Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers Walkthrough (getting 100% achievements)

Beautiful women, dangerous ties, prophetic dreams, African culture and obscurantism – Gabrielle Knight is our everything.
The guide was created with the aim of quickly and easily completing the quest without stress. A chronological bonus also shows all achievements, which you can get in this game, indicating specific actions to obtain them.


Chapter 1. Corpse by the lake

You start an adventure in your bookstore with your assistant Grace.
2/362 – Talk to Grace, ask her what messages she has for you. You will hear, that Moseley left a package for you at the police station. Ask two more times, to receive messages from Wolfgang Ritter and grandma.
4/362 – Talk to Grace, ask about voodoo research. She will tell you about the pharmacy “Dixieland” and the Voodoo History Museum.
You can go through other topics of dialogue, what do you want. This will no longer affect the number of points..
5/362 – Take the sketchbook in the box from grandma.
6/362 – Look at the Sketchbook.
7/362 – Use the newspaper in 1 – and day.
You will receive an achievement
9/362 – Use the Bookshelf. Read the book “The world of dragons and Das Lyric” Heinz Ritter.
11/362 – Look at the counter. Take tweezers and a magnifying glass.
You can view other things, however, this will not affect the score.
12/362 – Use Cash Register. Collect your Gift Certificate.
Go to the Bedroom.
14/362 – Take hair gel from the bathroom cabinet.
15/362 – Take the black shirt from the closet.
16/362 – Take the flashlight from the dresser.
Go back to the Store, and then leave the store to the street. Drive to the police station.
Talk to Frick in the stand (that's the name of the police officer, if anything).
18/362 – Ask Frick about Detective Moseley, and then about the crime scene. Also ask for photos, which Freak will give you, as soon as you get out of the conversation.
20/362 – Use an Envelope, which you were given. In your inventory you will find 2 photos (watch them).
Go to your journal and read the latest entry. We need to find a police officer, who will tell us, where is the crime scene.
Get out of the police station and get on your bike. Drive to Jackson Square.
Talk to an idle cop, leaning on a motorcycle.
Looking around the area, you will find, that the mime artist haunts the park visitors. Look at his behavior, you will notice, that he follows people everywhere.
Your diary will also state, that you need to distract the cop from the motorcycle.
25/362 – Come up to Mime, which is located just north of the monument, standing in the center of the park. When you get close, he will start following you. Take him to the cop. Being within reach, Mime will start acting like a monkey, and the policeman will chase him away (however remember – If you lead him past another visitor to the park, he will stop following you and start following them, try to avoid other people, until you hand Mima to the cop).
You will receive an achievement
Now don't linger too long on the next step, since the policeman will soon return to his seat.
27/362 – Use the radio on your motorcycle and listen to the dispatcher and the task force.
Get out of Jackson Park, and then head to Lake Pontchartrain.
When you arrive at the crime scene, and you start talking to Moseley, Malia Geddy will arrive in her car.
You will receive an achievement
When the cops are gone, look at the footprints on the ground to the left of the bloody spot.
29/362 - Remove your sketchbook from inventory. Use a sketchbook on markings, to make a copy for later use.
30/362 – Look at the footprints on the right of the bloody place. Use the direction arrows. This will zoom in on the entire monitored area for clues.. Head north in a couple of clicks, and you will see something shimmering.
32/362 – Equip yourself with a magnifying glass and explore the object, and then arm yourself with tweezers take your find.
You will receive an achievement
33/362 – Get some clay from the shores of Lake Pontchartrain. You will need it later.
Exit the crime scene and head to St George's Bookstore.
35/362 – Talk to Grace, ask her to find out Malia Geddy's address.
You will receive an achievement
End of the day 1.

