Oxygen Not Included: Looped systems

Hello, in this tutorial i will show my best practices on looping systems, which have accumulated over a large amount of time spent in the game.
All buildings that will appear here, will be on 99,9% ready and tested in practice, they will be received as soon as the article is ready.


Development of metal volcanoes

The first system will be a building for the extraction of refined metals from volcanoes.. This system does not need any intervention from the duplicate., it is built once and for a long time.

There is also a video on my YouTube channel for the development of Volcanoes., and this article will describe the system in more detail.

The construction of the system is based on standard metal volcanoes:
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Iron

(The system has not been tested on volcanoes from the DLC, so let's take a closer look at them)

Now let's start exploring the volcano, for this we need to free up space near the volcano in a standard 4-cell floor, and we also need another free floor above.

Do not rush to open the volcano completely in order to avoid problems with the eruption of molten metal, it is enough to leave one cell with ore on the volcano so that it is not capable of eruption. Or if he sleeps, then you can open completely and analyze, to roughly understand the output of metal.

Blocks for the floor, ceiling and walls on the floor with a volcano, we need to build insulated from available materials such as:

  • Thermal insulation (for eternity)
  • Ceramics
  • Mafic breed
  • Igneous rock
  • Sedimentary rock
  • Obsidian

It is strictly forbidden to use granite

We are building a room that will 4 cells at height and 10 cells wide, on the right side behind the room we make an additional depression, it will cool down to a predetermined temperature metal, and on the left we leave a passage for duplicates.
The design can be either mirrored or displaced to either side
You also need to prepare the following materials for construction.:

  • 3,6tons of refined metal for installation wires, automatic wires, Metal block, Radiant tubes, Conveyor blocker, Thermal sensor for pipe and conveyor, 2-x Smart Batteries and 2 Steam Turbines(and 400kg of plastic).
    (Lead inside melts during the first eruptions)
  • Steel will need 1.6t for TVR, Auto Collector & Conveyor Loader.
  • And 3.2t of Diamonds(desirable) for 4 Thermal Plates.

Now we install everything we need inside, TVR near the wall with a tank for cooling the metal, in the tank below Metal cage, over TVR I put Conveyor blocker (downward movement), Thermal plate near TVR and 3 plates on the volcano (two plates on the right and left sides of the ore block and the third for the place of the ore block), Auto assembler above neutronium vertically and above a volcano Conveyor loader.
Next, we build the conveyor rails and the feed chute in the place for further cooling of the metal.
The main thing is not to lead the rails through the point of volcanic eruption so as not to melt them (conveyor rails with iron ore)
Add two outside Steam turbines and we build pipes and a valve for water outlet and pipes for cooling from TVR.
Two steam turbines are used to cool the metal, heat removal and power generation. One steam turbine at a temperature of 126 ° C produces 250W of energy, as a result, two will produce 500W at a minimum temperature.
Radiant tubes from Gold or other metal which has a higher value of Thermal conductivity.Insulated pipe from the same materials as the blocks of the walls of the building. We use liquid for cooling Contaminated water or ideally Superhladogen.
The liquid is used with a high value of the Heat capacity
We connect the installation wires.
We connect the wires of the automation and do the setting on the thermal sensors, for conveyor rails we set above 125˚С and for cooling through TVR above -2˚С.
We pump out all gases to vacuum and close the room. I use a gas pump to pump out gases, mechanical gateway and connect them to automation with a switch, then I give a red signal on the automation to close the doors and put blocks through the corners.

It remains to pour only water into the room to create the required steam pressure, I recommend using a pressure of 25-50kg per cage.
How to calculate the right amount of water?
It's pretty simple, we need the volume of the room 40 cells multiply by the required steam pressure 25kg and then divide by the number of cells in which water will be poured 10, and in the end we will get what we need 100kg of water in each with 10 cells on the floor.
Water can be poured through one of the pipes from the steam turbines.

And if the volcano is active and you dug it out and do not know when it will sleep, then you can put several bottle emptyers and bring water with duplicates, in this case, you will have a small margin of time to complete construction and pump out gases before water boils into steam.
For the Golden 3-4, Copper and Iron 2-3 eruptions.

It remains to pour a full cage of Water or Super Refrigerant onto the metal cage to cool the metal.

And put two Smart Batteries near the Steam Turbines.

If desired, turbines and batteries can be closed from external temperatures, but I never closed them because there is enough energy for cooling and the temperature around the turbines is low.
(Screenshots from the Wasteland on sensors for TVR stands at 0˚С)

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