World of Tanks: Guide for beginners

An obligatory element for a successful start of the game is training. Question by type: How to learn to play WoT, has one single answer - go through the training. Unlike similar projects, tanks do not throw a novice player into battle without providing the necessary set of information. For, to ensure the efficient operation of the balance and rating system, you must first complete a training course for a novice fighter, which will guide the player to the most important aspects of the game. By itself, what to get the entire stock of information, which, by the way, quite a lot, you should take the course first, and after that, start studying the material of this build. At first glance it may seem, that a lengthy and protracted learning process is an unnecessary step. A good incentive to complete such a task will be the opportunity to get a premium account for three days., as well as a pretty decent amount of in-game currency and useful equipment to improve the battle tank. therefore, ignoring the very first stage is not at all reasonable, and the first step is to undergo training.


Combat vehicles

Since the release of the game, and even while writing this guide for newbies on WoT, developers from the WarGaming studio are constantly introducing new tank models, which, by the way, are very efficiently integrated into the overall rating system in a balanced manner. At the time of the current game patch, the number of military equipment represents the following countries: USA, Germany, the USSR, China, Britain, France. In addition to careful adherence to the graphic component of real prototypes, tank are divided into light, heavy and medium. Remarkably, that at the beginning of the game a limited number of vehicles and mostly light types are available to a beginner. In the course of reaching new levels, the player will be given access to new, innovative combat technologies. After accumulating and obtaining the "silver" status, the player will be given the opportunity to improve the tank through perfect and effective combat modules. Depending on the choice, the improvement process concerns a tank of a particular model and is improved separately. When, if you deposit a certain amount of money, you can purchase equipment of the "premium" level, which will provide the farm with a huge amount of credits.

At the very beginning of the game, try to follow the guide and use only two countries for pumping: USA and USSR. Anyway, in the process of accumulating gaming experience, you can replenish the hangar with equipment from other countries. But first, to understand the intricacies of the technology of these countries will be the best choice for a beginner. We pump only two branches at most, for, so that the number of talent points is enough for a competent and comprehensive improvement of equipment. It is recommended to start with heavy tanks of the above countries, because minor mistakes in this case can be forgiven, and the equipment itself is very unpretentious during operation.

The tank's combat kit is a pretty tricky question., which must be studied responsibly. This guide to WoT for beginners describes the main points of the game, technical questions about gameplay, interface and technology. Anyway, ammunition is divided into three main types:

  • BB. These cartridges are used against particularly heavy and medium vehicles., whose armor is unusually hard and strong;
  • High-explosive. An effective remedy against light vehicles, as well as artillery installations;
  • Cumulative and subcaliber. The cost of these ammunition is very high and is bought for real money.. However, the effectiveness of such shells is very high and the best tool against heavy equipment.

Hangar. Interface

After completing the tutorial or when you first enter the game, you should carefully study the in-game interface of the main menu. Hangar is the main place, in which the repair and replacement of components of our combat vehicle is carried out. The main tab of the hangar is the item "maintenance", which is responsible for the process of restoration of the tank from damage received in battle. Remarkably, that the process of repairing a combat vehicle for in-game currency is rather painstaking, since you need to do it every time. To avoid this, the player can activate the useful auto repair function. However, you should monitor the level of resources, since consumable, used for replenishment of combat stock quite valuable. For, to understand, how to learn to play WoT from scratch I would like to note the importance of this function. Watch closely, so that combat resources are always in abundance.

In addition to the function of the main function of repairing and equipping a combat vehicle, hangar is an information point, which contains a huge amount of information, concerning the history of all tank models in the game. The main hangar combines comprehensive information on the technical equipment of tanks, carriage, as well as tanks directly. Unlike similar projects, the crew of our tank is a very important component of the gameplay. In this case, the absence of a driver in the car of an ordinary racing simulator for the game is not acceptable. The degree of realism in WTO is very high. So, for effective control of the tank, it will be required from 2 to 6 man of personnel. For, to check the status of the crew, go to the appropriate tab "Barracks", where you can find all the information of interest about. Also, each human resource is divided according to the type of work performed: mechanic, loader and others. Also, in the Barracks tab, you can see the number of free crew available for use. Remarkably, that warriors also have their own experience scale. During training and participation in a huge number of battles, your, for example, the technician will gain more skills and experience and become much more effective in battle. The gained experience points are recommended to be spent on learning new character abilities. Also, each fighter is assigned a certain number of awards for outstanding military service. If the need arises, the player can easily change the specialization of the tank's battle team, by training on a different type of technique.

