Hell Let Loose: The science of winning. (Game version 1.9.0723853)

Everything you need to know about winning this game


Basic principles

I will not beat around the bush, since it is very easy to pick the mechanics of the game.
But first:
Learn the cardinal points!

The game is based on spawn points, and it is the destruction of these spawn points that is a key task for any commander and, in general, a reasonable player.. In the same time, everything the commander and any other player should do – competent placement of spawn points.
The point is, to create a numerical advantage on the front, which will give the capture of the city. It is the capture of the city that should be the key aspiration of the participant in the battle., not because the meta game is written this way and in general it is obvious. And after that, that capturing a city destroys all enemy respawn points two lines deep. It is this aspiration that must be pursued in any attack., and it is precisely the avoidance of this that should be pursued in any defense.

The actions of the squad leader, in turn, are either the defense of the city, or identifying enemy spawn points and destroying them. As soon as the largest enemy spawn points are destroyed, then the city will take over itself, just because, that there will be more players on his line, than enemy players.
Revealing spawn points is easy.
1) By a crowd of people. Obviously, if there is more constant number of enemies in one place 10 -15 human, means there is a garrison nearby. If single groups of 2-4, or so – outposts.
2) In any case, players will run from the spawn point to somewhere else.. It is enough to spot a couple of three people who are not running in a group but in one direction in order to more or less accurately determine where the respawn points are.. As a rule, branch members try to stick together., so solitary people will run from the outpost.
3) In most cases, when I identified the main directions of the enemy's attack and their spawn points, I just need to inform the squad commanders about this and place a marker on the map. Further, as a rule, these directions are neutralized.. In severe cases, you can strengthen all this with tanks.. Tanks can cut off the enemy bypassing, but not for long)

so, how ideally the beginning of the game should look like this:
1) The CD commander scatters supplies around the map with this calculation, so that
but) Place the attacking garrison as close as possible to the capture trigger.
b) Place two reserve garrisons from the main attacker at a distance 200 meters (one square on the map approximately 200*200 meters)
in) A defensive garrison in a city to be defended. Very important – exactly in the city, so that even if the players could not fight it off, then their revivals would still not give the enemy a numerical advantage in the trigger or would constantly shoot him down.
r) Two reserve defensive garrisons, one from the front in front of the city, second out of town. This is necessary in order for the players to spawn on the garrison in front of the city to be able to cut off the attacking enemy forces. The one outside the city will play the role of an indicator, that the enemy began to outflank.
After the garrison in the city center is destroyed, then respawning from the other two will give two points of attack.
d) Even if the city hasn't been captured yet, scatter supplies on enemy territory in such a way, so that it was immediately possible to organize an attacking garrison and one reserve.
2) Parallel to this, but only after the attacking garrison is organized, it is necessary to reduce the number of the enemy, why we first carry out reconnaissance along the line of attack, and then bombing the identified main enemy forces
3) To consolidate success, in the rear we throw the landing garrison with such a calculation, so that the people who were reborn from it had the opportunity to immediately flee to capture the next city.

What will happen:
After the bombing, players will start moving forward. The enemy will stand on CD for revival. This is from 10 to 30 seconds, for which their players will advance directly to the city. An airborne garrison should be deployed at this point., where the players will appear in another 5-10 seconds. By this time, the bulk of the players will run away from the respawn points., as there will be a direct threat of the capture of the city. Players from the airborne garrison will go to the rear, block their spawn points, destroy some part of the enemy from behind, again providing a numerical advantage.
Capturing a city will blow all enemy spawn points forward two lanes, so the enemy will have to regroup. By this time, the city will be firmly held by those who have approached and revived on their own, and ideally there will be a threat of the capture of the next city, if the enemy commander did not behave quickly or does not understand the key feature of the game.
Capturing the second city outright will leave no chance for the enemy and he will have to go into a defensive line.

The problem is that using the above tactics, a turbo victory will be ensured. Personally, my record is something like 8 minutes, even against an experienced team, which is not very interesting. However, at the moment, the mass destruction of points of revival – this is the only correct tactic and strategy of behavior.

If, for any reason, the initiative is missed and the enemy is already pursuing the above strategy, then there is simply no chance of restoring the situation, since the maps are so small that the loss of two cities in a row leads to fatal results. But at this moment the fiercest battles unfold.. Of course the attackers will eventually crush, but to stretch the game, you can just make sure that the enemy does not launch a counterattack from the last city.
If only one city is lost, the only thought that should concern the commander – securing your own spawn points and destroying enemy spawn points. The most important thing at this moment is to quickly identify the direction of the enemy's attack., neutralize her, thus preventing them from destroying their spawn points.
This can be done as follows:
1) The map should always be open and the commander should always watch for, where his fighters die. Accordingly, where more often they die – there are more enemy forces.
2) Intelligence service. Reconnaissance must be carried out along the front line – where the fighters were able to reach and died.
3) The spawn points will themselves indicate that there is an enemy nearby. If the spawn point is blocked, it means you need to think now where to duplicate it, since most likely the enemy burned her and in the near future she will be destroyed.

Once the direction of attack has been identified, neutralize it – put the helmet marker in this direction, we inform the commanders of the squad about this, we duplicate all this in the team chat. IN NO EVENT DO NOT PULL OUT THE CHECK AND DO NOT RUN TO THE ATTACK – your task as a commander is to provide a garrison where there are no main enemy forces in the maximum proximity to the point of interest, squad leader task – destroy the outposts of the attackers.
After that, how the enemy's attack will be neutralized, the enemy will take over an increasing radius with a call to the rear (if possible. Since most people are right-handed, then they intuitively walk clockwise. And only then, if the attack fails, then go counterclockwise. Or in the direction in which you can most quickly go to the rear of the enemy).

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