Garry’s Mod: Fix Bug with Maps

In this guide I will show you how to enter the server if the map says Missing Map


First you need to understand that bugs with maps and other little things are natural for the game Garry's Mod.
But I can't explain the problem in just words..
In this screenshot you can see the problem with the map (Yes, maybe it's not the card that's causing the error, but the essence is the same, since the resolution of the .bsp file is the same as all files in the map section.
To solve this problem, you must

1. Go to the explorer and follow this path
2. Further in this list of files, look for a file with a name like that, what causes errors
3. Delete the file with the name of the map causing the error
4. Close File Explorer, and delete the file with the map from the trash if it is there
5. We go into the game and check if you have access to this card

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