The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: all Trinkets

In this guide, I will list all trinkets (including those added to Repentance) and I'll tell you what they do .


???’s Soul
???’s Soul – Satellite. Slowly flies around the room shooting homing, tears penetrating obstacles.

AAA Battery
AAA Battery – Reduces the cooldown of an activated artifact by 1.

Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades – Increases the chance of getting Tarot cards from chests, Prediction machine, and also after clearing the room.

Bible Tract
Bible Tract – Increases the chance of losing eternal hearts.

Black Lipstick
Black Lipstick – Increases the chance of black hearts appearing.

Bloody Penny
Bloody Penny – Gives a chance (50%) falling out of half of the heart when collecting coins.

Broken Ankh
Broken Ankh – Gives 22% chance to resurrect after death per character ???.

Broken Magnet
Broken Magnet – Attracts coins to the character.

Broken Remote
Broken Remote – Teleportation to a random place when using an active.

Burnt Penny
Burnt Penny – Gives 50% chance of dropping a bomb when collecting coins.

Butt Penny
Butt Penny – Character farts when picking up coins.

Cain’s Eye
Cain’s Eye – Gives 25% the likelihood of getting the Compass effect when entering the level.

Callus – Thorn immunity, puddles and other obstacles.

Cancer – increases thirse by 2.

Cartridge – When taking damage, there is a chance, that the character will receive the effect of the item “The

Child’s Heart
Child’s Heart – Increases the chance of dropping red hearts after clearing a room and from chests.

Counterfeit Penny
Counterfeit Penny – When collecting coins, two may be added with a chance 50%.

Cursed Skull
Cursed Skull – As soon as health drops to half of the heart, the character teleports to a random room.

Curved Horn
Curved Horn – Increases damage by 2 outside the formula.

Daemon’s Tail
Daemon’s Tail – Increases the chance of replacing red hearts with black ones. Doesn't work on hearts, given by various artifacts.

Eve’s Bird Foot
Eve’s Bird Foot – The likelihood of a satellite ,attacking dead bird when it hits the enemy.

Fish Head
Fish Head – When damaged, spawn a blue fly.

Flat Penny
Flat Penny – Gives 50% key drop chance, at the time of collecting coins. There is also 5% golden key drop chance.

Flat Worm
Flat Worm – Tears get flattened (oval) shape. Increased knockback of enemies.

Goat Hoof
Goat Hoof – Increases movement speed by 0.15.

Hook Worm
Hook Worm – Tears start to fly in an L-shaped trajectory.

Isaac’s Fork
Isaac’s Fork – 10% chance of treatment for 1/2 hearts after cleaning the room.

Isaac’s Head
Isaac’s Head – Satellite, shoots spectral tears at enemies.

Judas’ Tongue
Judas’ Tongue – Items, that cost two hearts in the Devil's Room will now cost one heart.

The Left Hand
The Left Hand – Replaces all chests (regular and gold) red.

Liberty Cap
Liberty Cap – When entering a room, it has a chance to get the effect of one of the mushrooms.

Lucky Toe
Lucky Toe – Gives +1 to luck ,and also appears 33% chance of dropping 1 additional pickup item when opening a Golden Chest and exploding an Assault Rifle or Hidden Stone.

Lucky Rock
Lucky Rock – From every destructible item (stones, mushrooms, pots, etc.) guaranteed to drop one coin.

Maggy’s Faith
Maggy’s Faith – Gives an eternal heart at the beginning of each level.

Match Stick
Match Stick – Increases the chance of getting a bomb after clearing a room and opening chests. Allows you to remove the tick.

A Missing Page
A Missing Page – When taking damage, gives a chance to deal damage to all enemies in the room, similar to the effect of the Necronomicon artifact.

Missing Poster
Missing Poster – On death, revives as Lost. Death in the Sacrifice Room will unlock the Lost character.

Mom’s Pearl
Mom’s Pearl – +10% to the chance of replacing an ordinary heart with a blue heart.

Mom’s Toenail
Mom’s Toenail – Mom's foot appears every 60 seconds.

Monkey Paw
Monkey Paw – Upon reaching health up to 1/2 hearts a black heart appears. Can be used several times in one battle. Trinket disappears after three uses.

Mysterious Candy
Mysterious Candy – Accidentally creates a pile of feces. The character emits gases at various intervals, pushing enemies away.

Mysterious Paper
Mysterious Paper – Copies the action of some others “paper” items.
Lost page: gives a chance, that when taking damage, all enemies in the room will take damage.

If the character has half a heart or less, there is a possibility of triggering the Polaroid or Negative effect.

Lost announcement: gives a small chance that, that death in the Sacrifice Room will open a piece of the puzzle on the death screen. Finding all the pieces will help unlock the Lost character.

