Fallout 76: How to install a second C.A.M.P?

A capacious and useful guide for those, who didn’t figure it out, how to expand your possessions in the Wasteland, after the "Full combat readiness" update from 27 April 2021 of the year.


A bit of theory
Unfortunately, even in such a small, at first sight, leadership, there is room for theory.
Highlights, which are worth remembering or even learning for the first time:

1. To place a second C.A.M.P you need to pay the cost of moving your first camp

2. At the time of this writing, only one camp can be active

3. C.A.M.P – the old or just created can be given any name and icon, as well as enable display for all players in the world, or vice versa, disable
└ This is done in order to, so that only players from your group can move to your camp

4. Items from machines will only be sold in that camp, which is currently active

5. If your camp is hidden from other players, they will still have access to the vending machine

6. Now, from any vending machine you can see all things, for sale, and not just specific things from a specific “the seller”

From words to deeds
Before creating a new pivot point, fishing camp and just a new Eden, need to move you need to decide on the most comfortable location for you.

Caught in a place like this, you need to click on “TAB” (default), thereby call Pip-Boy and select the item “Move C.A.M.P”.
└ As stated earlier, the cost of building a new camp is calculated from the total cost of your current camp: number of objects and the total budget of the site.

Further, everything, what do you need – confirm the choice of their actions, select an icon, which, by the way, can be changed at any time of any of the camps, give a name to your new sanctuary and enjoy the amazing gameplay feature!

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