Brick Rigs Hotkeys 1.0

A guide made for people, who do not know what and where in the new administration.

Read this before reading, N / M mark - does not work in multiplayer, in the keys, English comes first, then Russian

p / s-one press is slowdown, holding down a key is a pause
If you want to speed up the game, press +/-, also if you choose for example 16x, then when you press the p / z key, this speed will become the default. N/M
o / u-go directly to the workshop in the current position, for example, you are in a skyscraper and you pressed this key, your workshop has opened and you have chosen a helicopter. If you hold down then you will go into construction mode.
i/ш- transition to the year of mod, but make sure that in the server settings you have allowed the use of the mod year N / M
a / f-all accepted free camera, when you switch to this mode you fly, you can also put yourself anywhere by pressing the space bar, looking in the right place N / M
j / o-chat
s / s-squat / or twine 😀
Backspace-single press-rebirth, clamping-sending to the workshop
F2-switching between transports
F5-I don’t know, something opens and my weak pc dies
F9 cars jerk
CapsLock-scoreboard of players
Tab-shop for clothes / guns / cartridges / medicines

From Kurama

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