There's a possibility, that the keychain will allow you to go to the Chest or Dark Room in the absence of a Photocard or Negative.

Petrified Poop
Petrified Poop – On 50% increases the likelihood of pickup items falling out of poop.

Paper Clip
Paper Clip – Keys are not spent on gold chests.

Pinky Eye
Pinky Eye – Adds 10% Poison Tear Shot Chance.

Pulse Worm
Pulse Worm – Makes the tears throb.

Purple Heart
Purple Heart – Increases the chance of encountering the Challenge Room with bosses instead of the regular Challenge Room and increases the chance of encountering champions (reinforced) monster versions.

Push Pin
Push Pin – 10% chance to shoot spectral, penetrating enemies, tear.

Red Patch
Red Patch – Taking damage has a chance to increase the damage by 20% in the current room.

Ring Worm
Ring Worm – The speed of flight of tears increases many times. Tears begin to move in a spiral trajectory. Increases the range and width of the attack due to the trajectory.

Rosary Bead
Rosary Bead – Increases the chance of Angel's room spawning. Increases the chance of the Bible appearing in the Library and Store.

Rusted Key
Rusted Key – Increases the chance of finding keys and gold chests.

Safety Cap
Safety Cap – Increases the chance of getting a pill when clearing a room and opening chests. Gives you a chance to find pills in a hidden stone.

Samson’s Lock
Samson’s Lock – With a chance 1 to 15: for killing an enemy, the damage in the current room is increased by 0.5.

Store Credit
Store Credit – Next purchase in the Store is free. Keychain disappears after purchase.

Swallowed Penny
Swallowed Penny – When taking damage, a coin flies.

The Tick
The Tick – Cannot be replaced with another keychain! (with some exceptions – keychain Spicka) Bosses spawn with 85% health. Gives 1 red heart upon entering the boss room.

Umbilical Cord
Umbilical Cord – When half a red heart remains, Stephen Brother appears, homing projectile. After leaving the room disappears, even if the character still has half a heart.

Wiggle Worm
Wiggle Worm – Tears start to fly like a snake, curving during flight. Increases rate of fire.

Whip Worm
Whip Worm – +0.5 to the speed of flight of tears.

Shiny Rock
Shiny Rock – Upon entering the room, as well as every 10 Seconds highlights secret stones, hatches to the Secret and Black Market .

Safety Scissors
Safety Scissors – Troll bomb converts to normal pickup bomb before, than explode. Super troll bomb turns into 2 regular pickup bombs before, than explode.

Rainbow Worm
Rainbow Worm – During shooting, several random effects of other worms and artifacts are applied to tears, affecting the nature of the shot.

Tape Worm
Tape Worm – multiplies the shot range by 2.

Lazy Worm
Lazy Worm – The tear speed is reduced by 0,4. Range +4.

Cracked Dice
Cracked Dice – Taking damage will trigger D6, D8, D12 or D20.

Super Magnet
Super Magnet – Attracts some enemies and pickups to the character (hearts, coins, the keys, bombs).

Faded Polaroid
Faded Polaroid – Sometimes has an effect “chameleon”, stunning opponents in the room for a short amount of time

Louse – When hitting an enemy, a blue spider may appear with some chance.

Bob’s Bladder
Bob’s Bladder – When placing bombs, green puddles remain, that damage enemies.

Watch Battery
Watch Battery – Increases the chance of dropping a small battery when clearing a room. Adds a chance to charge an activated artifact by one additional space after clearing a room.

Blasting Cap
Blasting Cap – When a bomb explodes, there is a chance of another bomb falling

Stud Finder
Stud Finder – Increases the chance of finding Retro Treasures when destroying rocks.

Error – Triggering of a random property of any of the possible trinkets.

Poker Chip
Poker Chip – When opening chests, there is a 50% chance of getting a rare pickup item or the appearance of an enemy.

Blister – Increases the repellent property of tears.

Second Hand
Second Hand – Increases the duration of effects on enemies.

Endless Nameless
Endless Nameless – When using the pill, cards or runes have a chance, that a copy of it will be dropped.

Black Feather
Black Feather – Increases character damage in the presence of artifacts of the devilish category (+0,2 damage per item).

Blind Rage
Blind Rage – Increases invulnerability time after taking damage.

Golden Horse Shoe
Golden Horse Shoe – Gives a chance to spawn two items in the treasury.

Store Key
Store Key – Opens all shops.

Rib of Greed
Rib of Greed – Prevents the mini bosses Greed and Super Greed from spawning in shops and secret rooms.

Karma – When depositing coins in the donation machine, gives a chance to restore health or get a beggar.

Lil Larva
Lil Larva – Spawns one or more flies each time, when a character destroys piles of feces.