Chapter 2. Mari Lavo

36/362 – You start the second day from that, what Grace tells you about, what she found, exploring Malia Geddy. Grace will give you Malia Geddy's address.
37/362 – Read the newspaper for the 2nd day.
It's time to go, but before we go to Malia's mansion, read your diary. He recommends that we go to the police station first., to talk to Moseley. We go there.
Talk to Frick and ask to meet with Moseley. He will let you pass.
38/362 – Before entering Moseley's office, adjust the temperature using the control panel on the wall to the maximum setting (80.1).
Enter Mosley's office.
You will notice, that Moseley takes off his jacket because of the heat, when you enter.
39/362 – Talk to Mosley, ask about patterns on the ground. Moseley will show, that there are a number of other patterns from other crime scenes, and then ask about others 6 models. Moseley will give you permission to view other samples., talking to photographer Franks.
43/362 – Ask Moseley for coffee. He grumbles a little, and then leave, to bring you a cup. While he is gone, pull out the policeman's jacket badge.
You will receive an achievement
45/362 – When Moseley gets back with your coffee, the conversation will continue. End the conversation with Moseley and leave the office., to talk to photographer Franks. Ask to read the case file. Franks will tell you, that you can read it, but can't leave or copy.
Return to Moseley's office and talk to Moseley again..
There are many conversations with Moseley about the voodoo murders and personal life. Ask about everything, before asking about the latest photos.
47/362 – Ask Moseley about the photos. This will lead to, what will moseley ask, is there anything else, what Gabriel needs for a book. Select the Photo with a policeman option. Franks will enter the room, and you and your childhood friend (with Mosley), take a photo. When you're done taking pictures, tell, what do you need to go and check your hair. Leave Moseley's office.
52/362 – Take the voodoo murder file on Frank's desk and use it on the copier..
53/362 – Put the File Folder back on Frank's desk.. Return to Moseley's office and take one last shot.
Leave the office and police station.
You will receive an achievement
Take a look at photocopies of case files from other crime scenes. We need to find someone, who can make out these marks. We have no idea yet, where could it be, so let's cross out the places, which, as we know, we need to visit first.
Starting from the 1st day, remember, what Grace told you about 2 locations, which Gabriel must visit, to learn more about voodoo. It was a pharmacy “Dixieland” and the Voodoo Historical Museum. We go to the museum. Take a look around.
55/362 – Use the coffin, this will trigger a close-up. Take the flyer on the wall. This will open up a new investigation location on the map., although it will only be available on the 22nd.
Try turning on the switch next to the front door. You will notice, what does this fan include, but also makes the snake in the back corner get horny. Remember this for later.
57/362 – Talk to Dr. John, ask about voodoo. He will ask, whether you want to know more about Historical Voodoo or Modern Voodoo. Choose Historical Voodoo. Listen, what will Dr. John say, and select historic voodoo four more times, to get the full story. This will tell a lot about Madame Marie Laveau..
59/362 – Ask Dr. John about the current Voodoo. This will also open up a conversation about Hoodoo..
61/362 – Ask Dr. John about Marie Laveau. You will learn, that there was a mother and daughter named Marie Laveau. Ask Dr. John again about Marie Laveau, and he will show the cemetery, where are they buried.
Explore ALL other conversations with Dr. John. This topic should disappear, as soon as you hear everything, what does a good doctor say. Once you hear everything, what Dr. John can share, you will get an achievement
We go to the pharmacy “Dixieland”.
After that, how will Madame Kazannu with her yapping dog finish talking, look around.
In particular, make sure, that Gabriel is looking at the crocodile mask next to the door.
62/362 – Look at the Sign on the counter. Take a closer look, to read.
64/362 – Talk to Willie, ask about the animal mask.
66/362 – Talk to Willie, ask about the voodoo murders. Taking him by surprise, he reveals the clue, pronouncing "Cabrit Sans Cor" (French) … sounds very defensive. Nudge the topic with Willie, asking about "Cabrit Sans Cor".
End other conversations.
Leave the Pharmacy. Drive to St. Louis Cemetery.
67/362 – Take a brick, lying on the ground in front of you.
69/362 – See the strange red markings on the side of Marie Laveau's tomb. Select your sketchbook from inventory and make a copy.
Now we're eating at Malia Geddy's Mansion.
74/362 – Knock on the front door and talk to the butler, who will open the door. Request to meet with Malia Geddy. He will deny you access, if you have no official business. Arm yourself with a police badge, which you stole from Moseley, and show the butler. He will allow you to enter.
You will be taken to the conference room, where Malia Geddy will join you later. You can chat a little, talking about art and sculpture.
Talk to Malia, ask about the lake, and then talk about any other topics, which you want. Leave “Flirting” until the last, otherwise you will not be able to return to other options later (you will understand, why). Ask her twice about voodoo.
76/362 – When you learn all the rest, start flirting with Malia a couple of times. She will understand, that you are not a policeman, and you will be asked to leave.
You will receive an achievement
Leave the Mansion grounds. Stop distractions, it's time to try to find out, what are these templates, which you copied from the police station. For this we need to go to Jackson Square, last place to explore.
Some new vendors and patrons fill Jackson Square on your second visit. Bottom left – child – tap dancer and hot dog seller, and at the top right – Artist.
Speak quickly with the Tap Dancer, who will tell you, what will fulfill requests for food or money. Hot dog seller, seem to be, connected with yesterday's cop and won't help you.
Okay, now go to the artist. Talk to your child, tap-dancing, ask, can he walk through the fence, to get a drawing for you. He says, that he needs money or food.
77/362 – Give the gift certificate from your inventory to the hot dog seller. The seller will give you a hot dog.
78/362 – Give the hot dog to the kid, tap-dancing, now he will fulfill a special request for you.
79/362 – Ask the child, tap-dancing, about a special request - D get the Drawing from behind the fence.
80/362 – Head north to the artist. Give him the drawing. The artist will ask, can he do anything, to return the service. Talk to the artist, if you want to.
82/362 – Prepare a photocopy of the patterns, which you got at the police station. Give it to the artist. He will ask, more painting parts, to complete the reconstruction.
83/362 – Prepare a sketch, which you did at the Pontchartrain Lake crime scenes. Give it to the artist. He says, that he has enough money, to complete the reconstruction, and that we have to come back tomorrow.
Let's go back to the bookstore. Talk to Grace and ask her to inquire about Madame Kazanna, whom you met at the pharmacy “Dixieland”.
It will end a long day

Chapter 3. "Goat Without a Heart"

