Garry’s Mod: Guide to the systems "Classic-Life RP"

This guide will help you in the first stages of the game on the Classic-Life RP server from the Garry's Mod Arbuz Project server network.


⫸ Systems

Classic-Life is replete with self-written systems, which everyone can deal with. But nevertheless, if someone talks about these systems, it will not be superfluous..


Initially, all players are unfamiliar to you, and consequently, appear everywhere as strangers.

To fix this “misunderstanding” you need to meet someone. To do this, take a sweep “Hands”, walk up to the players and, looking at him, hold the right mouse button, what will provoke the opening of the dialog box.

In the dialog box, hover the mouse over the acquaintance (handshake picture) and press the left mouse button. A friend request will be sent to the player.

If the player wants to accept the request, then he needs to press the button “To accept”, if not – “Deny”.

After pressing the button “To accept” both of you can see your nicknames as in chat, so in you.

Character description

Most players have a description of their in-game character. To watch it, press Alt, looking at the player.

⫸ Earnings

To have purchasing power you need to have money, which are earned by different methods, including professions for earning.

The farmer

To make money in professions “The farmer” you will have to grow plants, then sell them.
For, to get started, buy a bag and put it in a place convenient for you.

Then buy land.

Put dirt in the bag by simply connecting the two with a fizgang or gravigan..

Buy seeds.

Like the earth, put any one seed in a bag of earth

The plant begins to grow. You can observe the growth process by looking at the scale

Let's analyze all the scales in more detail.

1) Growth scale (Sprout)
Shows then, how much the plant has grown. When the plant is fully grown it will be shown 100%

2) Moisture scale (A drop)
Indicates moisture in the earth. The more %, all the better. To replenish this scale, use a watering can.

3) Sun scale (The sun)
For a plant to grow, it needs enough sun.. If you put your bag in a room with a roof, then this scale will gradually decrease.

When the plant has grown you will need to press E (Russian U), looking at him. You will get a product.

Buy a box.

Put the product in the box.

Repeat these points until, until you get bored.

When you decide, that you have collected enough interest, take the box to one of the buyers, which are on the map.

Bring the box with the goods to the buyer and press E on it (Russian U). You will see a sale window.

In this window you can check the current prices per gram of the product and sell your products.. For sale click “To accept”.


At work as a janitor, you have to run all over the city., collecting trash from different places.
There is rubbish in:
• Hatches

• Under foliage

• In people

To collect garbage you need to take a sweep “A vacuum cleaner”.

The vacuum cleaner has some scales. Let's consider them in more detail:

1) Level – the level of your vacuum cleaner. Rises from garbage collection.
2) Rubbish – the amount of garbage in the vacuum cleaner. At the first level, the maximum amount of garbage – 100 Kg.
3) Explosion – blow, with which you can remove leaves.
4) Aspirator – the vacuum cleaner itself. With it you can collect trash.

Find that place to start collecting trash, from where you will collect garbage and press RMB (Aspirator). Hold RMB to collect all the trash.

сбор мусора из люка

Trash can run out in manholes. When it ends, the hatch will be empty.

Attention, garbage can lie under the foliage. To pick it up from there, go to the foliage, press the left mouse button (LKM) looking at her.

When the foliage disappears, there may be debris underneath..

When you collect everything 100 kilogram of garbage, you will have to buy a room and place either a waste incinerator there, or garbage disposal, or both.

The incinerator is needed to burn excess garbage and get a small amount of money.

The utilizer is needed to compress the garbage..

Compress the garbage and take it to the collection point.

Put it in the collection point.

Take the money.


Another profession, which is associated with walking around the city.
To earn money in the profession of a handyman, you will need to eliminate emergency situations, happening in the city, namely:
• Damage to electronics

• Breakage of the hydrant

To fix the hydrant you will need to use a wrench.

Go to the hydrant and click on it LMB. The repair will begin.

To fix electronics you need to take pliers.

Approach the broken electronics and press LMB. The repair will begin.

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