Bulb Boy Walkthrough


Grandfather's room

A boy with a bulb head listens to his grandfather's story about the days of his youth, when he chopped dragons for sausage (information is displayed in the form of pictures). Tired of the story, grandpa falls asleep on the couch, open mouth. The boy yawns too, intending to go to bed (bed pattern icon).

Move the cursor to the door, and, when the cursor changes to a hand, click LMB.

Two icons appear, prescriptive follow-up: turn off the TV and put grandpa's denture in a glass of water.
Turn off the TV

Hover the cursor over the TV screen, and, when the cursor becomes an eye, click LMB.

Press the power button, but she breaks, and the TV keeps on working. Hover the cursor over the fork, sharpening in the socket, click LMB. Everything, now the TV is off.

We put the jaw in the glass

Hovering the cursor over grandfather's head, and, when the cursor turns into a hand, click LMB.

Boy trying to take out his jaw, and a prompt appears on the screen.

Place the button drawing above the grandfather's head, QUICKLY click LMB, pulling out the jaw. Opening inventory (hover the cursor over the top area of ​​the screen), click on the "jaw", and drag it to the aquarium. We click LMB on the door.

The boy is waiting, when his flying dog leaves the room, then comes out next.

Some dark spherical substance flies into the window of the room, where does grandpa sleep.


Glutton spider

A boy wakes up from a loud call for help.

We hurry to the door, to leave the room, but the door is blocked by a hungry spider. To get rid of the spider, need to bring him a fly, beetle and caterpillar.

Catching a fly

Fly buzzing, circling under the ceiling, and you can't reach her with your bare hands.

We are waiting, when the fly flies under the lamp 1, connect bare wires 2 on the floor. We select the stunned FLY 3.

We catch a beetle

Opening the drawer of the bedside table. Click on the dark left corner, and a beetle crawls out of it, who clearly loves sweets.

Roll up the roulette 1, spread the scissors 2. We push the matchbox 3, and click on the beetle 4 at that moment, when he starts eating candy. Beetle caught.

We get a caterpillar

We pick up a broom, standing next to the bed, then we look under the bed.

We apply on the lurking caterpillar "broom", catching the TRACK. We give the fly, beetle and caterpillar spider.

Overeat, spider burst.

We leave the bedroom.

As soon as the Boy with the Bulb Head goes out into the corridor, peacefully lying plush bunny turns into a monster with red eyes.


Grabbing hand

A huge hand that has come from nowhere interferes with walking along the corridor.

Click on the chandelier on the ceiling.

The Boy's head-bulb detaches from the torso and clings to the chandelier.

Moving to the left, clinging to chandeliers.

We jump to the floor at that moment, when a hand appears in the ceiling (the head-bulb connects to the torso, independently moving on the floor).

We pass to the left, we reach the door, to open which the same hand does not give us. We click on the knight in armor without a head and the head-light bulb moves over his neck. Trying to use a spear, but the knight's armor is pretty worn out.

We repair armor

We lower the head-light bulb on the body. We pass to the right.

Move aside the picture of the key, and take the KEY from the niche. Climbing the chandelier, move to the right. We look out the window.

The head-bulb is lowered onto the torso.

We bring our eyes to the window, take a SHARD OF GLASS. Climbing the chandelier, move to the end to the right and jump to the floor. Open the bedside table with the key, and open the doors. We take the OIL CAN from the bedside table. Moving to the knight's armor. We apply an oil can on them. We attach a shard of glass to the spear shaft.

Fighting with the hand

Approaching the door, making a hand appear. Place the head-light bulb on the knight's neck.

Cut off the palm of the hand with the resulting "oblique". We jump on the torso, we enter the door.

Grandfather's room

Boy discovers grandfather, lying on the floor unconscious.

We save grandfather
Trying to bring grandfather to his senses, but he doesn't react to anything.


We take the aquarium, in which grandfather's jaw lies, and pour water from the aquarium onto grandfather.


