captures any of the territories adjacent to the hub (25, 17, 11, 15).
Here's an example, when the hub is on the front hex (cm. picture)

IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW: hex is marked with a hub icon only there, where is the hub itself. The walkie-talkie can be installed anywhere.

(for clarity, and simplification circles-radii fob off)

Information about the number of hexes:

At the top of the tactical map, the controlled number of hexes out of their total number is shown in the form of a progress bar, and also ticketblid per minute. for example, on the picture, the US team controls 33 of 56, which is good enough.

3. Basic rules of the game

Like all modes, TC has a number of rules and timings, you need to know.

The main goal of the game:
  • Grab 95% HEX.
  • Win by ticket / time (as in all modes).
Rules of the game:
  • Neutral HEX (white) can be captured 1 human.
    IMPORTANT: This only applies to virgin HEX, never captured by anyone.
  • The number of fighters to capture an enemy HEX should always be 1 more man, than enemies, but the minimum quantity is always 3. (example: on hex 3 enemy, to capture you need 3 + 3 + 1 = 7 people)
    IMPORTANT: the territory whitewashed by the enemy still requires a minimum 3 person to capture.
    IMPORTANT: HEX, where is HAVE (hub, sleeping point) – cannot be captured (whitewashed), until HAVE will not be destroyed.
  • Each territory must be connected to the anchor by a chain of captured territories.
  • On loss of anchor, all your territories, except anchor – irrelevant.
Game timings:
  • Capturing a neutral HEX requires 40 seconds to capture.
  • Decap (whitening) enemy HEX requires 45 seconds.
  • Ticketblid (every minute loss of tickets by the enemy) starts when controlled by one side 60% territories. The maximum ticketblid can be 5 tickets per minute for capture 10+ toterritory, over 60%.
  • Mercy Bleed will be 30 tickets per minute, given that, that the enemy remained under control of less 5% HEX (striped, as you remember, do not count).

4. Experienced tips

Sure, every game is unique, but there are some tips, which will help as a cop / SL, and ordinary workers.

  • Always look at the map and control the front.
    It's easy to discover news in the heat of battle, that the territory is cut off, irrelevant, and the enemy is already at the anchor.
  • Always count the number of enemies in an enemy hex.
    • Example 1: 3 entered HEX, the seizure has begun (there are no enemies in HEX).
    • Example 2: 5 entered HEX, no capture. Came in 6th, capture went (in HEX 5 enemies).
    • Example 3: 8 entered HEX, no capture. Killed one enemy, the seizure has begun. So there are enemies left 7 in this HEX.

    The calculation is based on the rules (to capture: minimum 3 human + one more, than the number of enemies).

  • Try not to storm the hub hex, but cut it off from the anchor as far as possible. When the deed is done, can I go to the hub.
  • Chat with squads, creating front and flanks, for fast movement and maneuvers)
  • Always advance deep into enemy territory as aggressively as possible, trying to gain a foothold, but do not rush ahead of the common front of hostilities too quickly. Remember, your attack can always be cut off, if the uniformity of the front is too disturbed.

As always, let victory lie through cooperation and communication, as well as the well-coordinated actions of all fighters and SLs without exception.

P.S. This mode is ideal for splitting squads into small fire groups based on 3 human, and for yourself you can unexpectedly discover tactical thinking abilities and leadership qualities.

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