Mom’s Locket
Mom’s Locket – Restores half heart when using a key. Replaces halves of red hearts on the floor with whole hearts.

No! – Removes the possibility of the appearance of new activated artifacts during the passage. Does not affect: Libraries, Blood donation machine (Dropper), Prediction Automaton (crystal ball). Also does not affect activated artifacts dropped from bosses / mini bosses.

Child Leash
Child Leash – Satellites start to fly closer together.

Brown Cap
Brown Cap – Piles of feces explode after being destroyed.

Meconium – Gives a chance to leave a black pile of feces.

Cracked Crown
Cracked Crown – Gives +30% all characteristics of the protagonist (except luck).

Used Diaper
Used Diaper – Ensures the effect of the Skatole artifact in some rooms.

Fish Tail
Fish Tail – Doubles the effect of artifacts and keychains, generating blue flies or spiders.

Black Tooth
Black Tooth – Gives the chance of being shot by a black tooth, poisoning the enemy.

Ouroboros Worm
Ouroboros Worm – Tears move in a wide spiral path.

Tonsil – When receiving damage, there is a chance to summon the companion Almond, which will protect the hero from enemy shots. The keychain will be broken after two uses.

Nose Goblin
Nose Goblin – Gives you a chance to shoot a booger, which sticks to the enemy and deals damage over time.

Super Ball
Super Ball – Gives shots a chance for tears to bounce off enemies or obstacles.

Vibrant Bulb
Vibrant Bulb – Gives an increase to the characteristics of the protagonist, while the activated item has a full charge.

Dim Bulb
Dim Bulb – Gives an increase to the characteristics of the protagonist, while the activated item is completely discharged.

Fragmented Card
Fragmented Card – Adds a second Secret Room on the floor (valid from the next floor).

Equality! – With an equal number of coins, bombs and keys on the character turns pickups into their doubled versions.

Wish Bone
Wish Bone – When taking damage, there is a very small chance of a pedestal with a random artifact spawning. After the pedestal appears, the keychain breaks.

Bag Lunch
Bag Lunch – When receiving damage on the last health container, the keychain disappears, instead leaving the artifact Lunch.

Lost Cork
Lost Cork – Increases the diameter of all puddles.

Crow Heart
Crow Heart – If there is a trinket, the damage received by the character is distributed to red hearts, without affecting the blue and black. If the character has 1/2 red heart, the damage starts to be distributed to blue and black hearts.

Walnut – When damaged, the nut cracks, throwing out a random trinket, key, heart and coin. After activating the effect, the trinket breaks.

Duct Tape
Duct Tape – All companions remain in that position relative to the hero, in which they were when selecting Duct Tape.

Silver Dollar
Silver Dollar – Stores appear at the levels Uterus Womb Scarred Uterus.

Bloody Crown
Bloody Crown – Treasure Rooms appear on the levels of the Maw..

Pay To Win
Pay To Win – Top-up machines always appear in the Treasure Room.

Locust Of War
Locust Of War – When entering the room, a red fly appears, flying at the enemy. When in contact with the enemy, fly explodes.

Locust Of Pestilence
Locust Of Pestilence – When entering the room, a green fly appears, sticking to the enemy. Opponent takes double damage from tears and gets the effect “poisoning”.

Locust Of Famine
Locust Of Famine – A yellow fly appears when entering a room, sticking to the enemy. Opponent takes double damage from tears and slows down.

Locust Of Death
Locust Of Death – When entering the room, a black attacking fly appears, sticking to the enemy. The enemy takes double damage from the character's tears. There is also a chance to deal additional double damage.

Locust Of Conquest
Locust Of Conquest – Upon entering the room, appear 2-4 white flies, sticking to the enemy. The enemy takes double damage from the character's tears.

Bat Wing
Bat Wing - With some chance, the character will have wings,flying on 1 the room.

Stem Cell
Stem Cell – Heals the character by half a red heart when going down one floor.

Hairpin – Fully charges an activated artifact upon entering the Boss Room.

Wooden Cross
Wooden Cross – At the beginning of each level, applies the effect of the Holy Mantle artifact.

Butter! – When using an activated artifact, the last one will fall to the floor, on the pedestal.

Filigree Feather
Filigree Feather – After killing an angel, an item is given, instead of part of the key.

By Stop
By Stop – Prevents the last door from closing, through which the protagonist passed.

Extension Cord
Extension Cord – Discharges of current appear between the character and his companions, damaging enemies.

Rotten Penny
Rotten Penny – When picking up a coin of any denomination, one blue fly will appear

Baby Bender
Baby Bender – Satellites attack with homing projectiles.

Finger Bone
Finger Bone – Gives you a chance to get a bone heart.
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