Crew leveling is an extremely important function when studying the WoT beginner's guide. Using a special information tab, you can get acquainted with the skills of the player's tankers. In this tab, you can mark general and specialized skills. Some skills allow you to get a good boost during the game, for example the skill "Sixth Sense", which will be available at a later stage of leveling, will give an opportunity to understand in advance, when the enemy will aim at your tank. Other skills are also very effective and useful., therefore, regular participation in battles pumps and provides your crew with a huge amount of experience.

A useful feature of the "Research" tab is the availability of various experiments for technology. Follow that, so that the pumped talents partially touch, to effectively use skill points, and also usefully save them. Also, in this section, you can easily test new combat modules for strength and resilience in battle. Understand in detail the principle of operation of certain new technical modules. A training ground is a great way to test a tank before, how to get it and start the battle.

Also, so-called research trees allow you to carefully study the development branches of a particular country. As stated earlier, technical characteristics of the machines fully correspond to the real ones, however, some aspects, yet, changed, for, to ensure the best in-game balance. In the development branch itself, you can easily hover the mouse cursor over the tank you are interested in and find out all the information on the topic. Remarkably, that the so-called premium tanks are a separate item on the tech tree.

The battle

To effectively conduct the first battle, you must go through all the stages of training, which are mentioned above. In the first battle, beginners have access to a limited number of cards, such as: "Mines", Mittengard, "Winter Himmelsdorf". Don't worry at the start of battles, after all, most opponents in this mode are bots - artificial intelligence, which forgives common beginner mistakes. After a series of fights in this mode, the player is given the opportunity to participate in real battles. Bright, the red button "Into battle" will take the player directly to the battlefield. An ordinary game card is a square with a size of 1 km. Also, except for rural areas, there are more than 800 meters of urban area. The composition and number of enemy tanks is 30 units. When, 15 of them enemies. Detailed information, concerning the nicknames and models of the combat vehicle is shown on the left and right, respectively. Each battle has a separate combat mission, which should definitely be done. Hot keys Ctrl + Tab will allow you to remove information about players. Also, the top shows detailed statistics on the number of destroyed and remaining military equipment. Remarkably, that capturing the point will not lead to victory, only the destruction of all opponents can ensure an unconditional victory in the battle.

Most of the guides for newbies to 2021 year on the game WoT does not contain that mandatory information about the combat interface. So, after the start of the battle in the lower left corner, you should pay attention to the peculiar projection of our tank, with color display of the current state of the crew and the tank. Characteristics of the state of the undercarriage of the tank, radio module, as well as the state of the weapon - an important component of the battle. The excellent condition of the combat vehicle modules should be carefully maintained.. Potential damage to one or another part of the tank is a serious problem. Moreover, damage to a crew member will lead to, that the combat effectiveness of the tank will decrease many times.

Pretty interesting, how well worked out absolutely all elements of the game, since damage to the gunner will result in, that the aiming accuracy of the gun will be significantly reduced. When a shell hits the heart of a tank - the engine, will lead to, that the maximum movement speed of the unit will be reduced, and in some cases, the tank will be completely immobilized. The solution to these problems is possible by using a repair kit or by the efforts of the tank crew.. However, repair of transport by personnel will lead to a partial restoration of combat effectiveness. As for lethal damage, inflicted on a crew member, a first aid kit will be an effective remedy, which will help restore the functionality of the lost soldier. Moreover, the tank commander can - in the case of the learned "Jack of all trades" skill, take the position of the lost crew member. For efficient movement around the map, you should use the mini-map on the bottom right. The map is laid out in ten sectors. Green indicators mean allies, when red marks show the location of the enemy (enemies, which you and your allies see).

How to play WoT correctly - learn to follow the minimap. Frequent cases, when the priority of a given function is underestimated and completely undeserved. So, depending on the shape of the point on the radar, you can also select the type of car. For instance, rhombus figurine means light battle tank, when the triangle signals PT. It is highly recommended to control the position of forces during the fight.. So, try to keep track of the position of your allies, and by this, stay close to the main unit. Since a tragic situation cannot be avoided, and a massive environment by enemies from many points will have dire consequences. Control the number of remaining shells of your combat vehicle, which can be traced from the bottom of the screen. Also, icons represent equipment, which has not yet been used, for example: fire extinguisher, repair kit or first aid kit. And only if, if you purchased a first aid kit in advance. By the way, cases, when the fire of the tank led to destruction very multiple. therefore, fast and effective fire localization is our choice, which will help to continue the fight at a safer distance.


