Vangers: Scent. And with what it is.

Everyone faced a problem, what Bibs need, new damned worlds must be discovered, but you don't know, how to collect Scent for them. In this Guide, I will tell you, what is scent, how to use and how to collect. I will try to explain as briefly as possible.


Scent - A drug for every Univangi creature. With a sufficient supply of Scent, they can give keys to other Worlds, only Damned.

Scent container
Scent Container - Gray Scent Container for Scent Collection. Yellow - For Scent Preservation. Pressing RMB the Scent container becomes one of these modes. Worth 750 Bibov.

Kukish - Appears, only, if you deliver a lot of sniffs to escaves (100+). Worth 5000 Bibov.

Doll - Source of Smell. Visible on the map only after the Authority 50+. Looks, like vanger, but with yellow outline. Green Doll - For Elipods (Fostral, Breathe). Orange Doll - For Beeburat (Glorks, Wigbu). Blue Doll - For Chicks (Necross, ЦыПа).

Scent collection
Scent Collection - When the Doll becomes visible on the Map, then with the Scent Container, driving up to her and driving around her, the Scent container will be filled with scent. Remember! A doll for each World must be of its own color, or you will be kicked out of the Aceives! With Gray Snuff Container, We drive up to the Doll and next to the Doll itself, press RMB on the Nyukhocontainer in the Inventory, until it turns Yellow. The scent left to take to Eskave. Fact! If you fill all of Mom's inventory with Scent, then you can get 40000 Bibov!
Second way – Throw Kukish on the Doll and the Doll you have. Take her to Tsyksam, to get the key to Arc-A-Heat.

Cursed worlds
Cox - You can get into this world for 100+ Servings of Scent Biburatam (Glorks, Wigbu).
Viksov – You can get into this world for 20+ Servings Scent Elipod (Fostral, Breathe).
Ark-a-Heat - You can get on it, collecting doll (In Kukish) Cyxam (Necross, ЦыПа).
Elderberry - You can get into this world for 80 portions of Smell Tsyksam (Necross, ЦыПа).
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