Size Matters: Walkthrough and achievements


Number of achievements- 57
Difficulty of the game – 2/10
Time for 100% – 5-7 hours

Achievements do not work during training.

Completion Achievements

Shrink until you’re too small!To lose. (Wait until time runs out).

Whoa, that was close!
You saved yourself in the last minute!

Make keys, insert all but one into the machine. Wait for the last minute and insert the last one.

True Expert
Win at least one round on all available laboratories!

Win at all 6 levels. You can choose laboratories on the level of difficulty “tune”.

Baby Chemist
Complete a round on beginner difficulty! Baby Steps!

At this level of difficulty, the location of the formulas and ingredients is highlighted. Finding everything (+ those on the boards), write in a convenient place and sort by the list what to mix with what in what order to get 3 key. We insert them and the level is passed.

I don’t need that!
Save yourself without having to use the Reverter!

When passing by the way, the above, he will not be needed.

Is the floor dirty?
Finish the level without formulas and ingredients touching the floor!

Don't throw things anywhere. Formulas do not need to be touched at all, and record in a convenient place when the game is paused. For convenience, you can rename the items in the menu to something short (eg IG1 … IG10).

Do you even shrink?
Finish the level with 1.5 meters height left or more!

On a beginner, at a normal pace of play, completed a level with an increase 1.3+ m, but the achievement was given. If it gets fixed, then in the customize mode, set the maximum height 1.75 and more time.

Win a round in under 7 minutes!

On a beginner, when writing formulas during a pause, there is enough time.

No Object – No Problem
Win a round without picking up any object other than ingredients

Take a beginner, write formulas, but do not pick up. Carefully take items without touching unnecessary trash like books and keyboards.

The Lab Equipment Needs An Upgrade!
Finish the level with all “Processing Time” sliders to the max!

In the configure mode, set all processing time to maximum and time before compression 60 min. Then complete the level.

Must. Not. Jump.
Finish the level without jumping!

On a beginner, with a sufficient speed of passage, it is not difficult to do without jumping.

True Winner
Win 10 or more rounds!

You can pass 1 the same lab.

Not giving up on mistakes!
Win the round when you have reverted 5 or more ingredients!

Set minimum processing time and maximum compression time. One of the flasks is incorrectly decoded and restored, then complete the level.

Gravity… It always seems to let us down
Complete a round on “Low Gravity” mode!

Do not forget about the jump in the air. Focus on formulas in upper cupboards first.

Tiny Chemist!
Complete a round on “Tiny” mode

We build a ladder from available tools to each of the stations.

Proficient Chemist
Complete a round on hard difficulty!

Professional Chemist
Complete a round on crazy difficulty!

Collect all flasks and formulas, systematize while the game is paused and then do everything according to plan. In the end, you may need a ladder of boxes and chairs if you think for a long time.

Achievements for actions

Aspiring Chemist!
Use Chemical Processor successfully for the first time ever!Find a formula from a flask + water or flasks + flasks and mix them successfully.

I Thirst!
Have 10 concurrent water flasks!

Dial 10 bottles of water. From the start of the level, start to recruit and place them next to the sink, trying not to break (if the option is enabled).

Maybe try being a bit more careful? 🙁

Break the bottle with the ingredient. It may not work the first time.

So fast! Whoa
When breakable flasks are enabled, break at least one at very high speed!

Throw the bottle with the right mouse button while being tall and strong.

You airplane now
Spend more than 5 seconds in air without touching ground

Put max 3 jump in the air and jump before touching the floor.

Uhhh… what are you looking for
Open the same drawer 10 times!

Open the same 10 time.

Open the door!
Open drawers and cabinets more than 100 times!

Professional Drawer Opener
Open drawers and cabinets more than 1000 times!

Open everything 1000 time. Statistics can be viewed in the main menu.

Snooping around?
Open all drawers in the laboratory at least once!

