Convenient controls in Devil May Cry 5

In this guide, I will show and describe my personal controls in Devil May Cry. 5.


Management for Dante

Let's start with the most pretentious kid in the Devil May Cry series..
Here I replaced only the actions of Triggers with Bumpers. Me and at DMC 4 played with these settings, personally, it is more convenient for me to press the Trigger than to destroy the Bumper by clamping the sight…

Control for Virgil

The second most pretentious after Dante is of course Virgil.
Same as Dante, just replace changing weapons from Triggers to Bumpers. Trust me, it will become much more convenient to play.

Management for Nero

Ehh, Black… how I do not love him.
There is a complete…
Change the Barrel from the X Button to the Left Trigger, to charge it all the time for a powerful shot.

We put a Prosthesis in place X, which is set to B by default.

Devil Bringer (Devil's Hand) put on the Left Bumper, so you will always have a shield if you take an enemy prisoner.

Since I use the Right Bumper the least of all, I installed the Change of Prosthesis there.

Aim as always on the Right Trigger.

Exceed на B, I know it sounds stupid, but just try to play like this for an hour or two and you will feel what to do Max. Act. much easier.

Management for T7poe G7vno named V

We put the griffin on the Left Trigger, to make it easier to charge his attacks and still control the Shadow…

We put the nightmare on the Left Bumper.

Standard scope for Right Trigger.

Set the Devil Trigger charge to X.

Well, Auto Attack for Animals on the Right Bumper.

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