War thunder: Regimental equipment

Not everyone knows what regimental equipment is and how to get it., so I will tell you about this not tricky business


Where to find regimental equipment and how to get it

First, we need to join the regiment,
shelves are different, if you only need it for technology, then look at the motto, usually it says there: regiment for upgrading regimental equipment
We enter it

What regimental equipment is there and which one to choose

In the game at the moment 8 regimental vehicles
If you are a beginner, you do not need to immediately pump the top BR, you will just be meat in battles, you can swing the technique in BR from low to high (ships taste and color)
The planes are not bad, A4E with bulp-ups can attack
Medium ground, 2 Leopard is good
Regimental equipment is not a premium, so you will have to pump it out from the very beginning.

How to farm this technique

We go to our regiment and look for a section activity
There, in principle, everything is written, if your activity is equal to or greater than the regimental, you get 20k squadron points. Activity is farmed with regular random battles, just play!
Regimental points are issued every three days, therefore it is better to enter the game at this time, since the points are not cumulative

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