86/362 – Grace will inform you, what did she learn about Madame Kazannu. She has a list of addresses, and we need to find the right one. You will receive a phonebook page with lists.
Talk to Grace, ask for messages messages. Moseley called and reported, that they have a suspect.
88/362 – Read the newspaper for the 3rd day. This should bring up the section, dedicated to university lecture, and make it an accessible place.
Go to your bedroom.
Use the Phone and attach the phone book to it.
Dial numbers 555 0128, to find the desired Kazannu residence.
90/362 – Dial a veterinary clinic 555 0170. Ask, is Mrs. Kazannu a client. When asked to prove, that you know her, select answer, concerning Castro (her dogs). You will be given an address.
After the call ends, you will receive the achievement
Leave the Bedroom and Shop.
Take a ride to Jackson Square. Time to see, what the artist discovered.
Head to the top right corner, where is the artist.
91/362 – Talk to the artist. He will be scared by that, what I saw in the finished drawing, and will gladly give it to you.
Go left to Madame Lorelei. Sit down and chat, ask about snakes. You will notice, that she is very caring and won't tell you, who did she get the snake from. End the conversation.
93/362 – Come closer to her, and she should get up and start dancing to the Kajun orchestra. While she dances, press the button “Use”. This should start the sequence, in which she sheds her veil. Lift her up.
95/362 – Use a magnifying glass on your veil. You will discover another snake scale. Lift her up.
96/362 – Talk to Madame Lorelei again. Give her back the veil. She is grateful and offers you free palm reading. (as a friend). Then, what does she see, scares her, and she runs away.
You will receive an achievement
97/362 – Take a closer look at the new scales of the snake. Gabriel will notice, what are these other scales, unlike found at the crime scene.
Get off Jackson Square, it's time to head back to St George's bookstore and update Grace on the latest developments.
99/362 – Talk to Grace, request a Study of the Pattern you found.
Exit St. George's Bookstore and visit the police station – time to see, who the suspect Moseley caught.
No need to mess with Frick this time, just go straight to Moseley's office.
Moseley will demand his badge back and give you a rather pathetic warning., and then proceed with a rather pathetic intervention. After that, how Tony gets back to the camera, talk to Mosley, if you want to.
Leave Moseley's office and police station.
Go to St. Louis Cathedral.
Time to ease Gabriel's sins, of which he has so many!
Enter the confessional on the right side and kneel before the altar.
Talk to the priest and repent of all sins. In a couple of minutes he'll be off for lunch break.. Exit the confessional and enter his booth. Open the box.
100/362 – Pick up the priest's collar.
Get out of the cathedral, go to Tulane University.
When will you arrive, you will need to listen to an interesting lecture about voodoo. This has been going on for a while, but quite informative.
102/362 – Finally, Gabriel will fall asleep and wake up, when the lecture is over.
You will receive an achievement
103/362 – Speak to Professor Hartridge, ask about Cabrit Sans Cor. He will explain, what does it literally mean “Goat without horns” or a fancy way of saying “human sacrifice”!
Explore other conversations. Remember, that they will disappear, when will be completed.
105/362 – Give Professor Hartridge a drawing from the artist. He will take a copy for review and call you., when he finds out.
Check your journal for notes, made during the lecture.
107/362 – Prepare a photo of the murder and show it to Professor Hartridge. He will reveal some new details..
Leaving the university to the Kazannu Residence.
Before you knock on the door. Go to your inventory and connect the black shirt and the priest's collar. Make the collar and shirt active and click on Gabriel. He will indicate, what does he need to do his hair, to match the disguise.
108 / 362 – Match the collar and shirt with hair gel.
110/362 – Equip a priest disguise from your inventory, click on Gabriel and put on your disguise.
111/362 – Knock on the door, tell, that you are father McLaughlin, and Madame Kazannu will let you in.
113/362 – Explore Conversations, leaving Cambrit without bark for later. Ask about Cabrit Sans Cor. When prompted, answer “Goat without horns”.
Ask Madame Kazanna about human sacrifice. Follow the conversation and ask about real voodoo queens, and then about Voodoo Haunfur. She will tell you a secret and ask you to bless a bracelet with a snake.
115/362 – Bless snake bracelet. Once you're done, use the clay from the lake on the snake bracelet.
You will receive an achievement
Exit the Kazannu Residence, head to St. Louis Cemetery.
Upon arrival, you will see the Watchman, talk to him.
117/362 – Ask the Watchman about Marie Laveau. You will learn about Dr. John, visiting every day, and about another tomb. Ask about other tombs.
The watchman will leave.
Travel to the desired tombs.
119/362 – Entering, you will see, how Malia Geddy leaves her grandmother's grave.
This chance encounter gives you the achievement:
We go to the bookstore of St. George. Talk to Grace. This day will end.
You will receive an achievement
End of the day 3.

Chapter 4. Snake eyes

121/362 – Gracie starts talking to you after your coffee, telling you about, what the pattern research found. It turns out, in 1810 year there was a series of murders along the same lines! Really, suspiciously. Just like that guy, who was staring at you from the bookstore window.
122/362 – Read the newspaper for the 4th day. You discover, that they dropped the voodoo murder case! Also the newspaper talks about Sam Springleton, master-jeweler in the bar "Napoleon".
125/362 – Talk to Gracie, ask her1 what messages are for you. Your grandmother called and wants, for you to come. Get a second message from Gracie, another one from Wolfgang Ritter (from Germany). Ask Gracie for his phone number. Get out of the conversation, to get a phone number.
We go to the police station.
Enter Mosley's office.
Talk to Mosley, ask him to reopen the case. You need to prove to Moseley a legitimate voodoo cult in New Orleans and give him a cult lead..
Leave the police station. Visit grandma.
127/362 – Talk to grandma, ask her about the Knight family. Walk through the family tree, there are several conversations in each of them. Grandma will advise you to visit the family grave in the cemetery, since he is so interested in family history.
Keep talking to Grandma and explore all topics (until there is only “Go out”). After listening to everything, select option “praise her”.
You will receive an achievement
Go upstairs to the attic, there you will find the most interesting watches (you can move symbols and arrows) and a big chest.
128/362 – Open the chest. You can move items, using them. At the bottom there is a cross and a book. Push them aside, to find the key.
Now it's a little tricky, we already know from our Diary, that Hans Ritter is Harrison Knight, your grandfather, but for that, to talk about it with grandma, you first need to solve the clock puzzle in the attic. It stumped me for a long time.
133/362 – Use a watch, Use the key in the keyhole on the side. Use your mouse, to move the clock to 3:00 (Big North Arrow, Little arrow to the East). Move characters to the outer edge, to display the Dragon at the top. This should unlock the watch box.
You will receive an achievement
138/362 - Take a photo and a letter.
139/362 – Look at the photo and letter.
141/362 – Go downstairs and talk to grandma again. Ask her about Heinz Ritter.
142/362 – Ask grandma, does she know Wolfgang Ritter.
Ask Granny about Shattenyager. It will now be widely available in conversations with others..
Say goodbye to grandma and go to the cemetery.
Go left, to the family tomb.
When you find yourself in front of the tomb, you will see 6 plaques on the grave, talk to each of them. When will it be done, the animal will run past the green vase and knock it over.
144/362 – Collect the $ 20 bill.
Hop on the motorcycle and head back to St. George's bookstore.
After all your morning travels, you return to the Store with a customer named Bruno.. Bruno asks to sell the painting on the wall.
146/362 – Ask Bruno, how much will he offer for a painting. Accept the offer in size 100 dollars.
Now you have 120 dollars, just the right amount, to buy an animal mask at the Dixieland pharmacy.
Go to the pharmacy “Dixieland”.
148/362 – Equip 120 dollars from your inventory. Give the money to Will for the animal mask. He will also give you some voodoo oil..
This will trigger an achievement
Leave the pharmacy and go to Napoleon Bar.
149/362 – Talk to the Bartender, study conversations, ask him about voodoo, and then about sam and voodoo.
150/362 – Give Sam voodoo oil.
He will pause his chess game and follow you to the bar.. Tell Sam, what is that, what does Marcus use, and that's why he wins all the time. Tell him, what is this powerful voodoo oil, and then, that it can bring good luck in the game!
152/362 – Sam is convinced! He uses voodoo oil and time intervals, to win the game. He offers to do you a favor for, what did you help him.
This will also lead to the achievement
153/362 – Time to pay Sam immediately for this service. Give Sam a clay bracelet shape, which you did. Sam is honored to help, and he said, that will contact him later today.
Get out of the bar, let's kill some time, while Sam gets to work.
Go to Jackson Square Observation Deck.
156/362 – Use the binoculars on the far right side. This will show, what crash (previously suspect Moseley) talked to the Drummer in Jackson Square.
Take a ride to Jackson Square, The drummer won't talk to you anyway, so keep moving north, to the cathedral. Find Crash here. He looks bad and doesn't trust you with the voodoo secret..
Let's go back to the bar.
157/362 – Sam will return with the bracelet and give it to you quickly. May be, it will convince Crash to trust you?
Return to the Cathedral.
158/362 – Show off your snake bracelet. Now he will talk to you.
160/362 – Ask Crash about The Drummer. This will reveal a few more secrets..
Ask Crash about other topics, leaving Voodoo Haunfur for last.
161/362 – Ask about Voodoo Haunfur. Crash dies, snake-eyed voodoo.
This will trigger an achievement:
163/362 – Take a closer look at the corpse. Pick up his shirt. Equip your sketchbook and make a tattoo copy.
Okay, let's not hang out. Exit the Cathedral.
Return to St George's Bookstore.
166/362 – Talk to Gracie, request a drum study.
167/362 – Go to the bedroom and use the phone. Now we can call Wolfgang Ritter.
Dial (011) 490-9324-3333
He will tell you to come to Germany, Gabriel refuses, so Wolfgang says, what will the diary send for Gabriel, it is very important.
This will end the Day 4 and will trigger the achievement:
End of the day 4.

