All Heart's Medicine Hospital Heat achievements

Description and tips for obtaining all Heart's Medicine achievements – Hospital Heat.



You have completed your internship in Pediatrics!

Complete levels 1-10.

You have completed an internship in pathology!

Complete levels 11-20.

Completed Burn Ward Memories!

Complete levels 21-30.

You have completed your prenatal internship!

Complete levels 31-40.

You have completed your Intensive Care Internship!

Complete levels 41-50.

You have completed your internship in psychiatry!

Complete levels 51-60.


You took the item you want before, how will it be ordered.

Just take any item in advance, which the patient may need, and later give it to him.

You received 250 hearts in mini-games!

Earn as many hearts as possible in mini-games. Easily achievable at bonus levels.

A Few Tips:

  • In the height meter, choosing the wrong height color reduces the time to complete the mini-game.
  • When flipping a child, it is not necessary to accurately fall into his silhouette, you can not trust a little, the main thing is not to twist the shadow. The same goes for the Rorschach test.

You received 200 bonuses for quick settlement!

Count patients immediately, how to finish all manipulations with them, to get a bonus for quick calculation.

Little Girl
You calculated 600 patients with hearts of gold!

Count as many patients with hearts of gold as possible. If you lose hearts, you can refer patients to things with hearts (available for purchase from the second location). Can be combined with Mama Ruth achievement.

Mama Ruth
You received 200 hearts on heart-restoring points!

You should get 200 hearts, directing patients to things with hearts. From the second location, they are available for purchase (bedside table with rubik's cube, cot, rack with brochures, a box of chocolates and a table with magazines). I recommend buying them first..

You passed 40000 meters!

Knocks out easily in the middle of the game: walk around the department, and sooner or later it will fall out.

You have replenished stock 250 subjects!

Replenish stocks with items. If the achievement does not drop, can be overgrown at any level, where are the items, which end. Replenish stocks, take items, throw them away and replenish stocks again.

You allowed patients to occupy absolutely all available seats in the waiting room. There was also a line behind the counter!

You need to place visitors at all available points, including at the checkout counter. The developers advise doing this achievement on 11 level, however, for many it does not work. Can be done on 1 level, however consider, that visitors are leaving, when hearts fall to zero.


To get the following achievements, everything needs to be done, what is needed, including at bonus levels.

Completed all cleaning missions!

Execute 5 cleaning tasks. Some of them are located at bonus levels.

Received at least one diamond in all bonus levels!

You need to complete all bonus levels for at least one diamond.

Collected all diamonds!

To collect all the diamonds, you need to complete all tasks on the main levels and complete bonus levels for three diamonds. All diamonds are enough exactly for the complete arrangement of Allison's room.

You received 3 stars in all story levels!

You need to complete all the main levels for three stars. Can be combined with Daniel's achievement.

You bought all the upgrades!

You need to buy absolutely all equipment at all locations. If you pass levels for three stars, then for each last level of the location there will be enough money to buy all the equipment.

You caught all the Olivers in the story levels.!

Collect hamsters in all major levels. Hints for their location below.

You have received all other prizes!

If you have completed all other achievements, then it will drop out to you automatically.

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