Grandpa, turning into a monster, crashes through the ceiling, knocking a hole in it.

Climbing the chandelier, we look into the hole.

Chandelier breaks off, and falls to the floor with the boy.

Click on the hole in the ceiling.

The boy gets out.

Retrospective 1


Grandpa asks to give the dog a ball.

We select the BALL 1, throw it to the dog 2.

Bird 3, sitting on a branch, picks up the ball and carries it to his nest 4.

We pick up the EGG 5, pull out the BRANCH from the heap of earth 6. Apply a branch to a hollow in a tree trunk 7.

The branch crawls out through the hole at the top and disturbs the nest of wasps 8. A flying wasp makes the bird move away from the nest 4.

We put the egg in the hollow 7.

A boy lays an egg in a bird's nest, and she calms down.

Throw the ball to the dog.

The dog hits the ball, which flies into the well.

We take the BASKET 1, tie her to a rope 2, and look into the well 3.

We click on the handle of the gate, lower the basket into the water. Seizing the moment, when the ball floats over the basket, quickly rotate the handle. We take out the BALL and throw it to the dog.

Headless chicken


Through a hole in the ceiling, the Boy gets out into the kitchen, where a hungry headless chicken roams. Meeting her doesn't bode well.

Pay attention to the door at the back of the room. You can hide from the chicken behind this door.. We pass to the right, climb the table.

Reading the pudding recipe 1. It takes two eggs to cook., three sausages and flour. We take the KNIFE 2, we jump to the floor. I'm going right, we look in the refrigerator.

We take two EGGS 1. Cut the ribbon on the bag with a knife 2.

A monster emerges from the bag.

We click on the monster LMB.

The boy pulls out three WORM (they will work instead of sausages).

Moving away from the refrigerator 1, open the lid of the dish 2. We pass to the right, and, as soon as a chicken without a head 3 begins to approach, click on the head of the pig in the basket.

The boy hides in his head.

We are waiting, when the chicken passes to the left, and move to the right.

Pay attention to the bucket 1, where you can hide from the headless chicken. We take the FLOUR 2 from the bedside table to the right of the stove. Opening the locker 3 to the left of the stove, pick up the MATCHES. Bringing our eyes closer to the stove 3.

We put in a frying pan 1 EGGS, CHERVYAKOV and FLOUR. Click on the button 2, we use matches for gas, out of the pipe 3. Turning the handle 4, move away from the stove. Opening the oven, and, with the approach of the chicken, hiding in a bucket.

The chicken sticks its neck in the oven and burns.

LMB click on the chicken body.

Boy, despite its feebleness, eats chicken completely.

Go left, we go through the door at the back of the screen.

Toilet monster


Clicking on the toilet.

After the physiological process, a monster appears from the toilet.

Pressing the button of the air freshener 1.

The monster freezes for a while.

Pulling the flush cistern chain 2. Hover the cursor over the monster and quickly click LMB, to stop it roaring.

The body of the monster is covered with cracks.

Click on the button 3, to the right of the washbasin 4, including fan 5. We are getting under the fan 5.

The monster turns to the wall and his face collapses.

Clicking on the pipe 6, lying on the shelf. Press the button quickly, to stop the roar of the monster. We repeat the above steps until, until the roar of the monster makes it fall to the floor. We select the PIPE, click on the washbasin 4.

We attach the pipe to the water supply 1, then we turn it like this, so that she falls into place. We lower the faucet down 2, turn the valve 3 and washbasin faucet handle 4. The monster is defeated.

Retrospective 2


Boy with dog and grandfather are fishing on the lake.

For normal fishing, of course, need worms for bait.

Controlling the flying dog

Frog 1 does not allow to go underground, where delicious worms live.

Pay attention to the poster 2, in which it is written, that watering the tree causes the fruit to grow. We click on the hollow in the tree 3.

The dog "waters" the tree and over the branch 4 a flying fruit appears.

I "chase" the fruit to the frog.

The toad eats the fruit and gets thicker.

