Rusty Lake New Achievements Guide: Hotel

Finally in a new update on Rusty Lake: Hotel added the ability to run the game without a flash player, officially added the Russian language and slightly improved the textures in some places and finally added, so long awaited by me, achievements. In this guide, I will tell and show you how, these same, achievements get.


Room 1: Mister Deer


This achievement is awarded for finding the matching ingredient.. The incentive already has a billion guides on this topic., I am reluctant to write about this 🙂


Similar to superior achievement.

Albert’s Way

Poke a butterfly in the window with a knife.

Deer Meat

Bang the deer.

Room 2: Mr boar

Red Wine




You know what to do!

In the moment, where the Boar smokes opium, Mr. Raven appears and hands us a knife (Achievement plot, 100% get).

Boar Ribs

The boar crashed.

Room 3: Miss Pheasant

White Wine




Need a hand?

In the moment, where do you open the window, stick out hand, which we “taming” (Story achievement).

Pheasant Breast

Bang a pheasant(new?)

Room 4: Mr rabbit



White Beans


Watch Closely!

In a room with a piece, there is a window into which you need to insert swords. Just click on it many times.

Rabbit Leg

Bang the rabbit.

Room 5: Miss Dove





Can’t catch me!

In the moment, where to catch the beetle, crawling on the table, he needs to lose several times. To do this, just click on the table, letting him come out calmly.

Pigeon Wing

Bang a dove(by?)

Room 6: Mister Owl

Secret Rusty Lake Specialty

There is a safe in the lobby. After every kill for Mister Raven, in the lobby, key appears. You need to take these keys and insert them in this order. [hole number - key number]: 1-3 2-5 3-4 4-1 5-2.

Just Hanging

Click on the koala bat.

The Elevator

The ending of the game.

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