He needs his medicine 100% Achievement (RUS)

Good Manners
This achievement requires entering the first door., then we go right, where will the toilet be against the wall. We approach it, push ”E” and our achievement.

Welcome To The Community
To get this achievement, simply click on the discord icon in the game menu


For creating each type of dose, an achievement is awarded. You can create them on the table in front of the final door..
To create you need:

  • bleach(is in 2 the room),
  • boot(located in 1 the room),
  • glue and old cheese (in 3 the room)

Bleach + glue = green dose

Boot + glue = yellow dose

Boot + bleach = red dose

Boot + old cheese = dark red dose

Bleach + old cheese = blue dose

Glue + old cheese = purple dose

From Albedo

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