Chapter 5. Secret message

169/362 – She reports, that you have a package from Germany, and also you are called by Professor Hartridge, excited by the find on vevey.
170/362 – Read the newspaper for the 5th day. Grace has no messages for you today.
171/362 – Read Wolfgang's letter.
172/362 – Check out Gunther's diary. Read the last entry.
This will unlock the achievement:
Exit the store and head to the university, to meet with Professor Hartridge.
Enter Hartridge's office.
174/362 – Inspect the table. This should provide a close-up view of the table.. Take a pencil and scribble it in a notebook. His notes will appear from indent. Take Hartridge's Notes.
You will report the corpse to the authorities on the way.
Go to the Voodoo Museum.
When you enter the museum, something is wrong! The lights are turned off, and no one answers you. What is it !?
179/362 – The snake will attack you. Remember the 2nd day? Use the switch, to scare away the snake. Dr. John will come in and, seem to be, don't worry too much about your encounter with death and will quickly kick you out. The museum is closed until the end of the day.
This will trigger an achievement:
Gabriel needs a soul-mantle after his near-death experience, so head back to St George's bookstore.
After your encounter with the snake, Gracie will notice, that you have something flickering on your face. She will take it off and put it in the ashtray on the table.
180/362 – Install the magnifying glass and inspect the ashtray.
181/362 – Arm yourself with tweezers and take the snake scale.
183/362 – Time for another detective job. This Serpent Scale is very similar to that, what we got at the crime scene on the lake. Open your inventory and combine two snake scales of the same color. That's a coincidence!
Okay, we have several things, but we still need to convince Moseley to reopen the case with evidence, which we found, and today a fortune-teller's appointment – voodoo. Let's collect all the evidence, what we can, before we go to the police station.
We go to the fortune teller. As soon as you are greeted, you sit down. Show her the voodoo cipher, which you scrawled in the Cemetery. She will tell you, what knows, how to read it, but not for outsiders, like Gabriel. Show her a drawing from an artist, and she will say, that this is strong magic.
184/362 – Speak to Fortune Teller Magenta, ask about Grimwald (snake). If you ask her for scales, she will refuse, but she will demonstrate, how to handle a snake while dancing.
186/362 – While she dances, take snake skin in a cage.
187/362 – Examine snake skin.
Gabriel will discover, that these are different scales, which means, that the fortune teller is not a suspect.
189/362 – Talk to Magenta again, ask about St John's Eve.
Ask Maggentia again about the voodoo cipher. Gabrielle will convince her to give him a chance. This will start the puzzle at the LOA machine..
If you press the button “Start” left, you will see, how two words appear, when the machine loops through different characters. These are the words “TRUSTED” (First line) and “FRIEND” (Second line).
The puzzle works, when you click on each of the colored knobs at the bottom, to write “TRUSTED FRIEND”. there is 13 lunch and 13 letters, but it's not that easy.
192/362 – Solve the puzzle! Once you complete the puzzle, Magentia will decrypt the voodoo cipher for you.
You will also receive the achievement:
End any other conversations, which you want, and also do not forget to look at the translation of the voodoo codepage.
It will be said there: “Dr. Jones, Conclave Tonight, bring the whip”. Seem to be, he is more involved, what shows.
Leaving the fortune teller's house.
Go to the police station.
Enter Mosley's office.
Talk to Moseley about the deaths of Crash and Hartridge. You will try to convince Moseley, that they are connected. This is not enough.
We need to install, that they are associated with real voodoo, and show, that they pose a threat. We also need to find a clue. Oh my God! Get out of the conversation.
Convince Mosley, what voodoo is real:
194/362 – Arm sketch notebook, which you purchased from the Hartridge office, Show Mosley, he proves, what simobolism, used in murders, real. Moseley begins to pay attention to it..
196/362 – Equip the reconstructed drawing, artist squared, showing all the pieces together and show Moseley. Mosley is impressed! He is convinced, what is this voodoo.
Convince Mosley, that they pose a threat:
198/362 – Prepare a voodoo newspaper article from 1810 of the year, which Grace found, and show Moseley. Now Moseley will believe, that they pose a threat. They've killed before and will kill again.
Give Moseley a tip:
200/362 – Show Moseley Combo Flakes, giving convincing evidence of a new lead in the museum. Moseley will reopen the case.
This will also lead to the achievement:
Leaving the police station will end the day.
You will also receive the achievement:
End of the day 5.

