Sea of Thieves: Raw or fried??? Where is more reputation

I communicate a lot with players, who ask questions, from which fish to get more reputation?? Raw or fried, I decided to check it out. Created two new accounts, caught the same type of fish and sold it at the trading post.


Let's start account # 1

We catch fish and sell in the same form.

New account, zero reputation

Common Amethyst Splattertail



TOTAL: From the sale of raw fish, we got 25% to the first level reputation.

Let's start account number 2

All the same, sailing to the trading post. We catch the same kind of fish , that in the first version , fry and sell.

Zero reputation with the fraternity.

Amethyst Splattertail




TOTAL: We get about 37% from the reputation of the first level.

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