War Selection: all about the stone age

in this guide i will talk about the stone age



Well tax… let's start with the Altar. Altar- this is the basic structure that produces: workers,rangers and has an upgrade for all working units (on wars does not work) stone age called “fur shoes”. stone age structure: Temple, hut, storage, fighting pit, stone-cutter, stronghold. Stone Age Unit Limit – this is 60 for this you need to build 16 хижин.

We will analyze all buildings separately. Let's start with a rock cutter
Rocknetes has 300 hp. Gives access to new technologies. Building requires 130 wood(stone). In it you can study: bone armor (increases the effectiveness of the armor of the Stone Age troops) requires 150 food and study 60 seconds, power training( increases the damage of the warrior and bludgeoner) is worth 200 food and study 60 seconds, braided sling( increases slinger and bulwark damage) is worth 200 food and study 60 seconds.

The hut has 150 hp and increases the population cap by 3. construction requires 100 wood(stone)

The warehouse has 150 hp. Storage – this is a structure in which workers will carry resources if the altar or temple is far away. for building it is required 100 wood(stone). It studies the berry comb( increases the speed of picking berries) the cost 150 wood(stone) and studied 30 seconds, ropes for firewood ( increase the speed of wood extraction) the cost 175 food and study 30 seconds.

stronghold – this is the defensive building in which the slinger is located. stronghold has 200 hp. a stone cutter is required for building, 40 food and 40 wood(stone)

fighting pit
in the fighting pit, wars and improvements for them are trained. the pit has 300 hp required for construction 150 wood(stone). it trains: warrior,slinger,bludgeoner. are being studied: club(to create a club), leather shoes( increases the speed of wars) requires 200 food and study 30 seconds, leather slingshot( increases the slinger's accuracy) is worth 100 food and study 30 seconds.

Temple- this is the building that is required to move into a new era(I will not list it as a guide about the Stone Age). The temple has 700 hp. to build you need 4 huts and 500 wood(stone)

working – this is a unit that collects resources: berries,fish,wood other than bronze, stone, gland). The worker has 50 hp. the cost: 1 hut place, 50 food is trained 9 seconds.

Pathfinder – this is the unit that explores the area( boars don't touch him,tigers,alligators,mammoths). pathfinder has 60 hp. to train a tracker you need 1 hut place, 50 food and 8 seconds of time.

bludgeoner – he is a melee warrior who deals a lot of damage, but very slow. knows how 80 hp, inflicts 12 damage. trained in the fighting pit for 1 hut place, 50 food, 25 wood(stone) and 15 seconds of time.

warrior – this is a stone-time mason)))) It has 70 hp, inflicts 5 damage. trained in the fighting pit for 1 hut place, 50 food,12 seconds of time.

slinger – this is a ranged warrior in the stone age( shitty shooter). It has 50 hp, 8 damage to animals, people (5 damage to buildings). trained in the fighting pit for 1 hut place, 50 food and 12 seconds of time.

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