Chapter 6. St. John's Night

The nightmare returned last night.
201 / 362 – You wake up and find, that Grace found a bloody chicken on the store floor. Someone is sending us a message? We will remove it automatically.
We will receive a mysterious letter.
202/362 – Read the newspaper for the 6th day. Will tell you, where St. John's Eve is traditionally celebrated and a rather ominous picture of horror.
203/362 – Pick up a letter from the floor.
205/362 – Open it.
It will contain a note from Moseley and an office key.. Moseley says, that there might be something useful in his office.
Exit the Bookstore, go to the Police Station.
Will you notice the car, parked in front of the police station. It seems, he gets busier every day.
Enter the police station. Freak will not allow you to enter Moseley's office. Talk to Frick, and he will explain, why. Becomes unsettling, whether it is not true? Get out of the lot.
206/362 – Use the car in front of the station. Take the pry bar next to the dead Crow behind the car..
208/362 – Follow the parked car into the alley to the left of the screen. Use the pry bar on the Moseley window, to access.
This will trigger an achievement:
You have nothing else to do in the office., so go to the table.
210/362 – Use Moseley's Key (from a letter this morning) in the table.
211/362 - Take your sensor tracking device. This will begin the video about, how Gabriel is being chased!
Now you're heading to the French Quarter.
We need to hide for a while.
Go to the graveyard.
Look at the markings on the side of Marie Leveau's grave. Gabriel will notice, that they have changed.
213/362 – Equip your sketchbook and make a copy of these new marks. This will show up as a voodoo code page 2.
215/362 – Using the translated voodoo codepage 1, which you got from the fortune teller, combine pages 1 and 2. This will translate the page 2. Now we only have enough 3 codes 3 letters.
This translation reads:
in English… “DJ Keep Eyes On GK but do not harm.”
We need to guess (in Russian):
– Dr. Jones, keep your eyes on Gabriel Knight, but don't harm him.”
Also remember from yesterday the message on the page 1: “Dr. Jones, Conclave Tonight, bring Fweta Kas (special whip)”.
I think, it's time to pay a visit to Dr. Jones.
Travel to the voodoo museum.
Before you do anything here, to help with one of the following puzzles, i recommend you turn on subtitles, if you haven't already. You need to pay attention to the spelling of the traditional name of the Coffin.
Talk to Dr. Jones, he is silent tonight, and will no longer talk to you.
218/362 – Equip one of the tracking devices and use it on the Coffin (he is Sekei Madule).
This will trigger an achievement:
After that, how do you do it, Dr. John will close the Museum for the evening and kick you out.
Get to Jackson Square.
Seem to be, Madame Lorelei returned from her insane session a few days ago.
221/362 – Talk to Madame Lorelei. She will warn you, to keep you away from Malia Geddy, or will you pay with your life! Then she disappears.
Step up to the drummer, who will not talk to you (that one, with whom you caught Crash earlier). Equip Rada's book and use it on the drummer.
You can now try to translate a message from the drummer. Wait for the complete sequence to complete, and then you can start.
there is 3 word pages for character translation, with code in 2 lines, represented by the drummer.
The drummer's code contains a number of pieces from the book “Council”.
Advice: there is 3 the words.
Advice: Pay close attention to the patterns on the character pages in the book. Look, each page always starts with a specific character. It means, that every word, hidden in the text, will start with one of these characters.
Advice: Start at the first character, find the first of the three hidden characters. Go to this page and find the right word. Continue in the next two words.
226/362 – Following the tips above, decipher the drummer's message, as shown in the picture on the right. Code – “Conclave, tonight, swamp”.
After decoding, an achievement will appear:
There's nothing else to do here, so let's go back to the graveyard and see, can we learn more about this voodoo cipher.
Travel to the cemetery
Time for another violation of the law, this time for vandalism. If you appear at the location and the watchman will clean the graves, go to the map and come back again to the moment, when the watchman takes his things and leaves the location.
Equip the brick, which you picked up here a while ago.
Use the brick on the side of the grave.
This will cause translated characters to appear. What do we need to do, so this is to rewrite the code on the side of the tomb, so we can get Dr. John to drive the coffin (you put the transmitter there) to a meeting of voodooists.
Attempt “DJ Tonight Bring Coffin” won't work. They will know, that it was written by an outsider.
In the museum, when you examined the coffin, it was easy to miss the hint, Where, according to Gabriel, Professor Hartridge calls it “Seki Madule”. Okay, that you had subtitles, to get the spelling correct!
Let's try this:
231/362 – Enter “DJ Tonight Bring Sekey Madoulé”. You will also need to use all 3 unknown characters from decoding code page 2 voodoo.
Advice: You can switch between the two Voodoo codepages at the top of the screen.
Completing the secret message on the tomb will result in the achievement:
Okay, we sent a message, to take the coffin to Dr. Jones. Time to get ready for the voodoo party on St. John's Eve!
Go to St George's Bookstore.
If you had keen observation, would you notice, that next to Grace there is a briefcase with works of art on the table. We need to look like part of the tribe in today's conclave., so get a snake tattoo and talk to Grace.
234/362 – Grace will ask, what is this for. You need to answer it “costume party” and answer that, that Grace doesn't want to help because of Malia, said – “If you are jealous”. The cutscene will begin.
Get out of the bedroom, and then from the store.
Head to St. John's Channel.
You start with parking. Enter the strait.
The narrator will give you a hint, how to pull out the tracking device.
Equip a tracking device and follow the direction of the point. That is, do the same, what would you do in an Alien game 🙂
237/362 – Get to the entrance to the Ceremony. It will take approximately 4-6 screens.
241/362 – Put on your crocodile mask. Gabrielle will take off her shirt and shoes and join the ceremony. If you don't, you will be killed!
Now is the time in the game to see, have you paid attention to history.
Dr. John, he is Brother Eagle, will ask you some questions, to prove your loyalty.
You have limited time, to reply.
Answer Wrong, and you will be killed!
You can try again, if you go astray 🙂
1) Name the great serpent, which crushes everyone in its rings? – Damballa
2) Who is the destroyer of people? – Ogun Badagris
This will trigger a long scene, when Gabrielle witnesses all kinds of obscurantism. Then he sees Malia at the ceremony and he will pass out.…
You will receive an achievement
End of the day 6.

