Fallout construction limit reset 4

Simple a way to reset the Fallout building limit 4, WITHOUT using mods and console commands


Everything elementary is simple…
Large sandbox release Fallout 4 , gave players space and opportunity to meet their creative needs perversions . but, many ALL players!! familiar with one problem – sooner or later the construction limit ends.
The limit bar fills up quickly enough, special “help” this is some of the decoration fashion for accessories, interior, etc.
Indignant and remembering the accursed Arbor burn her in Hell!!, players start to frantically rush around the Internet, download all sorts of mods from the Nexus, remember commands for the console to reset this limit…

None of this is needed!! From the word at all! And at the same time build endlessly.

The way is simple.

In order to build something, need to disassemble something.

Old truth, valid here too, in Falloute 4.

Any smooth-bore weapon is used for disassembly. There are arguments to support this.

  • In addition to affecting the construction limit…..
  • …it also gives a lot of resources, which add up to more, what is the value of the disassembled weapon!
  • It's just as cheap, is lying around every corner and any raider will gladly give it to you, along with some loot. Sure, after killing the raider 🙂

You don't need to sell it! Meaning, if even the most pumped smoothbore is worth mere pennies, and there is nowhere to put the lids?. therefore, hard-earned, we store all smooth-bore weapons in some kind of chest. We buy it from the traders, wandering, and in settlements. You didn't forget to put up weapon shops in your settlements., armor, greed??
And then, if you backed up the construction limit for the tonsils, we get all the accumulated scrap metal from the chest into our inventory, then we DISCHARGE it on the ground and in the construction mode we immediately disassemble. And we watch with delight, how the construction limit falls, below the plinth. The cooler the disassembled gun, the stronger the decline. Same, the limit drops dramatically, if a pack of the same type of weapon is disassembled, for example right away 20 smoothbore sniper rifles as one thing on the ground.
If the limit is zero, and the weapon still remains, put it back in the chest, until next time.
You can repeat this hocus-pocus until, until your computer can handle the whole bunch of created objects in the settlement. I've already finished building before, that in any settlement, instead of smooth movement, watching a slideshow….
In general, you can disassemble any weapon, optional smoothbore. Simply, at the beginning , all sorts of assault rifles, lasers, machine guns and shotguns, we distribute to settlers. Then, all sorts of “Fat people” -miniguns-plasmaguns or we sell, or disassemble.
This method works with other objects and objects as well.. but, as opposed to disassembling weapons, the same manipulations, for example with armor, practically do not have any effect on the construction limit!

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