Rusted Warfare RTS: How to play normally

Do not pay attention to the played clock on the incentive, I almost 3 goda played the pirates, and then a long time on the phone. I will also say that the guide was made simply out of nothing to do and it was made for complete noobs who bought the game and do not understand what to do


Briefly about money

Buy 5 money and you can't win, so you have to learn something (nooo just not to study)

1. The extractor is the most profitable in terms of income that exists in the game, to get more income, you need to pump and overclock the extractor, not build fabricators

2. Fabricators can be built when the Fabricator is pumped, then T3 can be overclocked in parallel with everything else

3. Do not get hung up on money, because MP is always needed team play

(oooo my) Defense

Work great against aviation 2-3 T2 air defense concentrated together,when there is a good income, you can stick in an anti-aircraft gun and the most important thing is to make laser protection of the second level on important lines of defense. Troops perfectly complement the defense against amphibians, ordinary interceptors are suitable, heavy interceptors against missile carriers, against heavy amphibious interceptors,but it is worth noting that just a bunch of things to do and use this heap as an army is quite difficult,therefore you need to act according to tactics. Also attack aircraft or amphibians work well against ground troops..

Turrets are needed against a ground offensive, pump the first rows of turrets to the tesla of the turret / T2 turret;, Tesla turret works well against units with a shield, shield hp are lower than normal hp and are displayed in brackets like this:

400 – Regular HP
(600) – Shield

What is so good about the Tesla turret / Tesla walker / amphibian and everyone who fires lightning against shields?? They just ignore him and demolish him right away..

Assistance to ground armies is carried out in different ways. Rocket tank, for example can do good damage to aircraft, but cannot fire at ground troops,or a walking minigun, two of which can smash a fairly fortified line, and with good interceptor support it can become shipped universal.

Attack and tactics

Obviously harder than defense, but not inferior in importance.


Almost the basis of any attack, 3 the tank will do little 3 turrets, but here 20 tanks can do significant damage 3 even turrets upgraded to T2. But spam only with stormtroopers eg useless because they are destroyed by interceptors or amphibians, therefore, we must also make interceptors and attack them together with attack aircraft. Then the attack with a high chance will be successful.. By combining troops in this way, you can win more than one rink with MP, but obviously don't always need to spam.

Expensive and strong units

An alternative to spam, sometimes it is better sometimes worse and more often it is necessary to do both spam and expensive units. For example, again a minigun walker, rather expensive unit, but if you make them pieces 5 and combine with aviation spam to get a good attack. This is known after hours 20 multiplayer games, just accept it, because you can't learn everything.

Rollers with focus on something

Teamplay again, because if everyone does aviation and does not engage in ground equipment, then they will probably lose. To do this, you need someone to do the first thing with aviation., and someone with a technique does not often succeed with random, therefore you can and should do combinations of ground / air / sea troops.


The best way to disembark is by air., but there is also a naval paratrooper who can be done much faster, because you don't have to spend time and money on pumping an air plant, but the paratrooper is slow and does not go everywhere, yielding to the airborne paratrooper. They also, obviously needed support.

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