Hello Neighbor: How to get secret achievements

In this guide, I'll tell you how to get the badges you received. 3 % players.


Funny from the author (it doesn't matter)

T191416.501 first act T191416.501

Then we have to run for him and we will see such a thing.:

When we enter this red GUI we will see strange things and hear strange sounds., but this thing is not important at all.

Secret, referred to.
so. First, what we need – this is to enter the 3rd act and climb the stairs , we'll end up around here:

Then we run along the rails, roofs over here:

Then we jump down onto the rails and jump there, where is this texture

Then we press Ctrl and go to this texture, and then in a black room we will see a picture familiar to us

And when we enter it we will be right here ( you will receive an achievement immediately)

Next, we must wander around the map and look for structures for which we will receive achievements:
Police – Don’t tell anyone!
Hospital – Is she ok?!
School – Back to school

And t. d.

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