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A small guide to achievements and gameplay



– Macaques only come on the first day, and even then they are driven away by the light of the fire (11 enough wood for the whole night).
– don't run the story, gather resources, stock up on bandages, open the entire Survival tree. by opening the Alchemy branch you will receive a Debuff, which will constantly take away your health, until you take it off (to be treated with bandages of which are not in short supply, but very annoying)
– It is quite possible to walk through the forest by touch, direction. But not recommended. Bump into mosquitoes, then certain death until the middle of the game.
– Get into the habit of making Standing Torches and scattering them along the trails, what do you use to return to base.
– Things cannot be destroyed, but in the future it is easy to exchange for Magic Research Points.
– In Game 4 kind of lived – Flint (Grey), Iron (Charcoal glitter), Gold (buro-Orange) and Bronze (Green).
– Don't touch the veins of gold from the word at all, they will be needed for enchanting for the end of the game.
– After obtaining a stone pickaxe, gather bandages and run west of the map. Having received the status “Freezing” find stones with sparkles. This is Iron, 4 ore is needed on the anvil, by 8 on Kirk, Sword and Ax. This will greatly facilitate communication with the locals..


– Survival (Survival)
Basic Survival Training (available immediately), Make Shift Construction (available after research), Heat Treatment (available after research), Herb Lore (to investigate (PCM) any plant), Snakeweed Bending (to investigate (PCM) and collect the yellow bush), Primitive Warfare (unlocked after researching Snakeweed Bending), Blacksmithing (After research (PCM) iron vein or getting iron ore), Precise Metalworking (After research (PCM) gold / bronze veins).

– Alchemy (Alchemy)
Alchemy opens by Plot, when you find the petrified team near the tower. Report this to Salazar (the dog) and he reveals to you Equivalent Exchange.
Alchemical Stability / Purifying Albedo you need to put the Cauldron and throw resources into it before the explosion, boil Laudanum straight away and drink to open Liquid Clarity. Volatile Vapors opens automatically with Alchemical Stability.
wonderous Mithndate after you build the Alchemy Lab, report this to Salazar (the dog). Explore Laudanum in the laboratory and discover Hermetical Mutators. Repeat the Laudanum study 3 fold to open Esoteric Optics.
Explore the lodestone for Magnetic Mysteries.
Combustible Alchemicals/Frugal Alchemy explore Coal (burning of 2 logs in the stove / fire is done).
Harmful Agents explore Wailworm Gland .
Regeneration augumented explore the Ossimian Bones
Metabolic Control after opening Regeneration augumented
Theriac Mutagen explore (PCM) Wailroot
Chimer Transmutations research in the Wailroot Lymph laboratory
Traumatic triggers drink the school's Deathly Slumber Potion Metabolic Control
Sublime Metamorphosis Explore Pyrethrin Schools Hermetical Mutators

– Astrobiology (Astrobiology)
there will be no difficulty here except “Zun Language”, it is obtained after clearing the tower in the North from the point of impact. Reading a book you get a skill.

– Thaumaturgy (Taumaturgy)
Unlocked as a reward for saving Mage Zoon
Eld Craft / Eld Shielding to Unlock First.
Rules of Binding perform research ritual on the knife obtained from the Mogg shaman
Thaumatic Censors conduct Research at the Flower of Elm Lab
Arcane Mysteries perform a research ritual at the Exhale of Moloch
Harmonic Woodworking Perform Research Ritual at Echanted Ereh
Logistics of Nothingness cast a spell of light

Autopsy memo

The autopsy for us is like a gallows party with no room for error (1 if you can, if preliminary investigated “methodical postmortem”, will open if the autopsy fails)

tail, tail, head, torso
ears, fangs, leather (whole body), legs, intestines
The sting, torso, head, paws, wings, body
legs, head, torso, insides, skeleton
Neck, legs, eye, spine, skeleton
Eyes, ears, leather, insides, skeleton
Eye, jaw, horn, language, legs, head


Survival Guru
Collect 100 Survival points (Amassed 100 survival research points)
Points are awarded for researching unknown resources (RMB on items with a magnifying glass)
and if survived the night (10 glasses).
If you are completely lazy, make a standing torch, place in the center of the camp and go do household chores Irl.
Successful Autopsy
This requires the Autopsy Table (Autopsy table), Rope (Snakeweed Rope), to drag the body to the Table, and choose the right body parts for dissection. Memo section above
Spend all Research Points on a mini-game..
The easiest way in the story is when you open Alchemy. Go straight to the Research table with a scroll, and at zero tries to play.
Explosive Magicks
In the story, by opening the Alchemy branch, put the boiler on. Throw coal under it (fry 2 logs in a fire / stove) and put any ingredients in the cauldron before they explode.
Fire bad!
Scare monsters with fire.
Easiest on the first night, collect the fire, but do not throw logs. Pick up monkeys from the woods, if you didn't come running yourself, and lead to him. Ignite.
Wailworm Exterminator
Need to kill 50 skopondrogusenic. While collecting wood for the camp, complete 2\3 tasks. Practically plot achievement actually
Banewort special plant from the swamps (Swamps usually spawn in the North, Northeast), when approaching him, the hero will run away in fear.
Having opened Alchemy, you need to cook Snakeweed Spirits, carefully get as close as possible to Banewort, drink and take.
20/20 Eyesight
Drink Laundanium, to investigate “Liquid Clarity”, cook “Potion of Clarity”.
In the west of the map there will be a plant when approaching which the screen turns black. You drink a potion next to him and take.
The Zun Wizard is in the swamps. You need to find the Mogg's spawn. There is a passage in their village, just cut everyone out, take from the shaman Ritual knife and in the next room take them off the beetle in the mantle of the chain.
Saving Mage Zoon (attainment “Rescue!”). We read his book and opens “Thaumaturgy”. You need the Arcane Mysteries branch. Enchanting the logs, Making a stick, Enchanting the wand on the cast of Light. We use.
No poison for you sir!
Need to boil and drink “Elexir of Clear Veins”. It is located in a branch “Theriac Mutagen”, and to open you need Research Wailroot. Not far from the fall, usually in the East, there is 3 hollow with the corpses of Moggs. Kill them all, take a faceted glass from the corpse (waylord lymph). 2and the Mirhriodate component, going according to the plot, и Warniak wings. Check with the recipes in the book.
Saving Mage Zoon (attainment “Rescue!”). We read his book and opens “Thaumaturgy”. You need to do a research ritual. It was made for the study of magic, but it is possible on any subject. Achievement doesn't matter.
Saving Mage Zoon (attainment “Rescue!”). We read his book and opens “Thaumaturgy”. You need to perform a research ritual on the Knife, who saved the magician, thereby opening a new branch “Rules of Binding”. Recommend enchant tools, to improve the quality of further crafts.
Finish the game
Pet the damn dog!
At the very beginning of the game, curing Salazar (Dog) choose “Pet the Dog” 10 time, now choose “Pet the damn Dog
Hardcore Spellsmith
Complete the Adventure mode game.
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