We drink water from the lake, "Watering" the tree, we drive the ripe fruit to the toad. We repeat these steps until then, until the bloated toad flies into the sky. We go down underground and we chase the worm on the hook.

The boy is happy, because he caught a big fish.

But a toad that has fallen from the sky pierces the bottom of the boat, and the fishing ends in failure.

Underwater odyssey

Note. Enemies await the Boy under the water - these are worms and predatory plants. Faced with them, the baby becomes their victim. Watch out for warning signs, placed in underwater locations.

Moving to the right. Pay attention to the danger sign "Worms". We go down and immediately move to the right.

Worms, chasing a boy, become the prey of a predatory plant.

Let's go down, pay attention to the danger sign "Skull".

We take away to the sunken submarine, we float to the left. We turn the lever and return to the stern.

We use the flow of water from the screw that worked faster. We rise to the ledge on the right. we go down.

We provoke another worm to chase us, and we ourselves are hiding in the sink.

We eat a worm plant.

We swim to the left, we climb into the body of a fish.

The boy finds himself in an impromptu bathyscaphe.

Back to the submarine, we go down, under the sign of danger.

We swim to the left, dodging the tentacles of predatory plants, and swim inside the skeleton of a fish. We swim to the left, we go up. We swim past the predatory plant, we carry the worms with us.

We skip past the tentacles of the next carnivorous plants at that time, how they attack the worms following us. We quickly sail to the right, we float through the hole into the hold of the ship.

The flock of worms disappears with the appearance of the Boy and the carcass of a monster immediately grows in front of us..

We float into the room through the hole below, where a friendly creature holds a floating mine on a rope.

We turn to him with a question about a mine. In return, the creature asks to bring him a shell. Let's swim up.

We carry a flock of worms with us. Sailing fast up, we swim through the rows of carnivorous plants. At the exit, we are convinced, that got rid of all the worms (if there is at least one worm left, we swim past the plants again). We swim to the right.

In a narrow room we find the mine control panel 1 and a shell 2. We take away the SHELL, back to being.

It explains, what would like to have a shell cooked.

We swim to the right. Grabbing the rope, quickly press LMB, open the doors.

Apply a SHELL on the emerging electric eel. We take away the READY SHELL, we attribute it to its essence.

We push the mine up. We carry along a new flock of worms, we swim through the rows of plants, to get rid of arthropods. We swim into the compartment, where are the wine barrels, push one down.

The monster drinks wine and begins to bawl songs in its own language..

We get down to the monster, pushing mine towards him.

Mina is reinforced in the forehead of the monster.

We swim into the nook, where is the remote. Click on the button, and the monster is neutralized. We go down, getting rid of another flock of worms.

We swim to the right, to freedom.

Retrospective 3

We play as grandfather

It is necessary to water the flower 1, growing in a pot in the center of the room. Watering can 2 located in the bowl on the left and it is impossible to reach it.

Clicking on the fly 3.

The fly flies to the left, a dog flies after an insect. She clings to the watering can, which falls to the floor.

We select a watering can, we go to the crane 4, to get water.

Grandfather's age is venerable, so he starts to doze on the go.

Press LMB quickly, when the prompt appears on the screen. We collect water in the watering can, watering the flower 1.

Flying Dog Rescue

The dog is captured by the web of a poisonous spider.

We are waiting, when the spider is under the hanging bowl, where the Boy is. We jump down, we enter the body of the spider. We take away the KRANIK 1.

The Boy now has all the skills of a spider and can move vertically.

We climb up the web, wake up the giant skull, who spits poisonous saliva.

We provoke a skull to spit, when we stand in front of the bathroom 1. Dodging - spitting in the bathtub, and it flows down, on the web, holding watering can 2. We go down, picking up a WATERING CAN from the floor, we move to the left side.

Hiding behind a cobweb above a barrel of poison, and provoke a spider to spit. We are waiting, when he dissolves the web, holding barrel, and she will fall on the cobweb below. Provoking a new spit, we hide behind a barrel. The spit dissolves the cobwebs and the barrel falls to the floor.. Bringing our eyes closer to the barrel. We attach a faucet to it, we collect poison in the watering can.