Combat and strategic actions are the most important stages of preliminary planning.. Should be clearly understood, that the task of LT, primarily, is an effective exploration of the territory. And also the detection of the enemy on the map. Even, when the guns of such a tank are ineffective, strategic advantage can win the battle. This tactic will be very useful in case, when the team has a large amount of artillery, which mainly fights by targeting the terrain. Having decided on the direction of movement, the battle will gradually shift in favor of the player. It is recommended to use chat to communicate with allies, after all, such a model of behavior will help to unite, and guaranteed to win.

The WoT Beginner's Guide draws on the real-world experience of professional players, who won a lot of difficult victories. At the beginning of the match, pay attention to the movement of allies, as well as traces on the surface. Remarkably, that by the nature of the tracks it is possible to determine the type of equipment, which has recently headed in one direction or another. Use the mini-map all the time, after all, competent tactical superiority almost always wins. After gaining experience, even a beginner will be able to very accurately notice those very well-trodden places, and also use this advantage to your advantage. However, this kind of thinking is typical not only for experienced players. Should be understood, that almost all players on the map notice these paths. And participating in the general flow of heavy and medium vehicles, can be subject to a potentially devastating enemy attack. Also, the negative side of the positional combat strategy is the danger of enemy fire from the flank. After all, with a rather cunning maneuver, you can bypass the enemy from the flank and inflict devastating damage from the side.

Artillery. Class subtleties

SPG or Artillery is a class, which was mentioned several times in this WoT guide for beginners. The firing range of the class is distinguished by a huge firing distance in the amount of up to 1 km. An additional function of this is to view the map from above, which greatly helps in the process of fighting. Anyway, artillery effectively fires at vehicles in cover, which will help to destroy the positional attack of the enemy. This class is a perpetual motion machine of confrontation between players in WoT. The main reason for this is the ammunition.. High-explosive shells - the most dangerous type of weapon with huge outgoing damage in the area. An experienced and cold-blooded artilleryman is able to destroy entire groups of enemies. therefore, the popularity of high-explosive ammunition is obvious. After lengthy disputes on this issue, the development team came to a single conclusion - to nerf the effectiveness of artillery installations. As a result, technique of this type received a long delay before firing, which limited the rate of fire of the vehicle. Moreover, the accuracy of hitting high-explosive shells fell by half. In the current patch, artillery is the lot of true fans of the game and this class in particular.

Tank destroyer. pros

From the outside, this type of vehicle is a tank, which are devoid of towers. For, in order to learn how to play WoT well, it is highly recommended to study absolutely all classes of technology, because in a real battle, such knowledge will undoubtedly come in handy. The tactics of playing for a tank destroyer is positional fire at the potential position of the enemy. Due to the lack of a tower, the body of the tank must turn in the direction of the direction of fire, because of which, the rate of fire of such a machine is very low. Moreover, low mobility of the combat vehicle allows it to receive quite a lot of damage from light and medium caliber vehicles. Remarkably, that in the early version of the patch, when artillery fire literally destroyed the enemy, such machines were practically useless. But now, when the balance has become more adjusted, the situation has changed radically. Ambush game - a way out, after all, good indicators of stealth and fire power will help to ensure an effective result.

Tasks. Innovations. Overview

Jobs are a relatively new feature, which the developers of the game have recently introduced. The advantage of such a system is the reward, since the amount of bonus resources is quite large. So, the player is given a certain number of tasks, which, by the way, are independent of each other. After completing a quest, the player will receive a good reward. You can view active tasks in the Hangar tab, where in the upper left corner you can find the "Combat missions" tab. Winnings, for example, in 15 battles for a certain period of time will allow you to receive bonus silver resources. Good profitability at the initial levels ensures the interest of new users to pass.

Motivation system

Achievements - the easiest and most understandable way to find out the number of player achievements. The function of the same name is located next to the "Into battle" button.. Achievements are detailed statistics of the number of battles, experience rate, as well as the number of battles. On the official website of the game, you can find the statistics of all players.