Open all boxes at least once in a 1 level entry. Easiest in the first lab.

Ingredient hunter!
Find all ingredients in 30 seconds or faster!

At the beginner difficulty level, they are highlighted from the start and there are not many of them..

Enter a correct code into the Code Combiner!

Item codes are specified in formulas.

Chemical Processor Expert!
Use Chemical Processor for more than 10 minutes!

Chemical Reverter Expert!
Use Chemical Reverter for more than 10 minutes!

Code Combiner Expert!
Use Code Combiner for more than 10 minutes!

Microwave Expert!
Use Microwave for more than 10 minutes!

Restorer Expert!
Use Restorer for more than 10 minutes!

Usage time can be viewed in statistics in the main menu. Completed in the course of the passage (Except Restorer, it will have to be done on purpose).

Enlarge 3 or more objects in a single round!

In the customize mode, enable the appearance of croissants (3-5PC). Find a croissant on the level, pick up, eat, take any item other than water, ingredients and formulas, and press E. Repeat 3 times.

The Restorer
Successfully use the Restorer!

Break the flask and restore it using Restorer. Breakable flasks must be enabled for this.

That’s so sweet!
Consume one cupcake!

Pick up and eat a cupcake. Can be turned on in customize mode.

Uhmm, okay?
You mixed the wrong ingredients, luckily nothing blew up!

Mix 2 random flasks.

So many choices!
Spend more than 1 minute in the play menu!

Spend 1 minute in the difficulty selection menu.

You stink!
Take a shower!

Climb into the sink and turn on the water.

Special achievements

Kill the Big Brother!
(x_x)In the laboratory 1 pick up any object and throw it into the camera by pressing RMB.

Cracked Television!
Destroy the TV in Laboratory 3!

Throw any object on the TV while being tall enough.

Get inside the green plastic bin!

In the laboratory 3 overturn a trash can in a small room and wait for the GG to decrease enough to climb into it or jump.

Spooky Scary Skeletons
Check out the HUMAN SKELETON!

In the laboratory 3 look at a poster with a skeleton during 10 seconds.

Not Good For Your Health
Get hit by ~microwaves~!

The microwave door opens when you bring the ingredients to it. We go inside being small (<20 cm) and close the door behind us.

Alien Encounters
Find an alien creature!

Being small (<10 cm) look under the red instrument rack in the laboratory 6.

Thank you! <3
A thanks from developer for playing Size Matters!

Launch the game. Now you have to compliment her.

Find Love!
Find love in the kitchen!

In the laboratory 4 pick up a sign near the TV.

Spring Cleaning!
Empty out the fridge!

In the laboratory 4 throw everything out of the refrigerator.

Breaker of Plates and Mugs!
Break all plates and mugs in the Kitchen!

In the laboratory 4 break all the plates, mugs, glasses. (Total 29 items).

Orb Gathering Achievements

Hidden in each laboratory 3 spheres. When picking up any of them again, she will no longer appear. In the customize mode, you need to set the minimum initial growth,minimum final height, 3 jump in the air and 1-3 min before losing. Many places can only be reached with a smaller height. 20 cm.

Pickups Laboratory 1!
Find all pickups in Laboratory 1!

1. On the cabinet under the CCTV camera.

2. Under the table, on which there is a microwave.

3. Under the table next to the sink.

Pickups Laboratory 2!
Find all pickups in Laboratory 2!


Pickups Laboratory 3!
Find all pickups in Laboratory 3!

1. In a small room on metal cabinets.

Pickups Laboratory 4!
Find all pickups in Laboratory 4!


Pickups Laboratory 5!
Find all pickups in Laboratory 5!
3. On cabinets, hanging over 2 monitors. The screenshot is already assembled.

Pickups Laboratory 6!Pickups Laboratory 6!
Find all pickups in Laboratory 6!


Pickups Pro!
Find ALL pickups in ALL laboratories!

Collect all spheres on 6 levels.

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