Pour it into a pot with a plant, on which the dog got stuck in the web. Now the dog is released.

House, Sweet home

Controlling the Dog and the Boy's Light Bulb Head

The dog can only move in lighted areas.

With the Boy's head we connect the wire at the break 1.

We open the first aid kit with a dog 2, we get the ADHESIVE PATCH. Adhesive plaster sticks to the dog's paw, and the dog in one fell swoop throws him into a heap of saliva 3. Switch 4 turn on the light. barking at bats, so that they fly to the light bulb 5. Move to the left as a boy, stop under a pile of saliva, take away the PLASTER.

The dog barks at the rabbit monster, then we run away from him to the right. The monster is distracted by mice, stuck to saliva. Move to the left as a boy.

The boy wrap the hole in the hose with plaster 1. We select the TRANSISTOR 2, we bring our eyes closer to the vacuum cleaner 3.

The boy is installing the transistor in place, turn on the vacuum cleaner with the button. Moving to the left, through the hole in the floor we get out to the surface.

Click on the torso 1, getting out of the clot of saliva 2. Clicking on the monster.

We leave the door at the back of the screen.

Final boss

Interacting with a slumbering grandfather, who turns into a monster again. The monster soon begins to doze too, gaping jaws.

Push the lever in the monster's right shoulder, we make you open your mouth wider. We go into the insides of the monster.

We monitor the periods of clenching of the teeth, which shrink in pairs.

We slip to the left, we go down until the same time, until we reach the organ, hairy ear. We get a sausage out of it.

The boy acquires the ability to spew fire.

We use the received ability, and fly over the acid lake. Take off on a pill.

The tablet falls into acid and dissolves it. The monster starts having terrible heartburn..

We fly left-right, dodging the fire.

After three flashes, the monster dies down.

Push the lever on the monster's shoulder again, we go down into his insides. Tracking, how teeth clench (one by one), and move to the left immediately, as soon as the first tooth on the right rises. Going down to the rectum.

We put the Boy under dripping liquid, smear it. Then we move to the left,

A flock of flying germs do not react to a smeared Boy.

We click on the lower opening of the intestine on the left. We find ourselves in the room again.

Now the monster is trying to pull the Boy and the dog into itself.

LMB click in the opposite direction, not letting myself be deepthroat.

After the third attempt, the monster falls asleep again.

Push the lever on the monster's shoulder, and heading to the insides again. We immediately roll up under the first two teeth on the right. We wait two bars, and roll to the left until the next pair of teeth. We wait two bars, roll to the left. Again we wait two bars and roll to the left. Going down, moving to the right, stop at the heart-shaped door. We are waiting, when air starts to blow from the pipe on the left. We get into the stream and rise. We go down to the ledge to the left. We wait, when air stops flowing from the pipe on the left, and roll to the left.

We enter the stream, rising from the second pipe, climb the organ on the left. We go down into the hole located at the bottom left.

We interact with the scion. Once in the room, avoid monster attacks, which alternates three fire attacks with a suction attack. After two sequences, the monster goes to sleep again. Push the lever, we go down into the insides of the monster.

As soon as the first tooth on the right rises, we stand under it. Next, we move under the teeth. (from right to left): the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth. Go down and enter the heart-shaped door on the right. Getting to the heart of the monster.

Quickly press LMB on the eye, but as soon as the monster's mouth opens, stop doing it.

The spit of the monster slides down the Boy's cheek and does not harm him. Attacking the eye again, and stop the attack again, to wait out the monster attack. Monster attacks are becoming more frequent, when the shell of his eye begins to collapse.

Finally, we win.

Grandpa saved.

Save grandfather one more time, clicking on it, to squeeze out the bone, which he choked on.

Clicking on TV, watching the credits. When it gets boring, pull the plug out of the socket.

Completed the game.

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