Endless Space® 2: The Devourers Main Quest All Choices

Eaters faction main quest, as well as 2 collateral


Eaters (general information)

Devourers are weapons, which the Eternal-Virtuals created during the Dust Wars - cleared of the Eternal-Reals from many planets and stations. As soon as the need for Death Eaters was gone, Virtuals stopped factories, producing them, and abandoned the remaining soldiers on the first planet that came across, after which they destroyed everything on it with the help of massive bombing.

Embittered, but not broken, The Death Eaters survived and evolved and re-entered space with the help of stolen and new-found technology..


Created by the Eternals from an insectoid lifeform, Devourers - hunter-gatherers, who would never independently develop systems and infrastructure, necessary for the cultivation of crops or the domestication of animals.

Their life cycle is based on consumption, and as such they are capable of digesting any form of plant or animal matter. As their homeworld is close to exhaustion, they must leave in search of further food.

If they don't continue to expand, their society will eat itself. Swarm feeding (Hives) is their all-consuming goal; and such concepts, as a "contract", "Trade" and "peace" do not exist.


Although the Queen is the most important member of the Death Eater hierarchy, she is not necessarily its leader or face, decision makers, as she is more busy producing future generations.

Although she has the undeniable right to veto and will be consulted in case of extreme danger to Roy or to determine the strategic direction of expansion, its importance is rather social, than political.

The true leaders of the Eater Society are a caste, known as bishops; this small percentage of intellectually advanced Death Eaters form the backbone of society and are responsible for building decisions, war, development, reproduction and exploration.


Note: the home planet is originally called Husk (shell, husk), hinting, that there is nothing left of the planet of Death Eaters =)

Difficult to define the homeworld of the Death Eaters, as they are artificially created kind. Most of the research has been done in the Bejack Virtual World (Bejek), but, as their DNA samples were shared by the entire Virtual Federation, and finished "products" were grown in different places, it is difficult to determine their homeland. Perhaps, the best definition of the homeworld would be the planetary factory Kovanyów (Kovanyuv), where many of them were created.


The Queen can be seen as the leader of society, but only in the sense, that she is able to abandon plans, proposed by the bishops.

However, she lacks a creative or directive role in the development of these plans., and she just makes judgments about them. It's actually hard to apply the concept of a political system to the Death Eaters., as two thirds of their population barely have enough sense of individuality, to understand the idea of ​​voting.

Main quest, option 1: kneel

Our blood kin, version 1

Trouble. Death Eaters Scouts Report Mysterious Ship to Homeworld, which attacks our forces. This would not be unusual., if not for the fact, that this ship – our.

Eaters do not attack their own. We must act.

Kill the Devourer, even a hostile – this is a blow to the swarm. Let's trap the ship and pull out its teeth.

The Death Eater ship tried to break the blockade, but your fleet didn't flinch. After many days of battle by the ship, finally, ran out of energy, and your soldiers took him on board.

Team, jumped on the Death Eaters ship, returned – and their eyes burn with a strange sparkle. Dust has penetrated under their shells, but had on them… unusual effect. A faint golden glow emanates from their muscles., and they move slower, than usual. As a precaution, you relieve this entire group of duties and send them to rest in a public garden..

You forbid everyone else to board the ship until then., until you get more information about him.

The ship needs to be delivered to the home planet, so that the interrogating bishops could study it.

Bishops report, that it really is a Death Eater ship, however ancient and unusual. But no matter how old he was, every scheme, each part of the body is filled with the energy of the Eternal-Virtuals.

Whispers from your admirers

Virtual body, found on a hijacked ship, hanging among the ruins of its home planet; chains stretch from him to the high ceiling of the building, which are representatives of other species, possibly, would be called a cathedral.

It, seem to be, serves as a repeater of some signal – signal, heard by all Death Eaters in the galaxy. It consists of just one phrase, every Death Eater utters it: “This, return to the nest”.

You must find the source of this signal.

To find the signal source, you must first of all fully restore the consciousness of Virtual. For this, a special operation should be carried out., and must be headed by certain bishops.

Good luck.

While your drones are completing the Synchronous Hive, soldiers, guarding, start to twitch involuntarily.

Suddenly, the connection with the difficult is interrupted. You send soldiers to find out, what's the matter. '' For several hours there is no news from them, and you only have one thing to do - wait.

In the end they return. But they have changed. Their eyes and chitinous armor shine with Dust, and they are led by the resurrected Eternal-Virtual.

He steps towards your Devourer. His body emits streams of Dust, which slowly surrounds your soldiers. Eternal-Virtual spreads his arms to the sides and screams: “WARRIORS, WE RETURN TO THE Hive!”

Go the line

Reyarin leads your troops to the Infinite Factory. – a huge complex, hidden on the planet, long forgotten by all the civilizations of the galaxy.

