World of Tanks VBR: what it is, and with what it is eaten?

Hello everyone! For sure, playing tanks, you periodically have questions in your head: “How did not strike?!”, “Why the alpha did not pass?!”, “How I left him 1 HP?!”. And for all of them there is one answer - VBR. It is he who decides, you destroy this tank or it will destroy you. Explain, what is it and how does it work.


What is VBR?

VBR - Great Belarusian Rand. This is the name of the tank random number generator, who is responsible for such “floating” indicators as breakout, damage, mixing, etc..


The penetration of your tank can jump within ± 25%. Let's admit, the average penetration of your gun is 100 mm, then, when fired, you can jump out like 75 mm, and so 125 mm. This will determine whether you penetrate the enemy tank or not..

If your aim yellow, then know, what at the moment, VBR decides everything for you.

If you are lucky and FBG gave you the required armor penetration value and you, respectively, pierced the enemy, then the calculation of the new value begins - damage.


Here is the same rule - ± 25%. If the average damage of your tank 500 units, then you can inflict damage ranging from 375 (minimum) and to 625 (maximum).

Circle of information

VBR is also present here and he decides, where your projectile will fly - to the ground or directly to the target. Each tank has its own value and its own percentage of hits. This is the responsibility of paragraph “Spread on 100 m”.


FBG is a dangerous thing, I agree, however, do not forget that, that in battle it is important how the person himself plays. If he had put the thought in his head in advance that the fight “drain” and teammates *****, then most likely it will be so. Thoughts are material, so tune in at the beginning of the battle to win, and not run to the chat and muddy the teammate for that, that he got up in the bush wrong. Play smart, VBR is not so scary, like a skilled tanker, who knows where to go and what to do in a given situation.

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