BroForce achievements

In this guide, I will talk about scoring in our favorite game.
I will not touch on those that are associated with the passage in any mode (Hard,Ironbro)


Hot Brotato; Your eyes can deceive you; Shaken, Not Stirred.
Hot Brotato

To complete this achievement, you need to kill a terrorist who throws grenades with his own projectile, everything is elementary in a city location.

Your eyes can deceive you

You need to deflect the bullet. When performing cleaning, I managed to do with all the characters with swords. But some sources say that you need to use a specific Bro, all this is infa)

Shaken, Not Stirred

Just kill the enemy with martinium. I play for Double Bro Seven.

The Last Supper; Rest In Pieces ; You know how I said I’ll kill you last?
The Last Supper
Kill ten enemies using the MacBrover super ability.

Rest In Pieces
Honestly, I don't remember very well what I did, but it seems I killed Satan for Brade.

You know how I said I’ll kill you last?
Throw Satan off the cliff with Brommando.

I Must Be On Broadway ; You’re Fired ; I’ll Be Back
I Must Be On Broadway.

Foam 3 opponents for TimeBro (using the ability).

You’re Fired.

Kill an enemy using this gas bolon.

I’ll Be Back.

Die for Brominator in his steel form(I jumped into the abyss it's easier).

I did not want to resort to violence, but I did not have a choice ; No Ticket; Front Row Tickets To The Gun Show.
I did not want to resort to violence, but I did not have a choice.

Kill all the seagulls on the map, simply (not).

No Ticket.

A strange achievement, someone says that you need to switch to the beta version, read somewhere that it is not feasible, but you can notice that I have not done it either, the point is that it is just complicated. It is required to throw off the boss (the one that only dies from falling) I play for Indianna Brones.

Front Row Tickets To The Gun Show.

In multi player, everything is over 4 the players show the bituha at the same time:)

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