Chapter 7. A trip to the homeland of ancestors

You slowly wake up from that, that grace shakes you, trying to wake up. When you come to your senses, she tells you, who followed you to the Ceremony, and when you passed out, came in and saved you. Grace now believes, that you have a connection with these voodoo murders, and urges you to call Wolfgang Ritter, to find answers to some questions.
Grace won't have any messages for you today.
242/362 – Before leaving the bedroom, use the phone. Call Wolfgang Ritter.
Dial (011) 490-9324-3333
Explore all the conversations with Uncle Wolfgang. (Leave the yellow until the last)
Ask about Chattenjager. Wolfgang will explain, what does this mean “Shadow hunter”. Heinz kept it a secret from Gabriel..
Ask about Tetelo twice, then ask three times about the talisman.
Wolfgang says, that we need to find the remains of Tetelo, to return the talisman. Without the power of a talisman, we cannot succeed..
Ask twice about Tetelo's remains. Wolfgang says, that they can be in their African homeland or here, in New Orleans.
244/362 – Ask about your African homeland. Gabriel talks to Wolfgang about Professor Hartridge's research, who have pinpointed a possible location. Wolfgang is excited and says, what will do it.
After that, you will activate the achievement:
245/362 – Read the newspaper for the 7th day. He will inform you about strange lights and reports of ghosts on the channel last night.
The journal entry suggests finding a safe place and finding out, what's happening.
Exit the Bookstore and go to the graveyard.
Go right, to the grave of Geddi. Now you will notice the red button, accessible on the wall of the tomb, which will give you access there.
247/362 – Use the button on the tomb. You will enter a dark room.
248/362 – Go to your inventory and equip a flashlight, and then use it on Gabriel or the dark. After activation, move the mouse pointer, to look around.
On the far left wall is the Ossuary.
Use Ossuary. This will zoom in on the image..
250/362 – You will see 5 gems in the sockets of skulls. Press them in the correct order. Your hint dangles at the bottom of the skulls.
Correct order – north, south, west, East, Centre.
This will open one of the unnamed burial chambers..
252/362 – Use the burial chamber. A surprise awaits you!
Gabriel is knocked out from behind.
When he comes to his senses, it will trigger an achievement:
Open the burial chamber again. Mosley is gone, but his wallet remained.
255/362 – Take Moseley's wallet, then open it. This will allow you to collect your credit card.
Press the red button on the right side wall, to get out of Geddi's tomb.
Get out of the cemetery.
There's nothing more to do today in any of these places.
Go to St George's Bookstore.
Upon her return, Grace convinces you to get out of town., before it's too late, and also says, that you missed a call from Wolfgang. He said, what found something, what was looking for, and that castle Ritter is now yours. Gabriel doesn't know, what does it mean. maybe, better follow Grace's advice.
Head to the bedroom.
Pick up the phone. When you choose this option, Gabriel will announce, that he has a travel agent number on his phone page, which he has. How lucky 🙂
260/362 – Dial 555-0113, to call the travel agency. Ask, how much does it cost for Ritterberg, Germany. When the agent asks, how do you want to pay, choose “Pay by card”.
You can pick up your tickets at New Orleans International Airport (now available on the Greater New Orleans map).
Get out of the bedroom and shop, go to the airport.
Greetings from Gerda. She makes you feel right at home, but, Alas, Wolfgang is not here!
Well, since we should feel at home…
261/362 – Look at the weapons on the far wall. Take the polished dagger. You already feel safe?
Enter the chapel.
Look at each of 6 wall paintings and talk to stained glass (Yes, with stained glass).
These canvases contain clues. Return to Gerda and talk to her.
Ask about Wolfgang. ask, where did he go. Ask about the library.
262/362 – Ask for half a thousand at the Chapel, then about the initiation ceremony.
Go up, to the bedroom.
263/362 – Take the scissors on the dresser.
264 / 362 – Take the scroll in the case above the dresser.
265 / 362 - Take the chamber pot.
Look at the poem, written above the door on the left. Will you read it.
266/362 – Talk to Gerda, ask about the poem.
She will translate into English for you:
Open your diary, your latest entry gives you a hint as to, that the initiation ceremony of Shattenaguer has something to do with 6 canvases in the chapel.
Go to the bedroom.
267/362 – Open the window and use the puddle. Will you wash your hands, and the narrator announces, that you performed the action on the first picture of the canvas.
268/362 – Equip the scissors. Use scissors on Gabriela, and he will go to the mirror. The second canvas is ready.
Come on down, to the hall.
269/362 – Take the salt off the table.
Equip a chamber pot and return to the chapel.
Use the chamber pot on the altar. Use the salt on the chamber pot. The third canvas is ready.
Equip yourself with a dagger and use it on Gabriel. The fourth canvas is finished.
Use the altar, to kneel. The fifth canvas is finished.
274/362 – While you kneel at the altar, take the scroll and use it.
This will be the starting point for the initiation ceremony of the Shattenieger and the cool video.
This will trigger an achievement:
As soon as the video is finished, the 7th day will end.
You will receive an achievement
End of the 7th day.