Another rather curious section is Medals.. So, getting the starter medals is pretty easy, when it will be difficult to secure the most prestigious award.

Classes. Game tactics

Further in the guide for beginners, the classes and methods of the game will be discussed in detail.. First of all, should understand, that only separate branches should be developed, since there will definitely not be enough slots in the hangar. Concerning nations, one should also pay attention to one country.. When, if a player donation is not planned in the future, definitely should only pump one nation, because in-game gold costs money.

Choosing a nation

This guide, especially at this point is a very subjective concept. So, it is recommended to start with the nation of the USSR. The first reason for this is the simplicity and availability of most classes of armored vehicles.. To start, we carefully study most of the cards in the game, after all, secluded places and shelters in most cases can turn the tide of the battle.

Light tank - the first type of combat vehicle, which each player will have to face, without exception. Technical modules, which are used on light tanks, should be selected for maximum efficiency. Choosing the best option. Weapons are a complex and multi-stage aspect of this issue.. The highest priority parameters for choosing equipment are:

  • Accuracy. The effectiveness of firing is possible in that case, if the weapon of a light tank is accurate and strong. The outcome of the battle directly depends on the quality of the aimed fire.;
  • Rate of fire. This parameter allows you to quickly destroy medium and heavy enemy vehicles., since only a fast pace of battle will allow us to preserve the integrity of our combat transport;
  • Fire power. Ensure maximum efficiency from fire, because in that case, the destructive force will be very great.

Due to the low level of the tank crew, the percentage of accuracy will be very low. And to begin with, a beginner player is advised to ensure maximum accuracy of aiming fire. In the nation of the USSR, in the LT class, the Firefly is best useful. Quick, agile and very fast-firing. Such a tank will allow you to sneak behind enemy lines unnoticed and provide crushing damage from behind.. And here, and the above knowledge of maps will come in handy, for, to find a secluded and profitable shooting spot. There is a lot of heated debate about choosing the best firefly., concerning German models. Without a doubt, the most effective model will be the A-32 premium tank. The speed of the Soviet firefly is greater here, but the vitality is worse. However, for LT, movement speed is much more useful in the end.

The most curious and versatile type of vehicle to study is the SPG.. The second level of the USSR branch allows you to purchase a unique tank destroyer - AT1. After pumping most of the modules of technical improvement, you can achieve an incomparable result. After that, equip the tank with a large cannon with 122mm and into battle.

Further in the guide on WoT for beginners, the method of waging combat on SPGs will be described.. The main aspect of the battle for this type of vehicle is waiting. We select the most secluded and safe place with a good masking effect. After, we are waiting for the corresponding icon to appear on the mini-map and proceed to shelling enemy vehicles. In the case of such a strategy, be sure to change the position as often as possible.. Only then, enemy artillery will not be able to destroy our equipment. Moreover, periodically changing the place will also be useful, after all, knocking down the sight for the enemy's art is quite simple. Should be understood, that the firepower of artillery fire is very high and nothing will save from this. In this way, the location should be changed after each successfully fired shot. Should be understood, that an SPG is not a tank. That's why, definitely should not rush into battle with ardor, after all, a few successful hits and your equipment is scrap metal. After all, after a successful shot at the chassis of your car - caterpillars, the repair process will lead to complete destruction. Moreover, high terrain and mountains are not our option, since the trunk of the equipment will simply rest up.

To study the features of the battle, you should choose the T-28 tank. Very balanced combat vehicle with good shooting performance, rate of fire and protective characteristics. Public opinion about, that the armor of this model is cardboard - it is quite reasonable. But you can't do without it. Insofar as, in this case, the priority will be fire and its power. Anyway, you should train and get the maximum possible number of frags per battle.

ST tactics

How to play WoT correctly on the station - T-34. After that, how our T-34 will have a 57-mm cannon to deal decent damage to different types of vehicles. Ambush method, high-quality maneuvers and detours - a way out. Also, try to conduct preferably close-range combat, especially in confrontation with heavy tanks. You should absolutely always keep an eye on the turning speed of the enemy tower.. The potential and initial goal of each ST is to distract the attention of a heavy enemy tank..