Death Eater Soldiers approach the door, bumping into each other – they dream about, to quickly go inside and absorb the Dust there. Reyarin stops at the gate and raises his hand - but the gate does not budge..

Reyarin weakened after years of sleep. He has no telekinetic powers, with which you can open the door.

Can, get this case to the soldiers? Or let Rhearin gain strength and return?

You decide, what hard work can soldiers do, and instruct them to open the gate to the Endless Factory.

It's not an easy task. Your troops bombard the door of the Infinite Factory day and night, beating from her piece by piece.

Rhearin tried to stop them, but as soon as the soldiers pointed their weapons at him, he understood, that he is not for two to the authorities. Then he sat down and waited, when the door opens.

Your troops are shelling the door day after day, day after day…

Yet it is Rhearin who must bring us to the Infinite Factory.. The eternal just needs to find the strength again…

Rhearin's body shines – he regained his former strength. He walks to the gate of the Infinite Factory, throws up his hand, and the doors swing open.

A series of explosions that began after this leads to avalanches on the surrounding mountains..

Outside the gates your soldiers are waiting, broken only by the radiance of Rheyarin's armor. Your troops enter the Factory, without knowing, what will they find there.

Elevation time

Rhearin leads the Death Eaters into the depths of the Factory., lighting the lights in every room with a snap of your fingers.

The factory is gradually reviving. Molten dust pours from huge tanks, ship parts are traveling on conveyor belts, tanks and corps of Death Eaters – such, which your soldiers have never seen.

And in the center of the complex, Rheyarin finds its main secret: ancient terminals, which contain the consciousness of the Eternal-Virtuals – Factory managers.

Eternals-Virtuals greet Rhearin, and he tells them about the revival of the Death Eaters, which has happened over the past thousand years, and their quest for the Endless Factory.

Virtuals giving birth to the return of their old, although slightly imperfect servants. But if you need the power of the Endless Factory, then you must swear eternal loyalty to your former masters – and break the back of the galaxy itself.

What will you choose?

Submitting to the will of the Virtuals, you decide to conquer even more planets in honor of the resurrection of the masters!

You have completed your master's order. The screams of the wounded do not stop your soldiers – from and you extinguish the lights of the whole arm of the galaxy.

The Endless Factory is running at full capacity again, and the Eternal-Virtuals began to turn devourers into an invincible swarm – Os fleet, which will cover the whole galaxy.

Rearin, initiator of a new era, monitors the work of machines, and his servants begin the task again, for which they were created. During the transformation, the last organic parts of the body of the eaters are replaced by cybernetic, and the Devourers turn into creatures, which the Virtuals can control at any time and from anywhere in the galaxy. Eaters are getting closer to the ideal, loyal servants, ready to extinguish the stars.

Devourers turn into tireless Wasps, ready to take over the galaxy at the behest of their masters.

Main quest, option 2: To rise up

Our blood kin, version 2

Trouble. Death Eaters Scouts Report Mysterious Ship to Homeworld, which attacks our forces. This would not be unusual., if not for the fact, that this ship – our.

Eaters do not attack their own. We must act.

Destroy this Death Eater ship like any other enemy! Break his spine! Throw it to the nearest planet, but be prepared to pick up the remains…

It was a good fight. Your fleet is silently watching, as the Death Eaters ship crashes into the planet's surface.

The strange ship of the Death Eaters was shot down and now lies somewhere at the bottom of the planet's surface. Some of your kindred consider, what's done.

But it is not so.

You need to learn as much as possible about this hostile ship.. Where did he come from? Who created it? Are there others the same? The answers will be given only by a careful study of the shipwreck site..

Normally, need to send collectors, so they take the crashed ship apart. maybe, this will let you know something.

Your drones have discovered, that some squeal is heard from the remains of the ship. But when they started digging them up, the sound stopped. The ship's energy level is close to zero. Drones successfully, albeit rude, removed from the wreckage the guidance system and combat modules.

Your bishops say, that this ship has Eternal-Virtual technologies. They are destroyed, and therefore now their machines cannot communicate with the mind of the Death Eaters. Anyway, Eaters refused to obey their ancient masters.

Only time will tell, did they do the right thing.

Dead Man's Message

Among the rubble, your gatherers found something - a corpse. More precisely, what's left of him: some kind of costume or exoskeleton of an ancient model and unknown materials. maybe, this suit was ruled by the Eternal-Virtual, when he needed a body shell.

What worries you, what he, seem to be, plays the role of a repeater of some signal. The same word is heard all the time: “Wasp”.

Your bishops have come to the following conclusion: there, where did this ship come from, most likely, there are others. And they pose a serious threat.

It's time to start looking.

Virtual's exoskeleton can be repaired, and his consciousness – restore… With certain technologies.

Good luck.

While your scientists are completing their study of the Eternal-Virtual's exoskeleton, soldiers, standing guard, begins to twitch involuntarily.