Chapter 8. Bookworm

You wake up in the bedroom, you slept badly and you feel bad after the initiation ceremony.
275/362 – A mysterious key flickers at the edge of the bed, which you imagined last night. Gerda put it here? Take the key.
278/362 – Use the key in the door.
Have you discovered the library. Time to do some research and find Wolfgang.
Take a look around, you can check several categories of interests, but they won't get you any closer to your goal.
Use the picture of the disassembled parts of the shield on the right side wall. New puzzle to solve.
Just click on one square, and then click on another, to swap parts. It seemed to me, which is easiest to start from the center, and then work with the outside of the picture.
280/362 – After solving the problem, a secret passage will open, triggering achievement:
Enter the secret room. Once inside, you will see, that this is the trophy room of the shatten.
281/361 - Take the book "People's Republic of Benin". This will lead you to another book in the main library.
282/362 – Go to section “Sociology” and use to read the book "Primitives". It will detail some of the more important knowledge, which will lead you to another book called “Ancient roots of Africa”.
283/362 – Go to the Stories section and use, to read "The Ancient Roots of Africa". Even more information about the origin of all bloodshed is contained in the book about the tribe of the sun worshipers..
284/362 – Go to the Religion section and use the book "Sun worshipers" to read. The book reveals more information, but you need to read the book "Ancient excavations of Africa".
285/362 – Go to the Archeology section and use for reading the book "Ancient excavations of Africa". Here you will learn about the Great Serpent Mound in the Red Basin, Benin. It's a double serpentine formation, which, as they say, hides a temple.
This will trigger an achievement:
Talk to Gerda, ask her about the key, and then exit.
Don't ask her about the book “Serpentine mound” not on your nelly!!!
286 / 362 – Use a book “Serpentine mound” of Gerda. She will be amazed!
287/362 – Gerda organizes a ticket to Africa, but first asks you, how do you want to pay !? Select all, what do you want, but to proceed you need to use a Moseley credit card (thanks again for that!).
This will end your very short day as a bookworm.. You will receive an achievement
End of the day 8.

Chapter 9. Serpentine mound

Having received a ticket, you go to Africa and the Serpentine Mound. A local driver will take you there.
Enter the Serpentine Barrow, where you will come across a row of rooms.
You will notice, that the shape of the Serpent Mound, and also the rooms in it are built in the shape of a circle. You can go either clockwise, either counterclockwise, both will lead you back to the exit. Total in the mound 12 rooms (Imagine, what is this watch).
Go to each of the rooms. Take each of the tiles, which you see.
288/362 – Raise the serpentine rod to the ground.
There are 10 snake tiles. Once you take them all, it will trigger an achievement:
Keep on traveling, until you return to the starting point (where is the exit).
We now have all the tiles and the snake rod, we need to find out, how to fit them into grooves, engraved in the walls, so that we can explore the inner circle of the mound. Look at the tiles with snakes, you will notice, that each of them is numbered by the number of snakes, present in the hieroglyph. This is a hint about, where to place them.
You will also see, that you are missing two tiles for the numbers 7 and 12 (hence, 10 tiles for 12 rooms).
From the starting point, move clockwise to the next room. This unique room has a fresco (a door), and the tile is already inserted in place. Take a close look at this tile and count the number of snakes. You should get 7. If you keep moving clockwise, you will also stumble upon another tiled room, locked in place, in which there are 12 the serpent. You should be able to subtract from this, where to start placing tiles correctly, just start with 7 or 12 rooms and keep adding the next tiles in the set in each room.
291/362 – Put everything 10 tiles in the correct slots.
If you are not there yet, return to exit room (room 6).
Everything, what do you need to decipher, – this is a serpentine rod and a place, where to put it. In the center of each tile, you would notice, what is the hole. This is where you need to place the serpentine rod., but which room from 12?
Equip the Serpentine Rod. Although the most logical place, apparently, is the room 7 (with fresco / door), it won't work.
There were several clues throughout the game, who pointed you in the right direction, to save money with just trial and error. Remember the clock puzzle? Remember a German poem? Remember the number of snakes in Gabriel's dreams? Yes! Let's try a room 3. Head counterclockwise (Exit to the previous room) for 3 rooms.
IMPORTANT: Save your game here. Dangers Ahead! be ready!
296/362 – Use the snake rod on the tile with 3 snakes.
I think, Gabriel woke something up. Mummies come to life! Our goal here is to get to the room 7 and doors to the center of the mound. Move fast and avoid mummies! In the room 5 first go to the outside edge, and then select the door to the room 6.
298/362 – In the room 6, surrounded by 3 mummies, use the vines in the middle of the room, to go through.
This will trigger an achievement
300/362 – Use the snake rod in the hole inside the door frame. Be quick, or die!
After driving Indiana Jones style, you reach the center of the mound.
Take a moment, to recover, and talk to Wolfgang.
301/362 – Use a cover, Wolfgang will try to help you, but it's useless … will need 10 strong men!
You will see 2 long stripes on the wall.
302/362 – Use one of the bars, Wolfgang will help put it in the lid.
303/362 – Use a second bar.
Wolfgang will explain, what for, to open the lid, it will take a human heart (blood sacrifice). Wolfgang suggests trying one of the mummy's hearts, skeptical Gabriel goes to find out.
Move to the left side of the screen, and you will see a dead mummy. Arm yourself with a dagger, use it on a mummy.
It will trigger a tragic scene and end the day.
313/362 – Found! Now you have a Talisman.
You will receive an achievement
End of the day 9.

