Ninety Days: instructions for the game

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Ninety Days Russian Translation!
Ninety Days: instructions for the game!
Ninety Days – Tower Defence игра, where the player defends his tower, improving it from the amount of gold coins earned, building defense and attack upgrades, to contain the waves of enemies, archers, swordsmen, giants, catapults and evil ravens, for 90 days.

On the mouse, just spin the video and there you will choose weapons or there are three types of walls! 🙂
1. “Crossbow” 15 coins
2. “Catapult” for 40 coins
3. “Magic tower” the strongest cannon! for 100 coins
1. “Plank walls” for 15 coins
2. “Log walls” for 20 coins
3. “Stone walls” for 40 coins
3)There is a green bird gives both life and coins, but there is a black bird they must be killed by clicking on them!!! give coins and do not let them to the castle remove the damage life!
4)Improve the castle (Only four floors)
When upgrading the castle, it gives
1. + Of life
2. + put additional guns
5) Kill Enemies, archers, swordsmen, giants, catapults and evil ravens!
To complete the whole game you need to complete 90 days!! Enjoy the game!

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