The connection to the laboratory is suddenly interrupted.. You send soldiers to find out, what's the matter. There is no news from them for several hours, and there is only one thing left for you – to wait.

In the end they return. But they have changed. Their eyes and chitinous armor shine with Dust, and they are led by the resurrected Eternal-Virtual. He steps towards your Devourer, who aimed their weapons at their possibly hostile ancestor. He speaks softly, caring, soothing tone. ” Forage harvesters, we have a new task. We are coming home, on Cork”.

At the same time, a report came from your troops from one of the captured planets. They found the base, which did not belong to the Virtuals, and the Eternal-Real. The soldiers suppressed the desire to smash it to pieces and managed to partially turn on the ancient computers…Finding the Death Eaters in the compound, the computer system has activated a self-destruct program.

But all is not lost: scouts managed to escape, and they took computer parts with them, responsible for aiming the weapon at the target. In his memory, you found the coordinates of an ancient object called “Endless factory”. Curious name – and a curious target for a weapon, capable of destroying entire planets.

The Eternals-Reals considered this factory an important military target.. And the Virtuals are dead, so it's time to get an inheritance.

First, let's break the case…

You found her – Endless factory.

The scouts quickly sent a report: The factory is securely insulated from all sides, and she only has one weak point – heavy gate, which, seem to be, open from the inside.

Your scientists have studied the door and found, that it is surrounded by a weak field of Dust. It means, that it could be opened by that, who possesses telekinetic abilities related to Dust.

One scientist suggested a different method for solving the problem: drill a way through the mountain, which is also the wall of the Factory.

This is a head-on attack, but these are the attacks that Death Eaters do best., Yes? truth, it will cost a lot. Cars, transport, logistics. You will have to accumulate a whole mountain of Dust.

Ingenuity – not that trait, which is encouraged by the Eater Scientists. Moreover, when dealing with other species, Death Eaters rarely resort to diplomacy. And yet this time it came in handy and then, and other.

Mining drill, purchased from the Lumeris merchants, easily made a hole in the mountainside. Soon you will reach the Factory, albeit in an unusual way.…

… And then crack the nuts

Your Death Eaters take over the Factory, preparing to destroy any enemy. It seems, that in every corner there is a complex and a danger. The Factory itself, seems to contradict the very essence of the Death Eaters.

Finally, your troops reach the center of the complex, where they find his main secret: ancient terminals, which contain the consciousness of the Eternal-Virtuals – Factory managers.

Terminals turn on, and the Virtuals immediately become hostile. It becomes clear to you, that for the Eternals, the Death Eaters who escaped from power can only be enemies.

You are short on time. If you need this Factory, then you need to either join your previous hosts… or capture it!


Eaters will never be slaves again! Defeat the Wasp Fleet and take over the system.


Your Eaters, finally, captured the Endless Factory. Tools and machines surround you, that will help you conquer the galaxy. However, this is not what attracts your attention..

Death Eaters return to the command center, where the Eternal Virtuals are already screaming with anger and horror. They have never felt so helpless in thousands of years..

They beg for mercy. Threatening to take revenge on you. Declare that, what do you – their property. Your Death Eaters ignore them and just turn off the terminals, which contains the consciousness of the Virtuals. The Endless Factory is now in the hands of the Death Eaters – real Death Eaters.

The eternal-virtuals lacked imagination. They believed, that a mindless army, destined to destroy the galaxy, will fulfill any of their orders and solve any problem simply due to its numbers.

But experience suggests otherwise. It turned out, what patience, stealth and betrayal are just as effective, like the power of the endless swarm.

The eternal-virtuals believed, that the Wasps will be able to swallow the entire galaxy. But in fact, it is the Spider who will catch her in his web..

Side quest. And from the clouds of smoke ...

Controlling the Death Eaters is not easy. Bishops - the leaders of the Death Eaters - govern their kin and care for their offspring. They must constantly keep the system in balance., to keep the swarm out of control.

Every year at approximately the same time, young Death Eaters are undergoing transformation, during which their future role in society is determined. One of your bishops just gifted you an army of transformed soldier-class drones. These energetic youths could be useful to you.

New Death Eater recruits rush into battle. Build Attacking Ships, so that the soldiers have something to do.

Young Death Eaters' eyes flash, when you show them their new ships. It seems to you, that this sparkle in the eyes can be considered a sign of gratitude. But who knows, what the Death Eaters really think?

Side quest. Error correction

One of the bishops recently passed away, frontier swarm manager. This is not unusual., if not for the fact, that this bishop was the last. It was he who kept the swarm under control, therefore you must quickly increase the number of your Death Eaters, to stimulate the transformation of one of them into a bishop.

Through your efforts, one young Devourer in a troubled border system spontaneously transformed into a female, thereby starting the process of becoming a bishop. Seem to be, nature will always take its toll.

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