Chapter 10. Conclave Headquarters (part 1)

Received the mascot in Africa from Wolfgang, who made the last sacrifice, you go back to New Orleans, worrying about Grace and how, what will happen next. On the plane home, you will be amazed at the clue that, where the sacrifice will take place. Right in front of you all the time, in Jackson Square.
Coming home to St George's bookstore, you discover, that Grace was kidnapped!
314/362 – Take a note, left on Grace's desk. This is from Malia, The body captured her and kidnapped Grace, to make you return the talisman.
I read the Note, you will be surprised! Mosley, he turns out to be alive! After explaining, you both go to the bedroom., to talk. Communicate with each other on all suggested topics. Do the right thing and give Moseley his credit card back.
316/362 – Make a plan with Moseley. Need to catch Geddy with some hard evidence, and Moseley said, what can take them to the FBI. You give the tracking device back to Moseley and plan to place it at the entrance to the conclave headquarters., as soon as Gabriel finds him. Together you will save Grace, get proof and get out of here.
Get out of the bedroom.
317/362 – Quickly read local news and get out. Old habits are hard to break.
Head to Jackson Square and get around. Nothing out of the ordinary here, so let's expand our search to the Cathedral.
In the cathedral, as always, quiet. You can use the confessional on the right side.
Enter the Confessional.
Take a look around, and you will see a hole in the far wall of the confessional.
320/362 – Equip a snake rod and use on the hole. The confessional will turn into an elevator and take you underground.
Save your game before exiting the confession elevator.
At this stage, you have a choice. You can either get off the confession elevator and walk alone and get (Achieving Mission Alone) through the conclave headquarters, or you can leave Moseley the signal device, to find the entrance and help you (Achievement of Strength in numbers).
I recommend that you first complete the game to achieve solo up to that point, when you find grace (cm. Next section), as I think, that it is impossible to complete the game without Moseley. When you get a solo achievement, load the confession elevator savepoint, which you did earlier, and go through again, to gain strength in reaching numbers and complete the game.
Note: To get the achievement Master Shattenjager, you will also need Moseley's help.
321 / 362 – Use the Serpentine Rod on the bench..
322 / 362 – Use a tracking device on the kneeling part of the bench.
Get off the confession elevator.
This will trigger an achievement:
Exit to the corridor
The conclave headquarters has a similar design, like the Serpent's Mound, which you visited in Africa (wheel in wheel again). Yet again, there is 12 rooms, with a room in the center.
The numbers follow the same numbering sequence, as in the Serpent Mound. You start in a room 6 (same starting position, as the mound). Each section has access to the center.
Let's turn counterclockwise (at the bottom of the screen) and explore the rooms.
Room 5: Nothing interesting.
324/362 – Room 4: There is a black book on the table in front of you (sorry, "African American book"). Take the black book. You now have strong evidence for the FBI!
Room 3: You will meet Brother Eagle (Dr. John), praying at the altar of voodoo. There is a key card on the wall, but you can't reach her. Leave the room quickly, until he noticed you, otherwise you are dead!
Room 2: You will find Malia, you hide. Malia pleads in vain to Tetelo to save Gabriel's life and runs out of the room upset..
Room 1: The door is locked. (Let's come back later)
Room 12: Empty bedroom.
Room 11: The door is locked. (Let's come back later)
Room 10: Looks like a pen for sacrificial animals, with a variety of animals from Chickens and Goats to Snakes and Spiders.
Room 9: Empty bedroom.
Room 8: The door is locked. (Let's come back later)
326/362 – Room 7: Utility room. Take the robes and both animal masks.
Combine masks and robes.
Once you finish exploring the whole room, go to the center. Save the game!!!
We need to get the keycard from Dr. John's room.. From the inner circle, his room to the right.
Use the drums on the right side.
331/362 – Summon Brother Eagle, and then quickly leave. You cannot go straight to the right, since Dr. John will come in from there. Exit in the lower right corner, which will lead to the room 5.
Head towards the exit at the bottom of the screen. Keep going, until you reach the room 3.
333 / 362 – Enter the room 3. Quickly grab the key card and leave the room.
Exit to the bottom of the screen again into the room 2. You will hear, that Dr. John returned to his room. Come down again, to the room 1.
334/362 – Use the key card on the keyboard, you will enter the room 1. It is you who entered successfully!
335/362 - Take an obscene amount of cash (that is, take several times in a row) 🙂
We leave the room 1, although I would not like, right?)
Head to the lower exit and go to the room 11.
336/362 – Reinsert the key card and use it on the keyboard to enter the room 11. Awful, Gabriel doesn't want to touch anything here, so go away.
Note: To get the Shattenegger Rookie achievement, do not enter the room 11 during one of your first playthroughs. This guarantees, what do you get less, than 362 points at the end of the game. Save your game before entering this room, so you can go back and do it with full points for reaching Master Shatteneager.
Another locked inspection door in the room 8. Keep using the bottom outlet, to get to the room 8.
Good time for another save game, since you will need to do the next part several times, to run all achievements.
337/362 – Use the keycard on the keyboard again and enter the room 8.
339/362 - Use Talisman on Grace. Moseley will appear, if you left the tracking device and the serpentine rod in the confessional. You will quickly tell Grace about, what's happening. Time for a plan.
Equip a boar disguise from your inventory. Give it to Moseley (if he is there, otherwise skip this step).
Equip the Wolf disguise from your inventory and use it on Gabriel. Don't stay too long! (only required if, if Moseley is not there).
This will trigger one of two achievements depending on whether, will moseley be with you:
Reboot to the Confession Lift savepoint, leave the tracking device and snake rod for Moseley, to get the next achievement, when you get back to the room 8:

Chapter 10. Conclave Headquarters (part 2)

You will be taken to the ceremony and will see a video.
344/362 – Use the talisman on Malia, to stop the body, hurting grace.
Moseley will shoot Dr. John and run to Grace., to protect her. Malia threatens to kill both of them, if you don’t give her the talisman.
347/362 – Pass the mascot to Moseley. Moseley and Grace can escape.
The body now holds you there, where he wants!
352/362 – Raise the idol Geddy, smashing it on the ground.
362/362 – Save Malia!
This will trigger an achievement:
If you let time run out and DO NOT save Malia, then it will trigger an achievement:
If you decide to kill Malia, then you will not get the achievement of the 10th day or the shatteneger, and you won't survive, so it might be good to get it over with first.
There are multiple results, depending on your actions, so relax and enjoy the results of your labors.
You will receive an achievement
End of Day 10 and End of the Game.
Remember: do not enter the room 11 in one of your playthroughs, to get it.
Remember: Leave the tracking device and the serpentine rod for Moseley, enter the room 11 and save Malia.

Hopefully, you liked the game and its manual! Until next time, friends 😉

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