TT. Tactics

The undoubted leader in the branches is KV-2. The best weapon for such a heavy weight would be the 107 mm cannon.. Excellent power and accuracy. However, an alternative howitzer can easily destroy a T-34 or a tiger, but against tanks of a different type, such a weapon will be ineffective. Cannon handle a huge amount of equipment.

The main tactic for heavy use is the use of ambushes., bushes and corners. By: shot, reload - shot. This tactic will allow you to earn much-needed frags from a safe distance.. The advantage of the KV-2 at the entry-level is its excellent armor performance.. Analogs of American or German production make their way so quickly and easily, that heavy status in this case is sometimes inappropriate. After completing a sufficient number of tasks and carrying out many battles, a solid, rare howitzer, with which the use of KV-2 will become very convenient and effective. With premium, sure, the process of gaining experience will be much faster, however, without a voluntary donation, you can quickly accumulate the necessary experience points. The main thing is patience and a zealous desire to fight effectively.. Should be understood, that premium does not provide any gaming benefits, the game works absolutely the same and is completely free.


Before starting the game for this class of vehicles, it is recommended to get used to the combat mode initially.. So, fire from above is an extremely unusual thing. Anyway, experienced players are recommended to pump the branches of artillery in one way or another, since only your own experience with this type of equipment will allow you to accurately determine the places on the map, which are not shot with art. The best combat vehicle will be the SU-5 due to its high rate of fire and power of fire.. In comparison with American and German counterparts, the SU-5 lags behind only in terms of ammunition.

Artillery line

A definite advantage of the SU-5, as stated earlier, is the rate of fire, reload speed and aiming. Firepower allows you to destroy ordinary vehicles with extraordinary efficiency. However, disadvantages are present in one way or another. Namely:

  • Range. Can't cover the whole map, which, on the one hand, allows a more detailed study of each position on the map. On the other hand, forces you to move often enough. It should be noted, that a good camouflage net will obviously not be superfluous. There are examples, when combat vehicles could not detect the installation until then, until we hit it close. Also, remember, that after the shot is fired, the disguise disappears;
  • Damage. Unfortunately, the damage done is significantly low, so, the best target is light vehicles and a variety of ST;
  • Ammunition. Protect shells, after all, a limited number will not allow regular fire throughout the battle.

The next pretty serious piece of art in this WoT guide for beginners is SU-8. Another class of weapon, huge damage - serious fighting machine. A shot from such an installation is capable of destroying very massive enemy tanks and vehicles.. However, obvious disadvantages are:

  • Range. This indicator is higher than that of the previous installation., but it is also impossible to bombard the entire map;
  • Accuracy. Even the complete reduction of the sight will not always allow for lethal damage to the enemy's combat vehicle.;
  • Scatter. Any movement and deviation from the trajectory is critical. You have to carefully monitor and predict the movement of the enemy.

The final advantage towards the SU-8 is the speed of movement..

German technology in this regard is superior to the previous one in that, that the shelling of the entire map is carried out without problems. That's why, the problem with a constant change of location is not relevant. Moreover, huge ammunition allows for continuous fire throughout the battle. However, much more disadvantages, chief among which:

  • Accuracy. Negligible low accuracy rate compared to the same SU-8;
  • Reload speed. Due to the long reloading process of the gun, the rate of fire, by itself, suffers too;
  • Reduction of sight. Wait for the fireflies to help in battle.. The potential is quite large.

American art has good complex indicators. So, the firing radius covers absolutely the entire map and does not allow you to worry about changing the location. A huge supply of ammunition allows you to fire throughout the battle. Reload speed is also fast. American's final damage will one-shot most enemy vehicles. The only negative aspect of the installation is the creepy accuracy of the artillery installation..
Huge movement speed is a distinctive feature of American cars. Anyway, American cars are also very good in terms of protective performance.


World of Tanks Guide for Beginners - Comprehensive Guide, which needs careful study. Moreover, in such a matter, it is best to have your own experience in fighting in the game. Since this is the only way, you can truly gain high-quality skills in this project. Building on the above guide, user must, primarily, notice the peculiarities of the battle strategy, and only then, will determine the choice of the required type of military equipment. An attentive and scrupulous approach to pumping the talent tree will allow you to create a combat vehicle with an ideal balance of attack and defense characteristics. I am guided by information about a particular type of equipment, you can easily find an individual version of the game, that will appeal to a true gamer. Experiments and patience are your way to high achievements in World of Tanks.

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